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  1. Check that both the Album Artist and the Album Title tags are consistent across all of the tracks, then do a Rescan (possibly a Full Rescan). Andre
  2. Right, so the app will run but there are specific features that don't work. An initial direct APK install won't find a Google Play licence, you'd need to be using a website-purchased licence (which is per device by the way, unlike the Google Play licence which is per Google account). Max might be able to tweak the app configuration so Google Play recognises yours as a valid device for installations, but there may be other underlying reasons why he doesn't want to do that. NAS storage is not supported in any version of Poweramp - unless you use a separate app to create a virtual (symbolic) folder in your device's regular storage which points to the NAS's contents. Andre
  3. Sounds like the scanner process is maybe not completing reading the tags from your music correctly? Try doing a FULL Rescan, and leave it for a while to complete. Andre
  4. I would generally suggest not running the app itself on SD Card, it works better in internal memory. Looks like you need to adjust the ticked folders in Settings > Library > Music Folders, as you've got a lot of notifications and/or game sounds in your music list. If there is some content you want in those same folders, you might want to change the value of Settings > Library > Ignore Short Tracks to maybe 10 or 15 seconds. Andre
  5. Settings > Library > Lists > Delete Action needs to be enabled. Andre
  6. Plain BT works fine, play means play. It's only in Android Auto that this issue occurs for me. Andre
  7. It shouldn't be, the phone's DAC basically only goes to its own speaker or to its AUX (headphone) socket. It has to be digital to get passed to the next DAC unit, otherwise it would just be an analogue-to-analogue converter. Andre
  8. Poweramp can use external USB DACs, but reliability can be a bit hit-or-miss as a lot depends on the external hardware and how it interacts with your particular phone/tablet. It might be an idea to see if anyone else is using the same combination successfully? Andre
  9. Poweramp is a dedicated music player and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. If you want a general media player, there are lots of good ones around - MX Player would be a good place to start. Andre
  10. While the playlist is playing, tap the album art area and you will be taken to the list so you can choose another song by tapping on it. To add a new song (or songs) to a playlist, find the song/album/folder/etc in the Library views and long-press on it. You can then multi-select using the tickboxes on the left if you want. When you are ready, tap "+ Playlist" and choose which playlist you'd like to add to. Or you can make a new playlist if you prefer. To edit a playlist, go to the Library >Playlists view and select the playlist you want to modify. Long-press on any song in the list (and optionally select more songs as above) and you can delete them from the list, or use the thumb-device on the right to move any song up or down the list. Andre
  11. You need to be connected to a specific BT device in order to save EQ settings for it. Andre
  12. @maxmp can I send you any debug info, as this happens every time I first start playback via Android Auto (USB connection to Hyundai factory-installed head-unit) and it's obviously not just happening to me. I see the same as the others, the first press of the Play button in the Android Auto Poweramp interface briefly commences playback (half a second maybe) and then it pauses again. I have to press Play for a second time for it to start playing properly, and afterwards in that session I can play/pause/skip fine. There's nothing in the Last Processed Commands log by the way, just one BTReceiver headset connection event to the car (because BT is on). Andre
  13. Poweramp as an app can't damage earphones, however excessive volume from any source (a phone or otherwise) potentially could. Andre
  14. I've not tried, but can you install the APK file manually? Not sure if the Nvidia CPU might still be an issue though. Andre
  15. You don't have the new repeat mode for Single Song playback enabled do you? If so, tap the Repeat icon, second on the right under the album art, to change the setting to the default of 'Advance Category'. Andre
  16. Personally, I feel that searching online for lyrics and then embedding them automatically in your audio files would not be a good idea (in the same way that auto-embedded found artwork is also fraught with issues, from bad matches, to playback glitches while the files are being written, even as far as potentially destroyed files). It does seem a bit beyond the remit of a regular music player to be honest, more something for a specialised program to do. Andre
  17. Sure, when in the folder's song list, tap the three-dots menu icon, select List Options, and choose whatever sort method you want to use. Andre
  18. I'm sure Max will be along with a more comprehensive list, but generally the form is: Play <artistname> Play albumname> Play <songtitle> Pause Play Next Previous Volume Up Volume Down (if Poweramp is not your default music player, you may need to add "in Poweramp" to the above) Shuffle <artist> used to work for me in Android 6.0.1, but does not seem to now in Android 9. What does and doesn't work is very much dependent on the version of Android, your language settings, Google Assistant versions, etc. Andre
  19. Simply changing the shuffle mode by tapping the Shuffle icon should cause a reshuffle - it has to, as the mode would not be changed otherwise. The currently playing song will then become the first song in a new shuffled sequence. I wonder if you have accidentally activated Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle ? Andre
  20. Unnecessary (spam?) link removed. And the correct menu option for use in Poweramp v3 is Settings > Library > Music Folders. However going back to the original (over six years old!) post, there is now a better option to exclude video files from the scanning process anyway - Settings > Library > Ignore Video Tracks. Andre
  21. Yup, that'd probably be the one. The reason is that Android will have given your new storage card a completely new name, and PA will have scanned in all the 'new' files it found - but without any way to know they were really duplicates of the 'old' songs which it for some reason could no longer read. Back in Poweramp v2 the app would have immediately removed all of the old 'lost' entries for you just as soon as they disappeared from the storage system. However if that disappearance was only temporary (ejecting a card to copy new files to it for example) then wiping out the whole library - along with all the associated ratings, playlists, etc - could be somewhat annoying... Andre
  22. Try doing a FULL Rescan, not just a partial one. Andre
  23. In the Recently Added songs list, tap the three-dots icon and then List Options. You can choose from "by date added to Library" (meaning the first time Poweramp found and scanned this file into its Library, so all songs will be roughly equal when you first install the app) or "By date added/modified" (which uses the file system's 'last-modified' time/date stamp, which will sort songs based on the times that the music files were flagged as last being changed, edited, ripped, etc). Andre
  24. After a factory reset (and/or copying music back into the file system) PA will have to build a completely new library database from scratch, so everything will be 'recently added' as far as the app is concerned, with the fine ordering presumably defined by the sequence that the directories actually got crawled. You could switch to using file-system time/date (last modified) stamps for the List Options sort order which should remain consistent for SD Card contents, but possibly not for internal memory depending on how you copied the files back (some apps retain the file's last-modified stamp while others, such as Windows FTP, don't keep that metadata so the files will just show up as the time/date they was created on the phone). A fresh install will return the EQ settings to app default, which you can override by exporting settings before you do the resinstall and re-importing them. Remember that EQ/Tone active status can also be adjusted per output device now. Andre
  25. How regularly does this happen? Does it only occur when the device screen is off. It does sound like some sort of process-limiting during deep sleep. Andre
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