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  1. Try putting the file in the root of your internal storage then. Andre
  2. I've not actually checked with any scrobblers (I don't use them) but I assume it sends the whole expanded Artist tag, rather than individual split artist names. In that case, if you do manually put odd characters into the Artist string, they would get sent too, which as you say might muddle it. I assume you have your chosen separator block character copied into the 'Symbols to Split Multiple Artists' settings line? Andre
  3. Have you assigned storage access permissions again after you cleared app data? Andre
  4. @Richard Burton Just download the trial version from the Play Store. Then download the unlocker app (making sure you are using the same Google account you purchased with) Andre
  5. Ironically, you are experiencing exactly the slightly-confusing situation that I was describing. When using MP3Tag, typing "\\" to separate two or more Artist, Composer, or Genre names is treated as a special code within that program only. MP3Tag does not save the actual "\\" characters, but instead it creates two completely separate ARTIST tags for FLAC/Vorbis files, or it inserts null-byte separators in MP3/ID3 tags which does the same thing. For example, in MP3Tag's editor screen, this song has the Artist field set as "Paul Simon\\Art Garfunkel", Genre as "Pop\\Folk", and Composer as "P Simon\\A Garfunkel", and that results in the following embedded content in the file: | - Tag 'ARTIST' (17 bytes): | 01f9: 41 52 54 49 53 54 3d 50 61 75 6c 20 53 69 6d 6f [ARTIST=Paul Simo] | 0209: 6e [n] | - Tag 'ARTIST' (20 bytes): | 020e: 41 52 54 49 53 54 3d 41 72 74 20 47 61 72 66 75 [ARTIST=Art Garfu] | 021e: 6e 6b 65 6c [nkel] | - Tag 'GENRE' (9 bytes): | 024e: 47 45 4e 52 45 3d 50 6f 70 [GENRE=Pop] | - Tag 'GENRE' (10 bytes): | 025b: 47 45 4e 52 45 3d 46 6f 6c 6b [GENRE=Folk] | - Tag 'COMPOSER' (16 bytes): | 028a: 43 4f 4d 50 4f 53 45 52 3d 50 20 53 69 6d 6f 6e [COMPOSER=P Simon] | - Tag 'COMPOSER' (20 bytes): | 029e: 43 4f 4d 50 4f 53 45 52 3d 41 20 47 61 72 66 75 [COMPOSER=A Garfu] | 02ae: 6e 6b 65 6c [nkel] | - Tag 'ALBUMARTIST' (29 bytes): | 0269: 41 4c 42 55 4d 41 52 54 49 53 54 3d 53 69 6d 6f [ALBUMARTIST=Simo] | 0279: 6e 20 26 20 47 61 72 66 75 6e 6b 65 6c [n & Garfunkel] Poweramp sees these instances of multiple tags and simply saves them in its database as one string with a semicolon between each name. Which, as you say, does look rather like you had actually created the name as "Paul Simon; Art Garfunkel" in the first place. My suggestion was to use something more unique - such as that diamond symbol - to show that the names are really separate items in the embedded data, rather than being one longer string. Andre
  6. @Toks Kitoks See the post immediately prior to yours. Does changing the Audio Output method, or enable/disable DVC, or turn off multiple volume stepping options, help? Are you using Android Auto in the car, or just using it as a plain Bluetooth receiver? Andre
  7. I was just playing with tags, as an example of how I think individual separate ARTIST tags - or null-character separated items in ID3 tags - could be handled for display. If the embedded tag data actually contains a real semicolon character (or "//", or whatever) in the stored string, then that string should be displayed verbatim in the Artist field. But when Poweramp is "inventing" a symbol of its own in order to show two entirely separate pieces of text side-by-side, a unique character ought to be used rather than simulating as if a semicolon was present. After a bit of trial and error in a tag editor, I thought the medium black diamond (Unicode U+2B25), padded with a space either side, seemed to look the nicest so I manually added that into one song's Artist tag as a test. I then pasted that same character into PA's 'Symbols to Split Multiple Artists' setting, and it worked really well. My suggestion was that PA use that type of symbol as its 'invented' separator when no actual character exists in the tag(s). To your second point, at present you cannot alter the format of that second line on the player screen or in list displays, it is always shown as "%artist% - %album%". There have been a number of requests for an ability to customise both the upper and lower lines via each List Options menu though, but that's not something that has been implemented as yet. See this thread: Andre
  8. Excellent, good to know. Could probably have been worked around on the Poweramp side too, but looks like JRMC fixed it in their code first. Andre
  9. Poweramp should be converting down to Chromecast supported frequencies, but in case it's a high-res conversion issue (source is 24bit/192kHz FLAC) please could you try with a regular bitrate file (CD ripped MP3 or similar). What device and Android version are you using? Andre
  10. @maxmp Just a quick thought to add to this, but when adding a Pitch control does come up to the top of the EQ to-do list, could I suggest rather than having three knobs (for Tempo, Speed, and Pitch) you implement just two knobs, for Speed and Pitch, and add an extra switch to enable synchronising of the two controls. So if that switch is active, turning down the Speed control would increase the Pitch appropriately to compensate, and vice versa - just like the current Tempo knob does. It just seems easier than having three conflicting rotary knobs to worry about. Andre
  11. If no difference, reboot too for good measure. Andre
  12. As it seems to be from background usage, the most likely thing would be an issue with storage access / background file scanning. Try turning all of PA's AutoScan options off in PA Settings > Library > Scanner and see if that changes things. Also for recent Android versions, turn off PA Settings > Misc > Keep Service and Use Wakelock. Andre
