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  1. I guess I use PA differently to you. When I create a playlist it's for a specific reason and once created and populated with songs, I rarely edit it much. For regular listening, I use the normal playback categories. Andre
  2. Inserting an album into a playlist is performed using whatever specific List Options setting is in place when you carry out the action. So if you have the songs level set to be sorted by Track#, that's the way the songs will get added to a playlist too. Yes, a separate new option in the Re-Sort Playlist menu is what I was suggesting too. Andre
  3. To be honest, while I can see the point of adding multiple songs to one playlist, I can't really see why you would want to add one song to multiple playlists at the same time. Andre
  4. @maxmp has mentioned in the past that the Album Art area in lists is also used for multi-selection of items (via long press), so removing the artwork would cause other interface issues. Perhaps sometime in the future, it might be possible for the main app to highlight the whole line of each selected entry when choosing multiple items, rather than using a tickbox at all? My file explorer app does it that way, and it works very well without using up any space from the filename or obscuring any content. Andre
  5. That's nearly a year old, might be worth updating to 845 and seeing if your issue has been resolved in the meantime? Andre
  6. That would make a lot of sense to me. Plus Composer, for those who use it. Some tagging formats (such as Vorbis) allow multiple instances of the same tag too of course, which makes the task easier still. Andre
  7. There is a setting to exclude short files (notification audio, game sounds, etc). Make sure it is disabled in Settings > Library > Ignore Short Tracks. Andre
  8. Moved to Bug Reports forum for v3. Andre
  9. I assume this would be due to 'one star' meaning the same as 'thumbs down', i.e. a disliked song, so it would not appear in a top rated list. You could use another list type (e.g. "All Songs") and set the List Options to sort by Rating, then you'd get 5-stars at the top, then 4-stars, all the way down to 0 (unrated). Andre
  10. Poweramp has never generated PLA files during export, only M3U(8) ones. Poweramp's M3U8 files are very simple, they just consist of a series of individual lines containing the path and filename for each song in the list. That's what you get if you Export any internally created playlists to files. When you talk about "pasting PLA files," do you mean copying such a file over to a new location so Poweramp can see it, or using a text editor to cut'n'paste the actual lines of text from one file to another? Andre
  11. Many search engines require at least three letters, allowing searches for one or two character returns too many results. I assume search provider that PA uses has a similar restriction. Andre
  12. Huh? This feature was added recently, see the last few posts above yours. Andre
  13. This option had been asked for repeatedly by many users for years, and finally made it into the app recently. Andre
  14. Comma separation would not always work, as there are some artist/group names with commas in already - "Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young" for example is regarded as a group name, not four artists. Separators should probably be same as for genres, which are ";" or "//". Andre
  15. Playlists do not have any album structure per se, they can contain songs from anywhere. Thus re-sorting a playlist can give somewhat random results. There may be one or more songs from any given album, so defaulting to sorting by Track# would be a bit odd. Perhaps Max could add an extra option to the list for 'Album/Track#' ? Andre
  16. Which version of Poweramp? You are posting in the legacy v2 area (build numbers up to 588) for which there is no further planned development. Andre
  17. Actually, I just noticed that the problem you mention above might be lack of significant digits too. If you have some files named D1, D2, etc, and some D10, D20, or even D100, etc. then you really need to make sure the total number of digits used is always the same for correct sorting - such as D001, D002, D010, D011, D020, D100, D101, etc. Andre
  18. Thanks Max, looks like you implemented that in 844. Advance List is no longer disappearing when All Songs shuffling is selected. I assume that also means that online streaming radio stations are being treated as a special case and no longer getting included within Shuffled lists? Andre
  19. Just wondering whether it might also be possible to add an extra option to that screen to be able to insert the new song at the start of a playlist, rather than at the end, as this has been a long-requested feature? Just an extra icon on that top line that toggles between "First" and "Last" (and is sticky) would do the trick. If space is an issue, maybe change the "+ Add New" button to just "New". Andre
  20. I sometimes use symbols to force a particular filename sorting order, such as putting an underscore at the start of a filename to force that title to the top. I never understood why that works that way incidentally, as underscore is ASCII 95 so I would have expected it to have been sorted to the end of a sorted list, not the beginning. All sort systems seem to do the same though, so I use an underscore to force files to the start of a list, and tilde (~) to force to the end. Otherwise, I try to ensure that within any one folder I keep the prefix disc/track numbering digits consistent within that album, to avoid the possibly of it ever being ambiguous. Andre
  21. Most people want exactly the opposite, and there has been a lot of work put in to making playback as gapless as possible. I've never heard anyone suggest a 60 second gap between songs before. Andre
  22. I think Max meant that high res is mainly used to get as close as possible to reproducing the original music, it is not really intended for artifical/heavy EQ boosting, etc (which DVC helps with). Andre
  23. The only case where the notification stays is if you use the notification to pause playback. If you pause playback from the main app or elsewhere, the notification vanishes (unless you have enabled the option to keep it permanently of course). Andre
  24. Are these separate audio files, or one large file only broken down into tracks using a CUE file? I'd they are separate files, remove the CUE file and let PA scan the file tags normally. Make sure the Album Artist tag is set the same for each file that should be considered one album. Andre
  25. There is no Multiple Artists feature (at the moment anyway) which would explain why it is not working for you... Andre
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