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  1. It shouldn't have needed to verify it at all once the initial validation happened in Japan, see http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323557-is-internet-connection-required Andre
  2. A full scan should be fine with 8,000 or more files (might take a while though). Older versions of PA are available via the sticky post at the top of the Common Talk forum if you want to try one. http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3189-poweramp-build-581-updated-08-july-2015/ Andre
  3. Tyr rolling back to the previous version then, see the first sticky post in the Common Talk forum. If that fixes it, please let us know the version number which works and the version which doesn't. Build 581 is the most recent here, but that was released back in early July. Andre
  4. If you roll back to a previous version of PA, do the files scan correctly then? Andre
  5. Yup, I'm in the EU too (UK). The EU seems to want total control over its citizens, and to wrap everyone up in cotton wool. EU bureaucrats with no understanding of technology are the ones that insist on those utterly stupid "this website uses cookies" popup messages (duh yes, the entire internet uses cookies - try to find a website that doesn't). Andre
  6. I didn't know Winamp created m4a files, I though MP3 was its default? Andre
  7. Looks like your phone lists the SD card as an option within its main folder list, rather than as a separate top-level drive selection. Did this happen as a result of a ROM update perhaps? Andre
  8. I meant physically writing the ratings from the Poweramp database back into the ID3 tags in the actual music files, using the POPM tag (which can also optionally store play counts if the user wants them). That's what I'd personally like Poweramp to do natively, but not sure quite when that might happen... Andre
  9. What do you see in the Music Folders list? Is the card visible but you can't click on it, or just not visible at all? Andre
  10. Please email your details to poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com. Andre
  11. You're welcome, glad I remembered TheoKlink's post on the subject. Andre
  12. Great, glad it worked for you. Personally, I'm all for keeping things simple and I just copy my folders and files wherever I want them to be, rather than letting clever playlist/iTunes/etc software try to second-guess me and do its own thing (and often getting it wrong). Andre
  13. Have you checked the FAQ, http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/429133-license-error-16 ? Andre
  14. Set Folders List Options sort order to "By Path", then drill down into a folder and set the track sort order to "By Filename". Click on any track in a folder to start it playing in Folder Mode (check that the icon to the left of the Title line in the Player screen shows an image of folders) and ensure the Shuffle Icon (in the bottom right of album art) is turned off. Andre
  15. No need for a playlist, once you've got your files in MP3 format just copy them to a folder on your phone and they should all be available to playback using Folder mode. If you want to get clever you could add Title/Aritst/etc tags on the PC to make it neater, but you don't really need to if you're happy just using the filenames. To download/convert from YouTube, I sometimes use an app on my phone called YouTube Downloader (see http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2137743). I hope this is going to be a private beach, as for some people there's nothing more annoying than someone deciding to play their own music in a public place. Andre
  16. In some markets it's a legal requirement to avoid possible ear damage, hence needing root to defeat it rather than it being a user option. Andre
  17. You would have to disable that at a phone OS level, and if there isn't an Android option for it on your device then rooting it might be your only choice. Andre
  18. Who has charged you, and in what way? You should never be charged to re-activate Poweramp on a new device as long as you are using the same Google (or email) account. Andre
  19. This question has been brought up many times before and is on a lot of people's wishlists. I personally happen to agree with you that it would be a useful feature (not exactly a deal-breaker, but certainly very nice to have). As it currently stands though, Poweramp does not read or write song ratings from files. However it does allow you to create your own ratings from within the app, but these are not exported into the actual music files so they can't be seen by other apps. Andre
  20. Replay Gain could be used to achieve this goal, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReplayGain. However it's not dynamic and needs to be set up for each file in advance (although that can be done as a batch process). Andre
  21. Last I heard from Max on the subject was that the main focus of design work was aimed at making audio playback quality as good as it can possibly be, and that streaming audio (as opposed to local playback) basically doesn't fit in with that goal. But things could have changed since that was written. Andre
  22. That should not be happening. Once the licence has been validated it should never be checked again unless you make certain changes to your system. See http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323557-is-internet-connection-required for details. If this does not match with your experience, please could you confirm what happens? Andre
  23. Well just a first quick observation, at least nine of your MP3s seem to have some strangeness in their tags (and no art) with older v1.1 tags (all four from the last group, and the five in the group immediately above the single file): I'll do some more tests anyway and see what happens. Andre
  24. Thanks, I'll take a look when I get a chance. Incidentally, on the artwork front you could also check the preference options in the Settings > Album Art menu, and then delete any currently cached art (using the final option in that menu) and see if the embedded images now show correctly. Oh, and I've just noticed that some of these are Apple-style .m4a files (you didn't mention that before). They may work, but I'd suggest using a more standard format such as MP3 for better compatibility. (I've had issues with some podcasts in M4A format not allowing reliable in-track navigation for example). Andre
  25. Don't know I'm afraid, as it does not seem to be a general issue you could try reporting it via the Get Support > (menu) > Contact option in the app, giving details of your device/etc. Andre
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