  13. I'm sure a Pitch control will happen at some point. Indeed, Max mentioned about 18 months ago that he would probably look into implementing it sometime after the much-requested stand-alone Equalizer app was released, which has now happened. I doubt he sees it quite as you do as any kind of urgent and vital revenue generating tool though, but more as a nicety to complement the existing Tempo knob in the EQ module. Maybe this thread will jog his memory anyway? Andre
  14. Sorry, I don't know where on Max's to-do list the Favourites category idea sits. It was originally discussed about 7 months ago in : Andre
  15. You can add whole albums (or other categories such as folders etc) to playlists, but you are right that once they've been added they then exist as a set of songs rather than a 'drill-down' entity. You can reorder the songs in the playlist using menu > Re-sort, but they still exist as a long list of songs - there is no other option as playlists are nothing more than a set of pointers to individual song files. For the future, there are plans to implement a 'Favourites' Library Category, into which you could add anything - folders, albums, artists, individual songs, etc. Andre
  16. What does PA's output log show? (long-press on the metadata line in the player screen) Andre
  17. If you've got 100+ files mistagged, I'd suggest using a batch tag editor on a computer to copy them to the correct locations, save a bit of typing. TagScanner for example could copy all of your varying Album Artist tags over to the normal Artist tags in one batch task, which from your screenshot would appears to be the solution to your problem (then set all the Album Artist tags for collection albums to "Various Artists" or something similar). Andre
  18. If you have 100 different 'Album Artists', then you have (by definition) 100 different albums - that's what the tag is for, to attribute an overall artist name for the whole album. For a number of songs by different artists to be considered as being part of the same overall album (e.g. a soundtrack collection) they must have matching Album Title and Album Artist tags - often the Album Artist tag would be "Various Artists" for collections. The Track Title and Track Artist tags can be anything you like though, as those may vary song by song. Andre
  19. Please don't attribute personal opinions as proven fact. I said "I would have thought", which is far from being a statement of development time or goals. I do wonder where all of these 5 million new users, who are apparently desperate for this one new feature, are though? Certainly not on these forums, where the question has come up perhaps a little over half-a-dozen times over the past ten years - often with mixed opinions as to how useful it would be, e.g. https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/6828-432hz-so-important/. And if Pitch control does ever get added, there's no assurance of whether it would be for an accurately specified 440Hz-->432Hz tuning, or merely an adjustable pitch up/down knob like the current Tempo control. Which might be just as well, as tunings of 404Hz, 410Hz, 435Hz or 442Hz have also been used for A4 over the years. Basically, pitching music 'a bit deeper' tends to sound warmer and richer to the human ear/brain. Andre
  20. There is already an API in place in Poweramp which would allow a third-party app to do this. But the Library-based design isn't so intuitively oriented towards a lot of non-local files that would all need validating and scanning for tags. Andre
  21. If your music files already have lyrics embedded, Poweramp can display them using the 'Lyrics' menu option during playback. If there is nothing embedded in the file, PA will search Google for you. PA can't embed whatever it finds back into the file though, you'd need to do that yourself with a tag editor program. You can also you a separate add-on utility to display lyrics from sidecar .LRC files: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/18989-releaselrc-plugin-for-poweramp/ There are some enhancements to the lyrics system planned for the future, including native support for LRC files and the ability to display synchronised lyrics. Andre
  22. Once it's been fully validated, you can uninstall the unlocker app. You'll need to reinstall it if you ever need to reset/validate the licence again of course. Andre
  23. You have checked there's no spam filtering issue I assume? Andre
  24. This one has always puzzled me to be honest; Poweramp is the only product I've come across where the Tone controls are boost only. Normally real-world tone controls tend to have the centre position as flat, and you rotate clockwise to boost +dB and anti-clockwise to attenuate -dB. It's been like this in PA since day one though - and there's always the more precisely controllable EQ sliders panel of course. Andre
  25. It would be nice to have that feature as a tickbox in Library > Playlists > List Options, as one or two people have asked for it. Or maybe even read and display any #PLAYLIST tags (which define the playlist title, inside the file), if present. There would need to be a little file/folder symbol next to each title to show which playlists are file-based rather than internal database though. Tapping that folder icon could act like an 'Info' button - or add it to the long-press menu - showing you the path to the M3U file etc. It seems a little odd that you can view the path info for song files but not rename them, yet you can't see the path info for playlist files but you can rename them. Andre
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