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  1. Sometime if you turn DVC off, you might be able to use the device's onboard Atmos processing instead. Whether it also handles high-res is something you'd need to experiment with. I've got an A70, and have never bothered with trying Atmos to be honest, I just use Poweramp's audio processing. Andre
  2. You can download and install the latest builds first from https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/category/2-poweramp-v3-latest-releases/ any time you like. The main public release (non-beta channel) tends to be a few versions behind (build 860 at the moment). For a bit more info on cover images, see Folder images are generally picked up from cover artwork of contained files, or from a folder.jpg file if you want to do it manually. There is no 'download' option for folders though. Andre
  3. Nope, as far as I know it's only your device that seems to have this problem. Sorry. Have you tried swiping PA away from the Recent Apps list, so it is fully closed? Or you could try disabling the Keep Service mode in Settings > Misc. Andre
  4. The Google email and direct-purchase email are not connected, you can do both with the same email address. Sounds like you have done everything right, please could you email poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com, briefly bullet-pointing what you have done (uninstalled any Google version, installed APK download, enabled internet connection, entered the correct email address and ID, and mentioned that you have already asked here) so as to avoid getting a form response. Andre
  5. You can buy two Poweramp ways: First is using the Google Play store, with whatever payment option normally works for you, and this can be used on any of your devices that use the same Google account. Or you can buy via the website here, which accepts standard international cards (such as Visa and Mastercard) or PayPal, but this type of purchase is only valid for one device at a time. Andre
  6. On some systems and Android versions this works, but it's very much device/ROM/headunit dependent. It has never worked for me with plain Bluetooth for example, although it (sometimes) does when I connect via USB and use Android Auto. Andre
  7. How are you starting shuffle? I've just tried using Folders Hierarchy mode, and viewed my Adele folder. This contains three subfolders: 19, 21,and 25. I tapped on the Shuffle icon at the top of that overall Adele folder view, and PA starter playing random tracks from any of those three subfolders (not each folder in turn). This is with Settings > Library > List > "Shuffle All Songs in Folder Hierarchy" enabled, but you said you've already done that. Going back to the Adele folder view and tapping the Shuffle icon again re-started with a newly randomised sequence of tracks from any of 19, 21 and 25. Check that Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle is not turned on, otherwise the shuffle lists won't get re-randomised so often. Andre
  8. You can use folder.jpg images if you wish. You may need to clear downloaded/cached images first. Andre
  9. Then if you are using the exact same email address that you registered with, and the ID you were sent - and obviously that there is a live internet connection on the device - you need to go back to poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com and say you have tried what has been suggested, and can they check the licence at their end. Andre
  10. Sounds like you are trying to use a website-purchased licence with a Google Play downloaded version of the app. To use a website licence, please uninstall any version you previously downloaded from the Play store and install the latest release APK file from the website, https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/category/2-poweramp-v3-latest-releases/ , then use Settings > Already Purchased? in the app to enter your emailed licence details. Andre
  11. A quick question: are skin Settings saved separately from PA Settings? So for example does a PA Export Settings / Import Settings save and restore skin options too? Or are they saved somewhere within the installed Skin data itself? The reason I ask is I want to do some PA version roll-back testing on my main device, but I don't really want to have to re-create all of my skin adjustments now I've got them looking how I want to. Andre
  12. The way Poweramp shuffles music is completely random. It shuffles the WHOLE of your requested category and makes an 'internal list' of everything that will be played - e.g. if you have 4,500 songs on your device and you enable Shuffle All Songs, it will start playing track at 1/4500 and continue until it gets to track 4500/4500. There will be no repeats of the same physical file until every one has been played. Of course if you cause a reshuffle (by stopping and restarting, changing play mode, manually selecting a new track, etc) then a new random list will be created which may contain things you have heard recently. The track counter would return back to 1/4500 whenever this happens. The frequency of reshuffles can be reduced using Settings > Library > Lists > No Reshuffle. Andre
  13. I would suggest a forced pop-up after the new version is installed, asking if the users want to enable this new feature (simple yes/no option, saying they can always do it later in Settings) and warning of possible side-effects. Otherwise, no-one will ever find it as most users never read change logs. And set on by default for new installs. Andre
  14. A little comment with regard to the unsymmetrical margins - there needs to more space on the right to allow for the vertical slider bar for quick scrolling. Andre
  15. Very nice. Might be an idea to add the zoom-animation that's currently used for category changes into that list too? Maybe even allow adjusting the category change animation in the same way? Andre
  16. It's a feature for third-party skins. The one I was showing has a basic free and a full-featured paid version. Andre
  17. Great, thanks, just wanted to check that one hadn't got missed. Andre
  18. Does that also fix the similar issue which occurs specifically at the end of each category, where the 'next track' metadata is shown as 'Queue' ? Andre
  19. In what context? Are you saying your source artwork is low-res so when you see it in the Player screen on a high-res phone, it looks poor? Some skins provide options to scale the artwork in the player screen a bit, but generally for visual balance / aesthetic reasons rather than to halve its size. Andre
  20. I'm glad you have had a response from Support confirming what I have been saying, in that Poweramp could not have created your Metallica folder (PA does not simply invent random band names on its own) so it must have been added by some other app. When you deleted this Metallica folder, did you check that it was empty and delete it via a file manager app, or did you do it in Poweramp? Normally Poweramp would never display empty folders in its library views anyway (it's not a full file manager, it's only designed to handle music content) so I assume you did it in an external file manager app. I would generally caution against deleting folders in PA anyway, as you won't be able to see if the folder also has any non-music content or subfolder content that you might want to keep; the only content that would be displayed is whatever audio files PA managed to pick up during its scanning process. That 'destroyed' wording in the log (as far as I know) simply means that an input method / channel - such as when reading data from a file - is no longer available or has already been closed elsewhere in the app. It does not meant that Poweramp physically 'destroyed' something, it merely refers to internal data handling processes. Andre
  21. What you are asking for is to embed images into the actual tags of your music files, which has been discussed before. There would apparently be a performance issue if this was enabled, as writing such data may need the whole file to be rebuilt which could cause playback glitches - especially with larger images. There are third-party apps that can do this externally though. Why do you need 3000x3000 images for cover artwork?! Even if you scanned a 12" vinyl cover, that would be a 250dpi scan, which is far more resolution than scanning commercial colour printing usually requires. And not even a 4K screen could display it fully anyway. I treat 1500x1500 as pretty much as large as I'd ever want, and generally tend to look for 1000x1000 to avoid making the data sizes too big. Andre
  22. Logfile resent, this was with the car head-unit connected via USB to my Samsung Galaxy A70, Android 9. I can do another log with Android Auto app for phone screen, no bluetooth just phone speaker audio, if you need it. Andre
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