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  1. Have you disabled or stopped the internal 'Files' application on your device, as doing so can cause this sort of issue. Andre
  2. This is where a batch tag editor (such as TagScanner on a PC) comes into its own. Load all 1000+ tracks into it and batch update the game release title as (for example) the Album Title tag. You can even write little processes to pick the wording up from folder names or filenames, or other tags. Andre
  3. Why not break it down into pseudo 'discs' ? So Tracks 1-100 would be set as Disc #1, then the next hundred tracks (currently 101-200) would now be tracks 1-100 of Disc #2, etc. That could cause them to be sorted correctly but without requiring a four-digit track space to be allocated for everyone. Playlists would be another option. Andre
  4. I'd like this too, it's a very common request (I've even started tagging any new dual-artist tracks with semicolons in the meantime) but I don't know how much work is involved. Andre
  5. You're welcome. When an Android update happens, sometimes the old feature that PA had detected and used to saved its configurations may no longer work, so telling it to work the configuration out again can help. Andre
  6. I was tempted to simply delete this post as it is little more than a lengthy abusive rant, but on further reading there are a few actual points hidden in there. Discussion and questions are fine, abuse is not, and any repetition will be removed. 'Hamburger icon' is normal Android-user shorthand for the three-horizontal-lines icon that you should be used to seeing in all Android apps. It accesses the app's menu for general settings. This is to distinguish it from the three-dots icon, which is for contextual settings - i.e. local to one screen of the app. Long-pressing on the three-lines icon (lower right in all Poweramp screens, it's really not that hard to find) will take you directly to the current Skin-settings page to avoid going down the main menu structure, as you have already been told. All skins designed for Poweramp v3 should work fine (obviously v2 ones won't) but if any do not, please discuss this with the individual skin authors so they can help you out. Poweramp is ... well, in a word, powerful. In order to provide that power though, there are naturally quite a lot of options for you to explore. You are perfectly free to use it 'as is' if you wish, without changing anything. Or you can play around to your heart's content for days tweaking and adjusting stuff. But if it's all just too powerful and complex for you, maybe the default music app provided with your phone may be more to your taste? There is an in-app Help facility by the way (also accessed via the three-lines/hamburger icon) and there are a number of FAQ here on the site too. There is no official full manual though, as constant updates tend to make that something of a moving goalpost. And skin settings would never be covered anyway, as they are up to the skin authors. Again, if having too many options is confusing for you, please feel free to use something simpler and less powerful that might be more to your taste. Andre
  7. Playlists are also imported from the Android system, which may be where the phantom ones are being picked up from. Clear app data will reset Poweramp, just the same as a clean reinstall would do. You could also delete the internal-memory folder /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer , although that should be empty anyway after uninstalling. Check Settings > Library > Music Folders and ensure that all of the locations that contain your music are ticked before doing a Full Rescan. Songs files must already exist in the Library database before they will appear in any Playlists. Andre
  8. The licence stays valid, you can uninstall and reinstall again as long as you are using the same Google account. You probably could have solved it by resetting Settings > Audio > Output to defaults, but clearing app data and/or reinstalling will do the trick too. Andre
  9. Following file frequency/bit depth has been discussed before, but it would create a whole raft of other problems, such as noise between tracks as switching occurs, failure of gapless playback and crossfading, and other issues. Andre
  10. Sadly you can't disable any of the up/down/left/right gestures in Poweramp v3 like you could in v2. Longer-term, I think there are plans to allow some gestures to be customised, but for now they do what they do. That said, I find it very difficult to do this by accident. You have to really try hard to manage to turn a horizontal swipe into a vertical one - and if you do start to see it happening, just take your finger off the screen before you complete the move. Andre
  11. You don't need PayPal, you can buy through the normal Android Google Play store, or via the website (here) using the major international-standard credit/debit cards. Andre
  12. Try resetting all Output methods back to default and then re-select high res, see if that helps. Andre
  13. You can turn some additional metadata line off with Settings > Library > Lists > Headers with Meta. [Edit] Hmm, doesn't seem to have any effect with @flyingdutchman's skin, the extra meta info is displayed anyway, regardless of the setting of that toggle switch. Andre
  14. Sadly you can't downgrade in place, you need to uninstall first. You can export your Settings, and also and internally-created Playlists, first though. Andre
  15. Just a thought, but I have my Android navbar set to permanently on (rather than auto-hide) so I wonder if that affects then reported available screen resolution? And
  16. You don't happen to have Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle enabled do you? Andre
  17. Thanks for the upload. However the player screen layout updates we discussed don't seem to have picked up my A70 for some reason. In fact, it's got slightly worse, the Title line now overlaps the cover art. Andre
  18. From what Max was saying in other threads, I think it might not be quite as simple as we are all assuming, and it's perhaps not something that's on the imminent list. Andre
  19. I can't answer that I don't know you. As far as your reported bug goes though, I can't duplicate it for all songs. There is a previously known issue for the last song in a category though, which only occurs if you have crossfade on and the repeat/advance modes disabled. e.g. if for some reason you are listening to an Album with auto-crossfade set to 10 seconds, and Repeat is set to Off rather than the normal Advance Category, then the final track of that album will stop 10 seconds early (presumably as it has nothing to crossfade into). Could that be what you are referring to? If so, in the meantime just set Repeat back to 'Advance Category', or turn Crossfade off. Andre
  20. You can't, I don't think even rooted Titanium Backup restores will help. Licences need to be revalidated on any re-install (which is what a new ROM often triggers). But this should only be a problem if you are doing it repeatedly, a simple OTA update from Android 9 to Android 10 should not trigger the activations limit. Andre
  21. Yes, the EQ has a preamp control. I'd usually advise people to turn it DOWN, rather than up though, to avoid potential distortion (especially if your music is recorded close to digital maximum and you want to boost any of the other EQ bands). Andre
  22. I usually look on Amazon for cover artwork, but Googling would probably work well too. Right-click and Copy Image, then just paste it into the artwork box in TagScanner and Save the file. TagScanner is a batch tag editor, it's not an automatic title/image/lyrics/etc finder. Andre
  23. Try it and see, it works fine for me. But remember that if the positional help data is not correct within the file (it's basically a table of contents, TOC) then the larger an image file that you add, the worse seek precision might become. The easiest way to check is to try to seek to somewhere near the start of the file (a few seconds in) and see if it lands there, or at the zero point. Andre
  24. I use TagScanner on my PC, you can batch edit tags, add artwork from files or clipboard, etc. Andre
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