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  1. I believe it's an Android issue (thanks Google) not a Poweramp one. Andre
  2. Export Settings saves to internal device storage, not to SD Card. Some Android versions mess up the original default path to storage though - does /storage/emulated/0/ exist on your device? Also are you using the latest PA (build 841) as I think Max made some changes to try to bypass those issues. Andre
  3. Thanks for the request. Most of the development work on PA tends to go towards improving the accuracy and fidelity of pure audio reproduction, and I suspect that gimmicks like tempo and pitch changing which actually have the opposite effect tend to appear more as side-effects of other work. That's not to say it will never happen (and it has been asked for a few times over the years) but I doubt it will be a high priority either. Andre
  4. Normally that sort of thing will be caused by non-standard embedded tags, file formats that don't read cleanly, etc. Is there anything different about the ones that don't appear in the Library? What happens if you copy those files into a different location (copy them, not move them) and rescan? Andre
  5. I think this came about as a result of people complaining that when they updated one track of an album it did not update all the other songs in the same album. Just can't win I guess. Making it (another!) option might help though. Andre
  6. You can first export and the later re-import settings, see the bottom of the Settings menu. Andre
  7. Might be worth asking in the Skins forum in case anyone can do this via a skin? I know you can change the top-level icons, but not sure if it can be done on the actual content lines. In Settings > Library > Lists there is an to hide any Unknown Album wording (but not artist at present) or to use the filename as the tile, but not to hide the artist/album line completely. Again, there are skins that can do this, but probably only globally rather than on a per-song basis. Andre
  8. That's not a song-level list, it's a category list. The clef is used to symbolise 'songs' - i.e. the following number shows how many songs are in that drill-down category (e.g. there are 13 songs in the folder Ethnic/Shivia In Exile). Andre
  9. The only time you should see a treble clef is when opening the complete (huge!) All Songs list, as a treble clef is the icon for that category view (Folders, Albums, Genres, etc each have their own different icons). (There is also a tiny clef symbol used in each category view to indicate the number of songs that exist inside that group (Album, Folder, etc). But you should ever see it next to each track, could you perhaps post a screenshot to explain why this is a problem? Andre
  10. What file format? That sounds like a missing or broken contents table. How many files does this affect, could you upload one to test? Andre
  11. As long as you are in Folders mode when you start playing (put it in that mode before you start driving, tap any song to start playback) then it will play a folder at a time, in whatever order you have previously set in List Options. Don't start new songs playing with AA / voice commands though, as that will revert out of Folders mode. Andre
  12. Poweramp is exceptionally good at sorting and arranging music any way you like in its Library. Google voice commands are somewhat more hit-and-miss though, personally I rarely bother with them. Andre
  13. Yes, I'm assuming there is a clue in the word "ultra", that it blocks any background tasks during deep sleep. I would have thought that's rather the point of that mode. Andre
  14. You already had v3 installed from your previous screenshot. I repeat the questions I asked before: Has this ever worked, or is this a new installation or a new device? Are you storing your music on SD Card or internal memory? (if SD Card, try copying some files to internal) What device, ROM version, etc? (For example, you are not using a test release of Android 10 are you?) Does the scanner find your music and make it visible in the Poweramp Library views, or does it not find anything at all? Do any files play at all? What audio format are you using - MP3? If you've upgraded from a previous version settings could be misadjusted, try putting the audio output modes back to default using Settings > Audio > Output > Restore Defaults. Andre
  15. That screenshot is not the legacy Poweramp v2 (which is the area that you posted in, replying to an old 2017 thread), it's the current v3 product. I'll move this discussion to the correct place for you. In the meantime, please check that your device's storage location (e.g. a folder on your SD Card, you don't say where?) is ticked in the list in Settings > Library > Music Folders, and then go back up one level to Settings > Library and perform a "FULL Rescan" (bottom option in that menu). Again, is this a new install or has it been working for you previously? Have you added or replaced an SD Card? Andre
  16. Has your problem been resolved then, or are you still waiting for a reply? If so, what was the resolution? Andre
  17. This is with Powersamp v2, yes? What device and ROM version? Are you music files on SD Card or internal device memory? Did they work previously, or is this a new installation? Andre
  18. Sorry, but Poweramp is a commercial product. Andre
  19. If you bought the unlocker via the Play Store, you must have the same Play Store account set up and active on any device that you wish to install it to. Alternatively, you can purchase a stand-alone licence from the website, which does not require Play Store access. You can then contact support to see if there's anything they can do to remove the old one after you've bought the new licence though (I assume it would be for the same email address) but I'm not sure how that works. Andre
  20. In the FAQs I referred to above (http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/topics/50053-poweramp-unlocker) both v2 and v3 instructions are included wherever there are differences. If you are still having problems with your account after trying that, please contact poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com (or use the Get Support option inside the app). If you search for "fiio" in these forums, there are plenty of people discussing M6, M9 etc usage (so it must work for them) so unless your device is wildly different for some reason, the problem should not be insurmountable. Andre
  21. Recently added can be set to use the device's filesystem time/date-modified stamp. In that case, if you edit or modify a file then its timestamp will get set to today, and thus would appear high up in the recent list. Andre
  22. No, it does not have to be a Google account. Also, please see the notes for v3, not v2. As I said, v2 was much more restrictive in the way licences worked (and it would not have worked on your setup). Andre
  23. Sounds like bad files, or memory system issues. Could you try copying them from the source to somewhere else (internal memory perhaps) and if you see see the same problem, could you upload some sample files? Andre
  24. The last alpha-test version of PA that could be installed with pre 5.0 Android ROMs is build 709. It is not supported obviously, but it was fairly stable and ought to work for you. Andre
  25. I'm assuming you have a direct licence, purchased from the website here, as you say there is no Google Play on your device. And then you have downloaded and installed the latest APK from https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/category/2-poweramp-v3-latest-releases/ (currently build 841). Once you have done that, follow the instructions in http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323565-apm-response-500-no-order-for-act to enter the details from your purchase confirmation email. I'm going to move this thread to one of the v3 areas for wider reach, as it is no longer a v2 discussion. Andre
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