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  1. Poweramp cannot put folders into Playlists, only songs (or streaming URLs) can be in Playlists. Please could you describe your problem with a bit more accurate detail, letting us know exactly what you are doing? Thanks. Andre
  2. If you know where the erroneous/extra files are located, and you don't want Poweramp to look there any more, go to PA Settings > Library > Music Folders and untick any folders that you don't want scanned. Personally I find it easier to deselect the whole storage card, and then just tick the specific folder(s) that I do want. If you're not sure where the duplicates are hiding, long press on any song title in the list and select Info/Tags and the full directory path will be shown. It might be a good idea to do another Full Rescan afterwards to make sure everything is nice and tidy. An
  3. I still don't quite understand that. In Folders Hierarchy mode, any folder that contains subfolders but no other music has to be shown anyway - whether or not it also contains a folder.jpg image - as you can't drill down to its subfolders any other way. But in plain flattened Folders mode, a folder name that contains only subfolders (no music) never gets shown by name at all, regardless of whether there's a folder.jpg image within it. Andre
  4. There would be no need to mess with the Album Artist tag if you are otherwise using it for your own non-standard purposes, and you can leave the Artist tags as you want them too. Simply removing the Album Title tag from songs that - on your device at least - have no associated albums would do the job fine. In PA that would group them all tidily under "Unknown Album". Or by changing the Album Title tag to something like "(Singles)" you could sort them all to the top of any alphabetical lists. Or use square brackets - such as "[Singles]" - to sort them to the end. Andre
  5. If a song exists on its own in your collection - such as a song or two released as Singles, but where you don't have any other tracks by that artist to form an album - then why not remove the Album Title tag data completely as it is no longer relevant? That would leave the Artist information visible in Artists, Albums and Album Artists lists, but would file all of these 'one-off' songs in the Unknown Album category. I actually go one stage further, and change both the Album Title and Album Artist tag contents to "(Singles)" which tidily forces the whole lot up to the top of the Albums lis
  6. There is no difference between the Trial and licenced versions of PA, it is purely a time limit before requiring activation. Are you talking about forward or backward skipping? If backward (Previous Track, "<<" ) then this is an optional feature in Settings > Look and Feel > "<< Button Resets Current Track". If you are talking about forward (Next Track, ">>" ) then PA will go to the next song listed in the current category. Tap the album art area to see the currently playing category and make sure the song only appears in the list once. If it is duplicated the
  7. @wljumper Is this Android 11? There are some issues with Notifications in Android 11, especially with MIUI ROMs. Andre
  8. On a related note, I tried leaving a folder.jpg cover image in an otherwise empty folder but even though the FAQ says the folder should still be displayed, the folder name does not show up in either the Folders or Folders Hierarchy lists. Andre
  9. @deadcorpse Yeah, could be. Sounds like a permissions thing. You said you have already tried re-installing the app, but Google may still have picked up your old settings from the cloud. How are you trying to change Folder image? Normally folder images are either taken from image files in the folder, or from the first track in the folder (if the track is tagged and has image artwork associated with it) Andre
  10. Has your device recently updated itself to Android 11? Andre
  11. @ScarletNeko Are you sure the tags are correct, as mis-tagged files can cause PA's scanner to skip them? 72kHz, 24-bit, WavPack files? You don't like to make life easy for yourself do you? If you can find a sample which still isn't picked up by a Full Rescan, it might be worth sending it to Max for testing. Andre
  12. After sending your debug log for Max to check, it might be worth trying a complete fresh install (don't allow settings to restore) as per this thread: Backup any internal playlists to storage first though. Andre
  13. For anyone subscribed to this thread who may have missed this elsewhere: Andre
  14. Just a random thought I had after trying again to explain the Audio Output options to a new user, but I think the Output menu would make a lot more sense if it was first organised by device rather than by method. At the moment, when you open the Output menu (and this is a bit dependent on your Android/device) you probably see what appears to be three 'methods' and one 'device/method' (OpenSL ES, AudioTrack, Hi-Res, and Chromecast) which is a bit counter-intuitive and especially confusing for new users. I think it would make more logical sense, and be more user-friendly, if that first menu
  15. @burnerbob70 It does seem that way. You could tell PA to ignore the commands that it receives from the head-unit, by turning off Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Respond to Buttons, but that would also mean it won't later respond to other commands that you may intend to send (such as pressing steering wheel remote buttons). Andre
  16. Might be worth increasing the buffer size for BT output? Also try different methods (e.g. hi-res, but set to 44.1kHz) Andre
  17. @Chris138 If you've never done this before, getting the results may take a few minutes. Android will notify you when the log (a ZIP file) is ready. Andre
  18. Which would make the files (and thus Poweramp) incompatible with other apps using correctly written tags. You can't just decide to assign multiple track numbers to one file for example, ID3 tags just don't function that way. I can't think of a general use example where it would work reliably, especially with regard to the Album Artist tag which in many cases would need to be different for different albums. One thought would be to make your compilation dance sequences using Playlists rather than albums, or you could use folders and symbolic links to the filenames. To be honest though, it's
  19. You could upload just two tracks, that wouldn't be too big, no need to upload all 9. It sounds like the Album Artist tag does not match though. For several tracks to be considered part of the same album, the tags for Album Title and Album Artist must match exactly. The Track Artist tag can vary though, to cope with 'multiple artist' collection albums where each track is by someone different. [Edit: You replied as I was typing, seems like that was indeed the problem. I would generally suggest filling in the Album Artist tag correctly even if it's mostly going to be the same as the Art
  20. Ah, I think I see what you are asking. So you want a single physical file to show up a song listed within several different albums? To continue my example, if you had a file somewhere in your music folders called "Dancing Queen.mp3" you might want that songname to appear listed in the albums category as Track #2 of "Arrival" and also as Track #5 of "Abba Gold". Not sure quite why you'd want to do that, other than maybe to save a tiny bit of duplicated storage. Unfortunately the ID3 tagging spec doesn't support multiple value in Album Title, Track#, Disc#, etc. And multiple items in Artist
  21. @Chris138 So in your case it's not related to card errors causing an extended mount time. And you previously stated that this happens on your device no matter how long you wait after the reboot. This does sound like a more serious issue than the ones Max has been able to replicate on his test devices so far. @maxmp would a log taken as soon as PA is first started on Chris's device help? Andre
  22. @maxmp It just happened during the daytime for once. Exact same scenario as happens at night: inserted headset plug, started PA playing normally, tapped the power button to turn the screen off and the audio immediately stopped. When I woke the screen again, there was a message saying PA had been killed (as per the first post of this thread). I requested a bug report and will Dropbox it to you as it's probably too big for email. Hope it helps. Andre
  23. While PA can control the speed of itself playback (already implemented as Tempo), the EQ app can only output music at the rate that the audio is created by the source app - although it would still be possible to adjust the pitch of course. Andre
  24. Back the good old PC Winamp days, what is being described here as "segue" or "radio mode" was available via a fabulous little plugin called "SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output". You could set the fade-in and fade-out threshold dB levels to achieve exactly what is being asked here - so that tracks with abrupt beginnings or endings never get faded, which I agree sounds wrong. What could be relevant to PA would be defining a cutoff dB level for outgoing tracks, and a cut-in level for starting tracks. Then when the old track gets below the defined volume at the end of a song, the
  25. It sound like your device is not retaining the registered status correctly. After this error message occurs, what does the 'About' status say then, still the same Stored status? Does it have permanent internet access, or only while you are installing it at home? Andre
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