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  1. Yeah, it would be possible to insert an (admittedly incorrect) '1' value for all such tracks, but the other 800 or so songs in that grouping do show correctly with the Track# field empty, and having '1's for some songs probably isn't all that much better than random 2s, 17s, 40s and 99s. And of course the same would apply to other types of music with no meaningful track numbering: radio shows, one-part dramas, single concerts, theme park background music loops (yes, that's a thing ), etc. I did try saving a fake placeholder character into the tag (a fullstop or bullet symbol for example) but
  2. I was just doing some tag tidying up a few days ago, and that reminded me of this minor bug which still seems to be present as of build 893. All of the songs shown below have valid tags for Title, Artist, Genre, Year, etc - but they deliberately do not have any Track# or Disc# tags because the songs are all singles rather than belonging to any album. Yet Poweramp is still trying to parse the filename in an attempt to find a track number - either using the start of the song title, or the end of the artist's name - creating the following bizarre results: My suggestion wou
  3. PA uses system volume controls (the buttons on every phone). Some skins also support displaying an optional on-screen indicator/slider on the player screen too, but that is just a duplicate of the existing system functionality. Andre
  4. Android's audio interruptions (audio focus changes) can be Short or Permanent, and you can configure how PA responds to them in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus. For short changes (notifications etc) PA should either briefly pause playback or duck the volume, depending on the settings. For permanent changes (such as when another app tells the system it wants to play longer audio) PA will stop its own playback completely. Not sure what your Alarm app is doing, but mostly likely it is requesting a permanent change. Andre
  5. A parametric EQ will be coming to PA (and the separate EQ app) at some point. In fact internally that's pretty much how the current EQ operates, but currently with fixed band settings from the user side. Andre
  6. PA is primarily a music player, so tag editing is more of a bonus convenience feature to correct occasional errors rather than a mass editing tool. For now though, there are lots of very good batch tag editing apps and programs out there which are designed for that very purpose. Andre
  7. I'll merge this into the other thread, but from the comments there it seems that Max says any fix needs to come from the ROM developers. Andre
  8. Yes, there are already options to control the use of 'Album Artist' tags instead of just 'Artist' in various lists. See the 'Albums' section in Settings > Library > Lists. You may also be interested in a planned feature to support use of multiple artist names within the Artist tag, which should hopefully be implemented in the next beta release. Basically you will be able to set your Artist tags to contain several artist names, using separator characters such as "2pac ; XXXX" , "2pac ; YYYY" , "2pac ; ZZZZ" , etc. Then in list views you would see the songs shown under each separate A
  9. Currently, if you manually download/select Album Art it it applied to any tracks in that album. The best way around it at present is to embed your artwork inside the audio file using a tag editor, then each track can have its own artwork. Andre
  10. Your problem duplicate files appear to be stored in the /Android/data/org.moire.ultrasonic/files/music/ folder structure on internal device memory. In your video, you don't show any drill-down levels through the /Android/ folder, so could you have a look in there to see if any specific sub-folders might still be individually selected? Or just tick and then untick the whole /Android/ folder (or even the root 'Internal Storage' item) which will untick all potentially selected subfolders in one go. @maxmp Might it be a good idea to highlight where a folder in the Music Folders tree ha
  11. @papathrust There are a tons of audio options to play with. For example you could try different output methods (Hi-Res), adjusting the EQ settings, and lots of other tweaks in the Audio settings menu. Andre
  12. Roman numerals in filenames would not be considered as numbering, they would be considered as a string of ASCII text letters and thus sorted alphabetically - so for example 'C' (roman for 100) would come before 'V' (roman for 5), in the same way that Cat comes before Van. I don't know of any common filename sorting processes which identifies roman numerals and treats them separately as numeric values - otherwise song titles like "I Don't Like Mondays" would get sorted as if they started with the numeric digit '1'. Sounds like you have worked out the same solution that I would have suggest
  13. Poweramp cannot put folders into Playlists, only songs (or streaming URLs) can be in Playlists. Please could you describe your problem with a bit more accurate detail, letting us know exactly what you are doing? Thanks. Andre
  14. If you know where the erroneous/extra files are located, and you don't want Poweramp to look there any more, go to PA Settings > Library > Music Folders and untick any folders that you don't want scanned. Personally I find it easier to deselect the whole storage card, and then just tick the specific folder(s) that I do want. If you're not sure where the duplicates are hiding, long press on any song title in the list and select Info/Tags and the full directory path will be shown. It might be a good idea to do another Full Rescan afterwards to make sure everything is nice and tidy. An
  15. I still don't quite understand that. In Folders Hierarchy mode, any folder that contains subfolders but no other music has to be shown anyway - whether or not it also contains a folder.jpg image - as you can't drill down to its subfolders any other way. But in plain flattened Folders mode, a folder name that contains only subfolders (no music) never gets shown by name at all, regardless of whether there's a folder.jpg image within it. Andre
  16. There would be no need to mess with the Album Artist tag if you are otherwise using it for your own non-standard purposes, and you can leave the Artist tags as you want them too. Simply removing the Album Title tag from songs that - on your device at least - have no associated albums would do the job fine. In PA that would group them all tidily under "Unknown Album". Or by changing the Album Title tag to something like "(Singles)" you could sort them all to the top of any alphabetical lists. Or use square brackets - such as "[Singles]" - to sort them to the end. Andre
  17. If a song exists on its own in your collection - such as a song or two released as Singles, but where you don't have any other tracks by that artist to form an album - then why not remove the Album Title tag data completely as it is no longer relevant? That would leave the Artist information visible in Artists, Albums and Album Artists lists, but would file all of these 'one-off' songs in the Unknown Album category. I actually go one stage further, and change both the Album Title and Album Artist tag contents to "(Singles)" which tidily forces the whole lot up to the top of the Albums lis
  18. There is no difference between the Trial and licenced versions of PA, it is purely a time limit before requiring activation. Are you talking about forward or backward skipping? If backward (Previous Track, "<<" ) then this is an optional feature in Settings > Look and Feel > "<< Button Resets Current Track". If you are talking about forward (Next Track, ">>" ) then PA will go to the next song listed in the current category. Tap the album art area to see the currently playing category and make sure the song only appears in the list once. If it is duplicated the
  19. @wljumper Is this Android 11? There are some issues with Notifications in Android 11, especially with MIUI ROMs. Andre
  20. On a related note, I tried leaving a folder.jpg cover image in an otherwise empty folder but even though the FAQ says the folder should still be displayed, the folder name does not show up in either the Folders or Folders Hierarchy lists. Andre
  21. @deadcorpse Yeah, could be. Sounds like a permissions thing. You said you have already tried re-installing the app, but Google may still have picked up your old settings from the cloud. How are you trying to change Folder image? Normally folder images are either taken from image files in the folder, or from the first track in the folder (if the track is tagged and has image artwork associated with it) Andre
  22. Has your device recently updated itself to Android 11? Andre
  23. @ScarletNeko Are you sure the tags are correct, as mis-tagged files can cause PA's scanner to skip them? 72kHz, 24-bit, WavPack files? You don't like to make life easy for yourself do you? If you can find a sample which still isn't picked up by a Full Rescan, it might be worth sending it to Max for testing. Andre
  24. After sending your debug log for Max to check, it might be worth trying a complete fresh install (don't allow settings to restore) as per this thread: Backup any internal playlists to storage first though. Andre
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