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  1. Poweramp does not store or move any music files on your device, it simply reads whatever you have placed there yourself. Your music files will be wherever you saved them. It does have a data folder though, which saves things like downloaded cover art. That is located on your device's internal storage in /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ (note the underscore) which you may want to make a copy of. I assume you don't have your music stored on an SD Card by the way, as that makes the task a lot easier as you can just take the card out and keep it safe until you need it again, no need to mess around with copying to a PC. Andre
  2. Yes, if you tap on any song to start playback that will commence a new shuffled sequence, but it won't change your chosen Shuffle or Repeat modes. If you use the upper icon controls, they need to change the mode in case it's on something odd like 'Shuffle All Songs' and 'Repeat One Song'. Andre
  3. If you choose a USB DAC as the Output method in PA, the audio will be sent digitally to the DAC. There's no point in trying to send an analogue audio signal to a DAC - there's a clue in the title "Digital to Analogue Converter". Andre
  4. Shuffle and Repeat settings remain as you set them and will not get changed when you start playing new content from any song list (including songs from folders, albums, playlist, etc). However Shuffle/Repeat will get modified when you use either the Play or Shuffle small icons at the top of any song list or category, as those buttons (by definition) need to configure the way playback functions in order to do what they are meant to. But just tapping on a song to start playback (which is pretty much the only way I ever do it) won't change anything apart from the current-category mode. Andre
  5. Play the Folder (or a Playlist, or whatever other category choice you want) in 'Shuffle Songs' mode - either by using the Shuffle icon in the player screen, or by tapping the Shuffle icon at the top of the required songs list. Then tap the Repeat icon on the player screen to enable the 'Repeat Category' mode. This also works in the Queue as long as you have Settings > Library > Queue > On Queue End set to 'Stay in Queue / Repeat Queue'. Andre
  6. Can you headunit not operate in Android Auto mode, which allows it use to the PA installation on the phone. Andre
  7. You need to set Repeat Off, or set to 'Repeat Category'. Otherwise, even with only the 'Shuffle Songs' mode enabled, once the current playlist has been finished, PA will move on to the next playlist in order (as opposed to 'Shuffle Songs/Categories' which will pick a random playlist after the current one is done). Andre
  8. Random is random. That means it is quite possible to hear a song that you heard as track #10 in one session popping up as track #2 in the next shuffled sequence. They won't be in the same order as before of course, but they could show up at any time. Andre
  9. The Pro Buttons are an all-or-nothing thing, you either have all four <<<, <<, > and >>>, or none of them. Skins could be more selective if the skin author decides to do that though. Andre
  10. What version of PA are you running? On all recent releases, tapping the Shuffle icon at the top of a songs list will cause that whole list (Album, Folder, Playlist, etc) to be played in random order. Andre
  11. The noise will probably be coming from the device's own audio stages / preamp /etc. In DVC mode, all that is bypassed and PA can talk almost directly to the output stages. If your device is rooted, you might be able get into the kernel settings (depending on the kernel in use) and reduce the output gain a bit. I did that with my old Note 3 to help when I was listening at very low levels at night when that kind of noise was most noticeable. Andre
  12. You can send a log of recent activity directly from within the app: Settings > Get Support > Send Log. Log will be sent by email, allowing you to add notes. Please also PM @maxmp to say you've done it, along with your email address so he can look out for it. Andre
  13. @maxmp Yes, I do know the FAQ by now. I referenced it a couple of posts above in fact. However your own post yesterday said the opposite (you said "Google requires (and most applications do) a once-a-day check. Poweramp checks immediately after purchase and once every other day") which was what was puzzling me. Unless Google messed up the translation for me? Andre
  14. Could you clarify what circumstances require this, as in the past and in the FAQ you have always said that once a licence is validated it is never checked again (unless reset, reinstall, ROM update, etc.). Thanks. Andre
  15. You don't say anything about the version, device, ROM details, or connection status, but does this help? Andre
  16. Try Settings > Album Art > Always Send Album Art and/or Settings > Misc > Metachanged Intent Andre
  17. Try Settings > Album Art > Always Send Album Art. May not resolve your particular case, but worth trying. Also worth checking Settings > Misc> Android Auto | Album Art for Tracks and Settings > Misc > Metachanged Intent. Andre
  18. I can't really see much difference. One image shows slightly more of a drop-shadow than the other, but how pronounced it looks will depend on each image content and thus the background I guess. What is the problem though, as you have posted this in the Bug Reports forum? Andre
  19. How long has it been? Ideally they should get back to you within a few working days. Andre
  20. Not sure what you are asking. Are you referring to the subtle drop-shadows around cover images? Andre
  21. There is a FAQs section on this site, and you can also use the Help feature in the app (Three-lines menu icon > Help). Writing a full manual would be a tricky task (as with all Android apps to be honest) as you'd tend to be chasing a moving target. Andre
  22. There is no adjustment, other than making sure that Settings > Misc > "Now Playing List for Connected Devices" is enabled, which presumably it is. Andre
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