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  1. First, @finalriches I'm glad you got this working on your computer. There is a slight learning curve to programs like TagScanner in terms of the specific way they handle things, but once learned there is a huge amount of power there. It can be a bit of a rabbit-hole though - as once you start tweaking, sometimes it's hard to know when to stop. I still haven't stopped in fact, I keep spotting odd tracks where I haven't de-capitalised "The", "Of", "A", etc within album titles for example, and the OCD in me comes out and I go back and tidy up the offending tag. The rest of this thread is drifting a bit off-topic in places, but is very interesting nonetheless. Personally, I would not consider doing any major tag editing tasks without a keyboard, a mouse, and a decently large screen to see, select, edit and move bulk content around. I have a 32" and a 28" monitor on my main Windows PC setup for example, with a high-res mouse and a separate stylus-based drawing pad for some types of graphic work. I do have a 17" laptop too, but if I was doing anything content-intensive I'd use its mouse rather than the trackpad; the pressure-to-click, and lack of separate discrete left/right buttons, on modern trackpads annoys me. Trying to do any sort of heavy text-based work on a 6.5" phone touchscreen though - or even a 10" tablet - without a physical keyboard just isn't an option for me, but I agree you can't always carry a lot of kit around with you in a backpack while globetrotting, so needs must. I'm fascinated by drftr's approach to compilation albums though. It's not for me, but clearly you have fine-tuned your collection to work the way you want. I assume you have no potentially conflicting album titles (such as "Greatest Hits") so they still show up grouped correctly by Album - even though everything would be listed as being by that famous supergroup "Various Artists". I still can't quite see what functionality you actually gain by having the artist names appended to the end of the Track Title field though? Is it maybe something you have developed over the years - from before the Album Artist tag, and multiple separate Artist names, would have solved the problem for you - and it would now be too much work to change to current practice? Or is there some specific advantage of your method that you don't feel the regular Title / Album / Artist / Album Artist system can replicate for you? What did iTunes do a decade ago that broke things for you? (I never use iTunes, or iAnything in fact) Andre
  2. @drftr Well that's one way to do it I guess, but it would completely mess up the Artists list. In fact, you wouldn't really have one. And sorting and searching for all songs that featuring any particular artist would be very hard. The standard way to do that, so it works on all apps, would be to have the Title tag named correctly as "This Is The Song", the Album tag set as "This Is The Album", and the Artist tag as "I'm The Artist" (or for duets, something like "I'm The Artist ; I'm The Duet Artist", which PA can tidily split out into two names for listing and sorting purposes). Then finally the Album Artist tag would be either one of the Artist names if that's appropriate, or "Various Artists" for compilations, to ensure that all the tracks are kept together tidily in Album listings. Andre
  3. I don't know then, on a stock clean install you should see four normal widgets plus a Playlist icon. Andre
  4. The problem is that it's rarely a conscious decision on the part of the user to remove such tags, they just have a pile of music files and want to see them in Poweramp. They might not even know how tags work at all. Andre
  5. Could work, but that would omit a lot of songs from categories which are meant to just present a different way to view the whole music library. That is how 'Years' apparently works though, there is no 'Unknown Year' entry after all the valid year which would be used to catch any audio files which contain no date information. Personally I'd prefer an 'Unknown' item at the end. Andre
  6. So you want Genre to become a drill-down system, with a few top-level categories and assorted nested items underneath those? Unfortunately neither the ID3 nor Vorbis tagging systems offer any sort of hierarchy for Genre tags - you can have multiple descriptions, but there is no way to define them as having a nested hierarchy. Andre
  7. Sorry, still can't replicate this. Tested all letters in Albums Category, with List Options set to sort By Artist, as you mentioned. The only slight irregularity was that tapping 'D' from the side-bar did show the D list as expected, but with the final entry of 'C' showing at the very top of the page rather than the first 'D'. Andre
  8. @NaytN Are you using the stock launcher, or a third-party app? Andre
  9. @drftr Album Artist tags are pretty-much essential if you have any albums where the Track Artist names vary. That very often happens with compilations, soundtracks, classical music, etc, but it can also occur when an odd track or two from one album features a collaboration artist or a duet. If you don't have the Album Artist tags set correctly, every song with a slightly different Track Artist tag will get separated out into a new little album of its own in Poweramp's lists. While you can edit these tags within Poweramp on a one-by-one basis, I wouldn't recommend doing so for a whole music collection. Computer programs such as TagScanner (my preference) or MP3Tag are perfect for the task though, allowing you to import and view large numbers of audio files and see their tag contents in big sortable lists, where you can either cut'n'paste content manually or execute complex and/or conditional batch processes to do a load of files in one go. Andre
  10. Having the correct Album Artist tagging is always a good idea - even if all the individual Track Artists tags do happen to be the same. I wonder why MusicBee doesn't just write them anyway, what harm could it do? Andre
  11. Did you respond to the confirmation prompt on the phone? Andre
  12. @Sinj It's really pretty easy to do - and actually very satisfying to see all those fields properly filled in. With a big music collection you might have to let it run for a while loading/saving files though, but it'll just get on with it in the background. Do make good use of that Preview feature though - I'm sure you'll come across an odd album where all the tracks are by the same artist except for one which has a guest collaborator. Obviously the Album Artist tag shouldn't ever have that one-track guest collaborator listed. That kind of one-off thing tends to stick out like a sore thumb when you scroll through the list though, and now is a good time to fix that. Andre
