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  1. Always starting a particular song part-way though (such as skipping a long boring intro when you are playing an album track for example) is not a Poweramp feature at present. However there is a Bookmark feature, which lets you set a remembered position for a given track, but you need to start playback by using the bookmark entry rather than it always happening for that song - so it wouldn't happen when playing from a Playlist for example. The addition of A-B repeat, including a facility to permanently remember the 'A' start point for a given song, is a regularly requested feature though,
  2. Hopefully this will be easy to do via a new 'Favourites' category concept which was discussed in another thread recently, and Max indicated it would be a good idea to add. Andre
  3. It's another great Google Android 11 "feature" I'm afraid. Andre
  4. PA Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode. Needs to be turned OFF for Android 11, then go to PA Settings > Library > Music Folders to tick the folder which contains your audio files. There is a Search icon on the Settings screen by the way, it's very handy for finding options when you can't remember which menu they are in. Andre
  5. After you've installed it from the Play Store, just tap on the icon in your apps list or homescreen. Andre
  6. @Chris138 Thanks. So Android is not generating a new SD Card name, this issue is purely about the SD Card not being made available to PA when it is first started. Andre
  7. PA does not use any root parts of path name (such as "90AB-45CA", "C:\Users\" etc) when matching up the contents of .M3U or .M3U8 playlist files. Instead it looks for a match of the audio filename AND the first containing folder only. So in your example playlist file, /storage/90AB-45CA/Music/Demo.mp3 /storage/54AC-B23A/Music/Demo.mp3 Both of the above lines would refer to the first database file it finds that is called Demo.mp3 which is stored in a folder called Music. Of course if you have two duplicated entries for the same file (as per your example) I would expect the import
  8. @juvell The idea being discussed was to allow you to see the playback history and a list of the scheduled songs. That list would be based on the Library Category you are using, and the sorting order pre-defined via its List Options. It would be easy enough to move to elsewhere in the list (forward or backward) but not to manipulate the order at will, nor to skip items, as the playback order is a fundamental function defined for all songs before playback commenced. As you say, if you want a manually ordered playback method, or just a subset of the whole Library, please use either the Queue
  9. You don't mention what tablet of Android version, but as a first step I would suggest cleanly re-formatting the SD Card and copying your music back onto the fresh card. There could be a permissions issue, but that would seem unlikely if one card type works and another does not. Check that the new folder path is enabled in PA Settings > Library > Music Folders . Andre
  10. Which bit? 1) PA Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode (turn this off) 2) PA Settings > Library > Music Folders (choose the folder where your music is located and tick it; you may need to grant access to that folder first, see the FAQ at https://forum.powerampapp.com/kb/en_us/faq/music-folders-selection-doesnt-work-on-android-1011-and-other-file-access-issues-r36/) (there is a search feature in Settings by the way, makes navigating your way back to these sort of options a bit easier) Andre
  11. Another related request (as this is discussed in several threads) was to more easily select a range of items. For example to select 20 items in one go, you'd start by long-pressing on the first song/folder/etc then scroll to the last one and long-press on that in order to select all the items in between. That feature, combined with being able to drag any resulting selection of items in one movement, would indeed be very handy. Andre
  12. Interesting. So it's not the actual database that is getting cleared during a reboot - which initially seemed the case in other threads because there were reports of an initial "doesn't looks like anything" message. I'm guessing that message only happens to people if Auto-Scan is turned ON, which would be triggering an immediate scan that can't find anything. So with Auto-Scan turned OFF, the song list (database) stays present, but obviously there's no embedded artwork images and Info/Tags metadata as there are currently no files. The reason you would see some artwork and not others would
  13. Like the Albums, Artists, Folders, etc categories, Genres is just an alternative way to structure the entire Library database contents. So the only way to 'hide' items in such a list would be to not have any songs that contain that wording within their metadata - such as by batch editing the lesser-used song files so their genre tag says something like 'Other'. You could mimic that sort of display using Folders Hierarchy too, using a series of top level folders such as Pop, Rock, Electro, Punk, Disco, etc. Then make a final folder called Others in which you place all the lesser used stuff
  14. The most recent update on automatically using ratings data from file metadata is: Andre
  15. What do you mean by "sync your playlist"? PA does not have a function to do this. A playlist (M3U file) is simply a text-file that is stored somewhere on your storage that PA is allowed to scan. It contains simple pointers to each music file in turn, which must all exist in the main music Library. If any folders or filenames have changed from the names in the playlist file, PA won't be able to connect them any more. Do all of the songs appear correctly in the PA Library, in the All Songs list or Folders view? If not, could this be related to other recently reported Android 11 SD Card
  16. @BingBadaBoom So when you first start PA after a reboot, is the Library completely empty (nothing at all showing) or is the category structure of folders/albums/songs there, but no album art for each title and nothing will play until the new scan has completed? If you can see any song titles at all, what do you get if you immediately long-press on one of them to view Info/Tags (is the path the same as you see after the rescan completes)? Andre
  17. I wasn't sure if the log contained anything useful, but the timestamps did show from around when I plugged in the headphone cable, right though until after the audio was killed, so I hoped there might have been something useful. Next time I'll try to remember to get a full dev bug report (if I'm awake enough to remember ). Andre
  18. So what would you have you gained? Andre
  19. Erm, so are you asking if the view when you first go into Settings could look something like this - i.e. with the top of the screen empty, and only half of the normal number of options initially visible? In all honesty that wouldn't be my ideal layout at all. This is presumably because your phone screen is too tall for your thumb reach? Andre
  20. Please post a few more details about your setup and Android/app versions etc. There isn't any ongoing support for Poweramp v2 now (it's a five year old legacy product) but it is still possible someone may be able to help you. Andre
  21. Possibly my confusion here, but when you said "played through Folders but not showing in Albums" did you mean that you can see these songs inside the Poweramp Library's 'Folders' category, but not in its 'Albums' category (as below)? Or did you mean you can see the song files in some other app (such as iTunes, or maybe a File Explorer app) but not in Poweramp's Library at all? If so, do do see any songs at all in Poweramp's Library views? If you don't see anything in Poweramp, first check that the music files are actually stored on your local device rather just in the iTunes str
  22. Do the files have the correct embedded tags (metadata) to say that they are meant to be within albums? This will be shown on the player screen as Song Title / Artist name / Album name / etc. You can also long-press on a song (or album art) and choose Info/Tags to see what is saved in the file. Andre
  23. It happened again last night: I plugged my headphones in and started my usual night-time shuffled playback, set the Sleep Timer to 30 minutes, and tapped the Power button to turn the screen off. At that point, the music immediately stopped. When I turned the screen back on, it was showing the "Poweramp detected it was was killed during active playback" popup. PA was still running behind this though, and playback could be restarted by tapping on the headset button. Nothing helpful in Last Processed Commands, just the messages from when I plugged the headset in: I grabbed a diagno
  24. I just did a test to see what expected behaviour should be with Auto-scan turned off and music folder access not available after a reboot. I switched Settings > Library > Scanner > Auto-Scan off, then I renamed the music folder on my SD Card so PA could no longer see it. Then I rebooted my phone (Samsung, Android 10) and started Poweramp. The database Library list was still fully intact after the reboot, with all songs present in their albums/etc - although obviously none of them could actually be played at that point. I noted that embedded cover artwork was no longer displa
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