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  1. Poweramp does not feature any live 'on the fly' compressor / normaliser features, however it does support Replay Gain. Assuming your files contain correct Replay Gain tags (and if they don't, programs like foobar2000 can batch add them for you) Poweramp will set the peak level found in each track to the same output level on your device. This doesn't mean that quiet sections are made louder and loud sections are reduced dynamically, the gain adjustment affects the whole of the track. However it does seems as though the overall levels of your music files are a bit variable, which is exactly what RG is designed to overcome. See Settings > Audio > Replay Gain. Andre
  2. You could try enabling Settings > Album Art > Always Send Album Art. Andre
  3. As I said, are these internal playlists which you have made within the Poweramp app itself, or are they files that you have previously created as .M3U or .PLS files (perhaps originally from another device or app) ? Andre
  4. Launching a song via Google Assistant works the same way as Search, and I think normally defaults to All Songs mode with shuffle off. Andre
  5. Works fine for me. Is this for internal playlists or file-based ones? if file-based, does Poweramp have write-access permission to them? Andre
  6. Most likely you have some save preset that is being activated for your output device or the songs/folders/etc you are playing (there are lots of preset saving options). The default is to have both of these controls at zero. You could try deleting app data and starting from fresh, although an uninstall should do that too. Andre
  7. Turn off the Short Audio Focus option in Settings > Audio > Audio Focus. Andre
  8. Unfortunately, there is no transfer of ownership of apps provided between different marketplaces, they are completely separate systems. Andre
  9. What sort of playlist are you referring to? Generally, a playlist is just a sequence of songs chosen from tracks that are already present in the library. Andre
  10. There is no such thing as an 'album' as its own entity, they are merely defined by a group of individual songs which have the same 'Album Title' embedded tag. So you can't rate an album per se, just its individual songs. I guess Max could do something like applying the sum of the song ratings to make an averaged value for a whole album's contents though. Andre
  11. For some reason, V60 seems to have broken several things for me. The body text in all of the Library categories has suddenly shrunk to half its previous size: The left-margin spacing in 'Compact List' and 'List' modes is still pretty gappy, as I mentioned before. Not sure if this is PA's fault or the skin's though. The main screen, which was close to perfect before apart from needing a tiny tweak upwards for the Title and Artist/Album positions, now looks strange in terms of its vertical layout (default Pro Buttons too large, lower zones more squashed together, the two text boxes touching each other with huge top/bottom margins, etc). Images to show Before (Buffy, V58) and After (Barclay James Harvest, V60): I like the new corner options for the label areas, but the settings don't seem consistent. Square and Small Corners are very close to being the same, Medium is fully circular, Larger is like the Vis/Repeat/Shuffle buttons (as shown above), as is Maximum, and Circle is fully circular as expected. Having now checked them all, I think Medium is the problem one. Andre
  12. V60 also appeared for me in the last few hours, updating now. Andre
  13. This is normally caused by the way files are added to the SD Card, and for some reason Android not notifying that there have been changes. Andre
  14. You can only use a Google Play purchase (which is multi-device) on devices which have Google Play installed, and you need to that Google account set up on each device you want to use. For any devices that do not have Google Play, you'd need to purchase separately, directly from the website. That type of licence is for a single device though, so to move the purchase to a new device then any existing one would need to be de-registered. That's completely independent of any Google Play licence of course. Andre
  15. No you can't change the timing of those kind of toast pop-ups. Andre
  16. Which notifications do you mean? Normally the Notification panel in the Android Status Bar remains there while music is playing (can be configured to be permanent in Settings > Look and Feel > Notifications). Andre
  17. Try disabling the background service when idle, in Settings > Misc. Also take a took at Last Processed Commands (in Settings > Headset/Bluetooth) as it could be that your BT car headunit is sending media commands upon re-connection, quite a lot of them do. Andre
  18. Sorry, you didn't mention Bluetooth in your original message, when you said you had new high-quality headphones, I had assumed they were wired. Andre
  19. You can simply purchase from the website, and install the latest APK files from the Downloads tab here. No need to uninstall the trial version, the licence simply unlocks it permanently. When you receive the confirmation email, in Poweramp Settings use 'Already Purchased?' > 'Website', and type in the same Google or other email account that you registered with, and the Order ID. You will need an internet connection on the device for it to initially validate the email address though, but Google Play and gapps are not required any more. Andre
  20. Yes, the latest I see on Play Store (UK) is v58, dated 8 Feb. Didn't even know you'd released 59. Andre
  21. Not seen it either, v58 (8 Feb) is latest in my UK Play Store. I think it might be the overall size of the albumart thumbnails that is causing my concern then. Yours are larger than the default skin, which is generally a great improvement as the artwork is much clearer to see. However I guess they might look better just a tad smaller to allow a bit more breathing space between them, and with more consistent horizontal margins to avoid eating too much into the available text space. Just a personal preference here, feel free to ignore if you don't agree. Here are examples of the three List views to illustrate, showing the middle size sits too tightly against the margin, while the smallest and largest ones are a bit gappy. Somewhere in between lies perfection. [Edit: Just noticed the text spacing (leading) seems to vary somewhat between the three views too, with the middle view being preferable as it more clearly segregates song's content. In Compact view, the leading between the 'Title' and the 'Artist/Album' line is almost as large as the gap between each song.] The EQ comment was not about the width of each bar by the way. I don't mind that you have to scroll over to see the final few frequencies on smaller screens - although seeing all of them on one screenful for larger devices would admittedly be nice as long as they aren't too squashed. However the vertical lines/tracks (that ones that the slider thumbs move up and down along) are missing. Each vertical line only appears - in a rather noticeable orange colour - when you move one of the sliders up or down. Here's your skin versus the PA default: Andre
  22. As I said above, the tag convention that Poweramp (and most music software) uses to represent 'Album Artist' is TPE2, which in the original ID3v2 specs was indeed referred to as "Band/orchestra/accompaniment". There was no specific Album Artist tag as far as I know, hence TPE2 was generally adopted for that purpose - see https://help.mp3tag.de/main_tags.html. If you check your files using programs like TagScanner, MP3tag, foobar2000, VLC, etc, then TPE2 (which you are still using to represent band/orchestra) is what you will see displayed under the label Album Artist. What software are you using that shows Album Artist as a separate item from Band/Orchestra? I wonder what underlying tag it is using to store Album Artist in? Andre
  23. You haven't had an update recently have you? Try resetting Settings > Audio > Output back to defaults. Andre
  24. DVC simply gives Poweramp more direct access to the audio system, rather than passing too much control via the device's firmware. Normally, with DVC enable it tends to be louder as PA can better control the headroom in the audio chain. With DVC off, PA will normally not send out quite such a high level to avoid potential distortion. You can influence this by using the preamp gain in the EQ settings though. Andre
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