  13. A partial solution to this in the meantime would be to add an extra entry into the Genre tag of any song that you want to also see under a grouped entity. So for example, Genre tags would be set using wording like "Indie Rock ; (Pop/Rock)", "Alternative Rock ;(Pop/Rock)" or "(Pop/Rock) ; Rock'n'Roll", etc. The Genre Category list would then show you each individual item - so you'd see "(Pop/Rock)" plus individual listings for "Indie Rock", "Alternative Rock" and "Rock'n'Roll". I used the brackets in "(Pop/Rock)" to ensure that the grouped item will get sorted at the top of the Category list for ease of use, but you could name it anything you like. It would take a little effort to initially edit the tags, but with a batch editor like TagScanner or MP3Tag on a computer it shouldn't be a difficult task, and it'd only be a one-off job. In TagScanner for example, you'd import your whole music collection into the program, sort the long list by 'Genre', then select all the songs that you want to fall into a given grouping and use the 'Generate' tab to prefix (or append, if you prefer) any existing Genre wording with an extra term like "(Rock/Pop) ; " thus: Andre
  14. I agree that the underlying issue here is with the files rather than the app. Poweramp is acting quite correctly by putting any songs that don't have any Album Artist information into a grouping for 'Unknown Album Artist'. Fixing the files properly in the meantime is a doddle on a computer though, the whole thing can be done in TagScanner in three very simple steps, as I just mentioned in another thread where @Sinj also asked the same question: However from a coding point of view, I can't see that it would be too complex to implement an optional fall-back to use the Artist tag whenever Album Artist is not present - and vice versa, but that would be a rarer issue. Also @maxmp if you do decide to implement this, could you also make a very minor change to the alpha sorting of all the 'Unknown' entries in Categories so they appear as appendixes at the end of the sorted alphabetical listings rather than getting lost two-thirds of the way down under 'U'? Simply renaming the item to start with a square bracket - "[Unknown Artist]", "[Unknown Album]", etc - should do it. I can't see any need for a Setting option for it, just change the names and people will work it out. Andre
  15. @MRguyandhis2 As this is repeatable for this one song, please don't delete it yet in case the issue can be tracked down via it. It seems odd that it only happens with one song, but that if you delete that file it then moves to a different song. That makes it unlikely to be the physical song file that's causing the issue, but perhaps uploading a copy of it for checking might be worthwhile anyway? When you start to play this song, what controls work and what don't? Is it just screen interactions that fail, or do headset button functions stop too? Can you get into the Poweramp Settings screen to send a logfile as soon as the problem occurs? (use PA Settings > Get Support > Send Log > email to gpmaxmpz @ gmail.com ) Andre
  16. While I can't rule out a software update happening at some point, this request has been around for a while now. It'd be much easier for you to fix your own files rather than expecting an audio player to plaster over the cracks for you. After all, PA is actually displaying the list absolutely correctly: where you are providing songs with no Album Artist tag, it is correctly reporting that the album artist for those songs is unknown. I can't speak for MP3Tag, but in TagScanner setting up a batch process to fix your files takes just three steps: Drag your whole music folder onto the computer's TagScanner program icon and wait for it to scan through the subfolders and display all your song files. This might take a while with larger collections. Open the 'Generate' tab and set the parameters in the right-hand pane as follows: That tells it to copy content from the Artist tag to the Album Artist tag. Do make sure you set the 'Existing Values' entry to Keep so it won't overwrite any existing Album Artist tags which may be present in your files. In the left-hand pane, select all the files that you want to process - most likely just select all. You can click Preview to check that you are happy with the results (and unselect any files you don't want to process) then click Generate and sit back while it does the task. It really is that simple - and you can always make a backup copy of the original files first, in case you are worried it might go wrong. Then copy the new files back to your phone and do a FULL Rescan to update PA's database entries. Andre
  17. @Sinj That's what the Split Artists feature is for. Set "feat." as one of your splitting terms, then you'd see all the Artist names separately in lists. Worth a try anyway. Otherwise, just throw all your music into a batch tag editor on a computer and get it to copy the Artist tag to Album Artist for any files where Album Artist is empty. It might take a bit of setting up, but once done you can just set the batch running and leave it to finish. I did all of mine, and I now have almost nothing with empty Album Artist tags. Andre
  18. @Sinj Why not use plain Artists mode then, rather than Album Artists, if your music collection is not tagged that way? Andre
  19. Isn't it in your device's LockScreen setup? Andre
  20. I was trying to find the last time this came up (was a year or two ago) but it's not the easiest thing to create a unique search term for. Andre
  21. As there is another current thread which refers to changing category by vertical swipe on the artwork area - just like horizontal swipe currently changes track - and previous threads asking for the swipe feature to be removed completely for accidental activation reasons (like you), I think it would be more useful to have several choices for each gesture/press action, such as the following suggestions from previous threads (current features are shown in bold): Horizonal Swipe Action: Change Track | Change Category | Library Category/Songs View | Volume | FastForward/Rewind | None Vertical Swipe Action: Change Track | Change Category | Library Category/Songs View | Volume | FastForward/Rewind | None Tap Action: Library Songs View | Song Options | Play/Pause | Mute | Delete | None Long-Press Action: Library Songs View | Song Options | Play/Pause | Mute | Delete | None Andre
  22. No, a skin can't change main app functionality, only the look and placement of items. There quite an old Feature Request asking for the ability to user-customise some of the controls on the Player screen though - including the Visualization/Sleep-Timer/etc icons, and altering the swipe gestures and the tap/long-press functionality - which perhaps one day may make its way up the to-do list? Andre
  23. @maxmp may be able to find something out from the log, but if it happens again make sure the SD Card is properly mounted and available, and then do a FULL Rescan in Settings > Library. Andre
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