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  1. I sometimes use symbols to force a particular filename sorting order, such as putting an underscore at the start of a filename to force that title to the top. I never understood why that works that way incidentally, as underscore is ASCII 95 so I would have expected it to have been sorted to the end of a sorted list, not the beginning. All sort systems seem to do the same though, so I use an underscore to force files to the start of a list, and tilde (~) to force to the end. Otherwise, I try to ensure that within any one folder I keep the prefix disc/track numbering digits consistent within that album, to avoid the possibly of it ever being ambiguous. Andre
  2. Most people want exactly the opposite, and there has been a lot of work put in to making playback as gapless as possible. I've never heard anyone suggest a 60 second gap between songs before. Andre
  3. I think Max meant that high res is mainly used to get as close as possible to reproducing the original music, it is not really intended for artifical/heavy EQ boosting, etc (which DVC helps with). Andre
  4. The only case where the notification stays is if you use the notification to pause playback. If you pause playback from the main app or elsewhere, the notification vanishes (unless you have enabled the option to keep it permanently of course). Andre
  5. Are these separate audio files, or one large file only broken down into tracks using a CUE file? I'd they are separate files, remove the CUE file and let PA scan the file tags normally. Make sure the Album Artist tag is set the same for each file that should be considered one album. Andre
  6. There is no Multiple Artists feature (at the moment anyway) which would explain why it is not working for you... Andre
  7. PA now supports Android Auto, which offers the simpler/larger interface that you request. Andre
  8. As I said above, build 809 was that last one with a 'v2-like' interface (which thus worked on non-Material Design devices such as Kit Kat and earlier) Andre
  9. Poweramp v2 did not have visualisations, they were introduced with the first alpha and beta test builds of v3. You could try build 809, which was the last one which had an interface fairly similar to v2. It's not supported of course, but may do what you want. Andre
  10. Sounds more likely to be some sort of tagging issues with the files. Are they regular MP3 files, or more esoteric formats like AAC or FLAC which can be a bit more fussy when it comes to tag compatibility? It might be worth sending one or two of the problem files which show as zero-length to Max for checking. You can send from within Poweramp by long-pressing on the title in the songs list, select 'Send', and email it to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com. Andre
  11. Unless such a feature is added, in the meantime you can copy the contents of the /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ folder from your old device to your new one which will transfer all of your downloaded art (but not user-defined ratings). Andre
  12. When you change/reformat the SD Card do a FULL Rescan afterwards to forcibly remove any old entries from PA's database. It's also worth backing up any PA Playlists that you may have created inside the app, as once the files are on a 'new' SD Card (as far as Android is concerned; it will be given a new name) they will be treated as different files and thus may no longer be linked to old playlists. I'm sure I don't need to remind you to back up any other contents on the SD Card before reformatting, but I thought I'd just mention it in an abundance of caution. Andre
  13. This must be something odd in your file system. PA does not delete any files at all, unless you specifically tell it to (and confirm with an extra prompt). However it does open and scan files rapidly, but I don't know why that would cause problems with the file system itself. Does this happen if you put some of your music on internal storage instead of SD Card? Have you tried reformatting the SD Card and then copying the contents back on to the cleanly formatted card? Andre
  14. I'm getting the same problem, and yes it's really annoying. Everything else (headset, on-device speaker) remembers their previous settings, but whenever I connect to the car the output level from the phone gets reset to about 50% and I need to turn it back up to 100% (so I can then manage the actual listening level via the car controls). Andre
  15. As you say, there is already an option for this if you want to override the default behaviour. But otherwise as soon as the music stops playing, the status-bar notification should disappear. Andre
  16. Folders Hierarchy is a drill-down view, so it obviously can't show the contents of two different root-level directories on the same screen, as you'd need to drill down into one or the other. I think (and I haven't tried this) the only way to do what to you want would be to go into Settings > Library > Music Folders and untick the top-level/root folders for each location (which will deselect all the contents too) and then manually go into each location tick each of the subfolders that you want to see in your first list (which will automatically select all the lower level subfolders beneath each of those). Then those highest level ticked folders would become your root folders for the main Folders Hierarchy view, so you'd see more folders at that point. However if you ever add a new folder at that upper level, you'd need to manually add it to the Music Folders list. Andre
  17. This sort of advanced zoomable graphic display does not like something I'd expect from an audio editor, not a music player. Andre
  18. The normal address Max asks for sending sample files to is gpmaxmpz@gmail.com, is that the one you used? Andre
  19. @maxmp if you do revisit the sleep timer code at any point in the future to address this request, could I ask that you also add an activity-based option to the timer? So that you could set the sleep timer to kick in (for example) 10 or 15 minutes after the last user interaction (such as a manual track change or volume adjustment, etc). Would be useful for me when I'm listening at night, when I will use the headset buttons for a bit until I fall asleep, and only then I'd like PA to turn itself off. Andre
  20. Use your username, not email address, in the login screen. Andre
  21. I've asked for a while if up/down swipes could be re-implemented, as otherwise unless you activate the Pro Buttons feature (which not everyone wants to do) there is no way to quickly change within Categories (album, folder, etc). I did suggest that it might be an idea to make both the vertical and the horizontal swipe types (and also single-tap and long-press) user-customisable too, so for example it would be possible to set up/down swipes to control volume if a user wanted it that way. Andre
  22. Is this the issue with Search not working, and just popping up the keyboard? If so, please read the post a few hours before yours: Andre
  23. What sort of purchase? Google Play or website? Have you read the FAQs on the subject? (e.g. http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/324284-restore-poweramp-purchase ) Andre
  24. You mean in the category list view I assume? So if you long-press on a song title in a list, one of the pop-up options (alongside Add to Queue, Add to Playlist, Delete, etc) would be "Play after current song". It would work exactly as if you had tapped on the song - so not as a temporarily queued item; it would changed to the new Category for the playback mode,and clear any current shuffle sequence - but it would just defer the start until after the current track has finished. That actually sounds like an excellent idea to me, hopefully @maxmp may feel the same? Andre
  25. Thanks for the more detailed report, hopefully that will help @maxmp track it down for you. In the meantime, turn DVC off as some devices just don't work well with it, especially in high-res output modes (hence the option to turn it off). Andre
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