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  1. Max will know the specific answer, but have you tried KEYCODE_MEDIA_PAUSE ? Check PA Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands to see if PA is receiving it. Andre
  2. I love the gradient colour effects in tools and icons, very pretty. Andre
  3. If you change the album cover art for any given track, then that new album art will be applied to the whole album. This was something that was added a few years ago by user request, to avoid people having to update their albums song-by-song. The one downside is that if you have individual track art for each song, those will get overridden when you change the overall art (which is what also happens when you set album artwork in the Library > Albums view). You can do it when using Folders view by the way, using in-folder image files which will be used for the folder level display without overriding track images. @maxmp would it be worth adding an extra tickbox on the artwork download/selection screen - "Apply image to all songs in this album" - so the user can opt to apply the new image either to the current song only (old PA functionality) or to the whole album (current functionality)? If used from one of the Album views, leaving the box unticked would allow assigning an overall image for a 'various artists' style album in the lists without changing all of the individual track art. I would suggest making the tickbox sticky so it remembers the user's preferred choice next time. Andre
  4. There is another thread which asks for basically the same thing but for grouping sets of Genres for display in the library view, perhaps some common approach might work? Maybe some kind of pseudo-folder concept in those relevant category views, which displays content in the same way as Folders Hierarchy? Andre
  5. And it can do it as a batch task if you simply load the overall folder. I did all of my albums a few months ago so I know everything is now consistent (overwrote any old values). Took a little while to process, but I don't think it was more than an hour or so for 10,000+ files. Andre
  6. Opus Album Gain is not yet supported, it's on the todo list. Andre
  7. When PA pauses (or stops, which is really just pausing the current track back at 0:00) it remains in a paused state ready to recommence playback where it left off. A minor bug (now fixed in build 879) meant that when a song ended due to a list finishing, it used to get into an odd state which would not resume playback easily. It now returns to the start of the final track played and enters Pause (Stop) mode ready to be played again. You can tap the player-screen artwork area to see the current song in its current Library category, or long-press on the artwork area to choose to see it in a different view type (Folder, Album, etc). You can use the four-squares icon (lower-left) to go to you chosen 'top-level' Library view - you can set that default view type to 'go straight to Artists' if you wish, in the Library's List Options (or Settings > Library > Lists > Library List Options). Andre
  8. The files that show here as video clips can be download from the three-dots menu on their right Andre
  9. Sorry, I meant OPUS and OGG, not FLAC. I also loaded all four into Audacity and the actual recorded levels are all over the place in there too (in fact none of the four are the same, and one (OGG High) is so over-saturated it would never work anyway). That's the nice thing about standards of course, there are so many of them to choose from... We'll need to let Max take a look at these, but I suspect they are overbaked. Andre
  10. The two pairs of OGGs/OPUS play very differently in VLC Media Player and Zoom Player on my PC. On Foobar, the two pairs play the OGG and OPUS the same. Andre
  11. CUE files are not audio files, they are a list of 'pointers' to an audio file (or files) which create pseudo-tracks. If your physical FLAC files were created one file per track, you do not need the CUE files at all. CUE files were originally designed to describe a CD's layout (tracks, titles, etc) when all of the audio was in one large hour-long file. You could re-burn the CD using the one large file and a CUE file to describe where each track begins and ends. Andre
  12. What gain values do you see for both of these files in Info/Tags in Poweramp. Andre
  13. You do. The post referred to above is in a limited-access forum though, for occasional special test releases. Andre
  14. Glad I could help. Andre
  15. That is an obsolete legacy v2 version of Poweramp which was only left online for users of Android 4.4.4 KitKat and below, as you need Android 5 or above to run Poweramp v3. PA v2 is no longer supported, nor guaranteed to work on more recent Android releases. Your Huawei device was released with Android 7.0, and although that is also fairly old (perhaps it has been updated on your device though?) it should still work fine with the current releases of Poweramp from the Huawei app gallery, or you can just download it as an APK file from the website here (latest build is 879). Andre
  16. It's not easy to diagnose this sort of thing with so little information to go on (device, ROM version, Poweramp version, etc). Obviously it's not how PA should be working though. Does this happen when your screen goes to sleep (which could mean Android is stopping it, in which case try whitelisting it) or when the player screen interface is active? How long does it stop for - very briefly (buffering, slow storage access?) or for several seconds? Andre
  17. @M Akmal Please could you try again with yesterday's build 879. For me, after List 'Finished' occurs (i.e. at the end of Category playback, or after a single-song if that mode has been selected) PA now returns to the beginning of that final song, and tapping Play reliably results in the same song being played again. @maxmp Could I suggest that when listening in Category playback mode (i.e. Repeat is set to 'Off') at the end it would make more sense to return to the first track in the current Category, so you can start listening to the whole album/folder/etc again, rather than perpetually re-playing just the final song? Ideally though, I'd prefer an option in Settings > Library > Lists to configure the desired behaviour when the end of the current playback list is reached: Pause at start of Current Song [which is the current behaviour] Pause at start of Current Category [which would fall back to start of current Song when in 'one-song' mode] Pause at start of Next Song [ideal if you are using the one-song mode in order to play through an album or playlist track by track, or using a Playlist with pauses between each track at a dance class ] Andre
  18. This issue has come up a few times in the past, but I thought it was fixed a while back. Also I found the following about another app where R128 and ReplayGain were applied if they both exist in the file, I wonder if that is somehow related? Andre
  19. Use the <<< or >>> buttons. You may need to enable the five-button controls first, using Settings > Look and Feel > Skin > Pro Buttons. If you are using steering-wheel controls or bluetooth, there is also a double-tap option for category change - see Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Wired Headset. This functionality can be a bit device-dependent, but you can check what commands are getting detected via Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands. Andre
  20. Strange, I have no idea why. You could try a Full Rescan. If that does not work then probably there is/was something wrong with the file format after the data-rewrite that is preventing PA's scanner from picking up the changes. If that's the case, please can you send a sample of one of the updated files to @maxmp (use the Send feature within the app - long-press on song title > Send > Gmail > gpmaxmpz @ gmail.com). If you have a backup copy of the same file from prior to the changes being saved, that might help too. Andre
  21. Please try new Poweramp build 879 and see if that helps. Andre
  22. I think the original idea from reading this thread was that any new option, such as Settings > Library > Queue > Enqueue Mode, would have three options: Insert at Start of Queue ; Add to End of Queue ; Prompt Each Time. Someone ( @w3wilkes ) sensibly suggested that the 'Prompt Each Time' mode wouldn't bother prompting unnecessarily if the queue was already empty (or finished). I don't see any need to change the add-to-queue wording shown in the long-press menu though, it might as well stay as the more obvious '>> Queue'. Andre
  23. The library entry is meant to change to reflect the edits. Try a Settings > Library > Rescan to force it to update. Andre
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