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  1. I assume the scanner code is not configured to detect that particular file extension, although the decoder engine can cope with the data contents and thus PA can play the file directly. It ought to just be a case of Max adding the .oga extender to the valid list for the scanner. To confirm this, try changing the extender of one file to something PA knows and see if it gets picked up on the next scan. [Edit: I just did a test, and for me the PA scanner picks up OGG files with either .oga or .ogg extenders. Perhaps there is something amiss with the Vorbis tag metadata in your files?] A
  2. I guess other apps could be creating key/button events (physical button re-mapper apps do this for example) but I can't see why they would. It is much more likely that the key events are being generated by your connected BT device. You could try connecting to something else (BT speakers, TV with Bluetooth, car stereo, etc) and see if the command sequence you see upon connection is exactly the same, or if any initial connection sequences differ by device. Andre
  3. @Pankajk5 So that says at timestamp 03:08:39 the external connected device sent a MEDIA_PAUSE event, which should cause Poweramp to pause any existing playback. Then at 03:09:47 the device sends a MEDIA_PLAY event, which should cause Poweramp to resume playing. That's what those commands should be doing anyway. Andre
  4. @maxmp Just a real stab in the dark here, but could this be in any way related to the Android 11 access restrictions to the _com.maxmpz.audioplayer folder? I know existing access is meant to be retained, but could that have got broken by the Android update? Andre
  5. You would not be the first person to ask for ratings to be saved to files on the fly as you create them, rather than needing some kind of backup process that will never get done regularly enough. Hopefully one day. For now, Max plans to implement it as a batch task soon: While searching for the above post, I noticed that this first got raised around ten years ago during the early beta phases for Poweramp v2, so it's been a while... Andre
  6. Sadly, yes. It's one of the pitfalls of the ratings originally only being stored in the local database, which of course is transient if there is some kind of system issue. There are ways to back them up as I said, but unfortunately it would be too late now they are gone. Andre
  7. Ratings are saved in the local Poweramp database, not inside the physical music files, so if for some reason the library database is getting cleared and then rebuilt, then any ratings you have created locally in Poweramp may get wiped too. A few people have reported that their library databases are being killed after device rebooting (mostly with the latest Android 11 updates on Samsung devices) so I wonder if you have the same problem they do? Do you notice if PA tries to do a Full Rescan when you start the app? Do you have a backup of your Ratings, perhaps saved via a third-party a
  8. I guess one of the problems of a pre-defined list based approach is that the supplied adjustments will try to calibrate your headphones to approximate a clean, natural, flat audio response curve. But that's not always what people actually want as it can sound thin and uninteresting - and it's certainly not what many headphone manufacturers try to deliver (crank up the bass). Andre
  9. The command logs you posted show that the Blutetooth device is sending simulated keycode events to your phone, which are being actioned by Poweramp when it receives them. They come in pairs, just as if a human being was pressing a button - an ACTION_DOWN event comes first (i.e. the button has been depressed) normally followed a few milliseconds later by an ACTION_UP event (saying the button has now been released, so it's not a long-press activity). The most common ones are: KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY (always starts playback) KEYCODE_MEDIA_PAUSE (always pauses playback) KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY_PA
  10. It does sounds like CPU throttling, is there a setting which does that when the device screen goes to sleep? What about if you try a less intensive output method if you are using hi-res? Andre
  11. Does this issue occur with the screen on, or only when the screen has gone to sleep? If the latter, it could be a battery optimisation thing, make sure Poweramp is whitelisted in the Android app settings. Also try increasing the buffer in PA Settings > Audio > Output > (your output method) Andre
  12. It has been addressed multiple times. There are options to control this action in Settings > Headset/Bluetooth. However sometimes the external headset or car stereo is the culprit, issuing a MEDIA_PLAY (or MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE) event when it connects, which PA responds correctly to. To see if this is the case for you, after this issue occurs take a look at Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands and post the results here. Andre
  13. AC3 is the more technical name for Dolby Digital, a proprietary audio format used mainly for multi-channel movie soundtracks (e.g. 5.1 or 7.1 surround). Andre
  14. @bibity There is another current Feature Request thread on this subject which you might like to check out too: Andre
  15. @Hank_Shanez It might be an idea to do some investigating for yourself, or read the in-app help or the Knowledge Base/FAQs, before joining a forum and immediately posting such a belligerent comment in CAPITALS. You may not make many friends that way. Anyway, as it turns out, doing what you ask is not very "freaking hard" at all: If you just want to play an existing Playlist in a random order, start playback by tapping the 'Shuffle' icon at the top of that playlist's song view: Or if you are already playing a Playlist and don't want to bother going back to the list, just tap the simil
  16. Just to check (probably a silly question) but you haven't accidentally disabled the button in Settings >Look and Feel > Player UI have you? If apps stop after a while, check the battery optimisation settings. Make sure all the apps that you want to continue using are configured so they aren't put to sleep after the screen goes off. Also make sure you have PA Settings > Misc > Use Wakelock and Keep Service enabled. Andre
  17. You could try doing a clean install (or clear app data). Uninstall PA and the unlocker, then re-install without allowing Google to restore settings from the cloud. Grant Access to the SD Card again in Settings > Library > Music Folders and then re-select your SD Card music folder in the same menu. Remember to backup any internal Playlists and Settings first though. Try it clean first, without restoring any Settings. Andre
  18. @patpprice Has your Android recently updated itself, perhaps to 11? That can sometimes break permissions. Try revoking all of the PA app permissions from the Android > Apps menu, then go back into PA Settings > Library > Music Folders and Grant Access again to the specific folder you want to use (not to the root of the SD Card). Then having done that, go back into the Music Folders menu and tick the folder for PA to scan. Andre
  19. There is, as I said earlier, the options are in Settings > Headset/Bluetooth Andre
  20. @Pankajk5 Still the same question what does Last Processed Commands show. If your Zen thingy or other connection method is generating a KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY (or KEYCODE_MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE) event, Poweramp will do as its told and start playing. Andre
  21. @superluig164 I'm pretty sure Max intends to allow splitting of multiple contents in Album Artist too, along with Composer. My comments above were only regarding my own music collection, for which I have no split Album Artist tags on my phone so I'd most likely be leaving that element unused. Actually, thinking about it, it wouldn't make any difference anyway, as if there are no matching separators in my songs then nothing would get split anyway. Oh, and I did find some of my Artist tags were using "w/" (presumably for "with") as a splitting code, so perhaps that could be included in the
  22. Under what circumstances do your headphones cause playback to pause? What do you see in Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands when this happens? Andre
  23. So you are saying playback commences whenever you connect your phone to a Bluetooth device, even when the resume option in Settings > Headset/Bluetooth and/or Settings > Audio > Audio Focus is turned off? When do you see in Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands when this happens? Andre
  24. This does seem to be an issue that is cropping up a few times with Android 11, although mainly with Samsung at the moment. Was this an upgrade from 10 to 11, or factory-installed? Andre
  25. Agreed. I think this could very quickly get a lot more complicated than it really needs to be. I personally still strongly prefer a simple on/off toggle for each tag type - Artist, Album Artist, Composer, Genre. The available library Categories list is already getting overcrowded, and adding 4-5 new ones seems excessive - especially if user then has to enable/disable their preferred categories from the Library's List Options too. To avoid the Who Moved My Cheese? complaints and negative reviews on the Play Store - which Max is rightly concerned about - I think there should be a one-o
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