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  1. Yes, I think there are skins out there which do it in fact. Andre
  2. What settings do you have for Repeat and Shuffle on the main Player screen? Andre
  3. There is Menu > Delete, which is only one extra press (and anyway you still need another press for the Confirmation alert box). Andre
  4. What 'Repeat' mode have you got set in the main Player screen? Andre
  5. Did you buy from Google or direct from this site? If from Google, you can re-download on new devices as long as you are using the same Google account. If not from Google, download the latest build from these forums (see the first sticky post in this section) and use the "Already Purchased" option to activate it (see http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/324284-restore-poweramp-purchase-build-550) Andre
  6. Make sure you have high resolution mode enabled, and 24-bit images might help, but at the end of the day what you are asking for is not really a music player but a powerpoint style graphic viewer that can play audio in the background. By the way, as an English teacher, did you not spot the deliberate mistake in your example filename? Andre
  7. Sure, try Settings > Album Art > Album Art Zoom, and adjust as required. Andre
  8. That menu does not actually change the setting itself, but it does enable/disable the on-screen icons which do change the settings. Once enabled, in the lower-left and lower-right corner of the album art display you should see icons which adjust the Repeat and Shuffle settings - Repeat should be either "Off" or "Advance List", and Shuffle should be "Off". It sounds like the problem is that Poweramp is playing in All Songs mode. When you choose a playlist to play (via Library>Playlists) you then need to then click on one of the songs in it to start it playing in the Player UI. If you don't, you are just viewing the Playlist, not actually playing via it. Once it is playing in Playlist mode (the icon to the left of song title, just above the progress bar, will confirm the current mode) then it should stay that way until you click to choose to play a song in a different mode (e.g. All Songs, Artist, Album, etc). Andre
  9. I know it is planned for v3, but I'm afraid I have no control over when the new features get released by the developer (in fact if I did, I have a little list of my own I'd be pushing for too... ) Andre
  10. At the moment you are right, using external (M3U) playlists and then editing them outside of Poweramp would be the best option. To be honest, anything larger than a dozen or so tracks I tend do to that way anyway. as it's just easier to control - especially if you do it on a PC with a larger window, mouse dragging, etc. Andre
  11. Had anything changed on your phone (new ROM, cleared caches, system reset, etc)? Those are the only times that a license check should be requested, otherwise after the first couple of days (when it will verify the license once) it should not need to do it again. Andre
  12. I can confirm this on my new Galaxy Note 3 (stock 4.4.2, as yet unrooted). If I try to delete a podcast from the external SD Card after I've finished listening to it, Poweramp appears to have removed the file correctly, but it is still present on the SD Card and is discovered again on the next rescan. I can fully delete the file using ES File Explorer though, so it must be possible to work around this in KitKat without needing root. Max, are you looking into this already? Andre
  13. One addition to this, the albumart.pamp file format is plain JPEG, just with a changed file extension. Andre
  14. I suspect that may be your problem, if a rescan occurs when the SD card is not properly accessible by your device (e.g. if it happens during Poweramp startup) then any tracks which are found to be missing at that time could be removed from the playlist. Andre
  15. Try using a different tag editor program? I use TagScanner on my PC. Andre
  16. I don't know for sure, but if you are deleting your Android data cache then I guess that could be causing this? In normal use, there should be one validation during the first 24-48 hours after you purchase the app on Google Play, then it should work without any further checks unless you install new ROMs, reset system, re-install app, etc. Andre
  17. You can send an email to poweramp.maxmpz (at) gmail.com. Andre
  18. It does seem very odd, and it certainly shouldn't be happening so something must be different about the files which don't load. Andre
  19. Can you add your old email, to allow the app to activate in the meantime? Click on the Get Support button in the app to request a change in email details if you ordered it directly from the Poweramp website. Andre
  20. Search for "volume button next track" on Google Play, give them a try. Pocket Skip Track seems a likely contender. I don't use any of them myself, so can't vouch for any I'm afraid. Andre
  21. I suspect it's a red-herring that there are 26 apostrophes / single quotes in that list (as some filenames include more than one). And all of those filenames referenced exist in those exact paths, yes? It should work, I have playlists with at least a hundred tracks in. Andre
  22. If you broke it down to 33, 33 and 31, it seems really odd that each one only showed the same limited number of tracks. Was it the same 26 tracks that you could see that you also saw in the full versions, and spread evenly through the playlists? Or did you see just the first 8, 8 and 10 files in each list? It seems very odd anyway. Would you care to upload the full M3U file here as an attachment in case there's something we can spot? Andre
  23. I got a new digital TV/Radio tuner USB stick last week, and that saves its raw audio files using the .MPA extension. Again, it's just a plain MPEG audio file, and Poweramp plays the content fine, but if the MPA and MP2 extensions could be added to the list of scanned files (they both play as per MP3s) that would be helpful. Thanks. Andre
  24. Agreed, some more info here: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/6033-not-working-without-internet-connection/?hl=license#entry22899 Andre
  25. Don't forget the old saying about it being impossible to make anything "fool proof" because fools are so ingenious... Andre
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