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  1. Then why not ask in that thread for it to be added? Andre
  2. There are batch tag editors on Android too - although I agree that a computer is a much easier way to do it than fiddling with a small touch-screen. Andre
  3. This is already implemented. Go to the Library top level, then tap the three-dots menu icon and select List Options. Long-press on whichever category you want to be used for the default. Andre
  4. Try to get PA back onto internal memory properly before trying to tackle anything else. Deleting the system cache does nothing bad, go into your device Android Settings > Device or Device Care > Storage > and you should see either a Clean Up button, or size of different areas (including Cache), in which case tap on Cache to clear. However updating to the latest version won't help, it will still want to export to the memory that PA is installed to. Andre
  5. Settings > Library > Lists > Filename as Title Andre
  6. Correct, you can now set the time/date sorting mode per Category, using List Options. It is no longer only a global setting. Andre
  7. The point of the Folders list is that it is a flattened view, so folders and any sub folders will naturally appear in one long scrollable list. Empty folder names (i.e. ones which contain no FILES of their own) will not be shown. Folders Hierarchy is the only way to see them nested. Andre
  8. Not sure if it's relevant to the way your device works, but with my BT car headunit I always set my phone's BT output to its maximum setting, and adjust my listening levels using the car volume controls. Otherwise, the comparative inputs don't match with the other sources in the car - Radio for example - and I have to wildly adjust the car volume controls whenever I switch sources. Andre
  9. Ah, I just checked, and using the Play or Shuffle buttons at the top of the screen does not take to you to the player screen after playback has started, which I thought it did. My bad, I usually just tap on the song title that I want to listen to - which if you tap on the first song at the top of the list is very similar to pressing the Play button. As you say though, tapping on an individual song title does not reset the current Repeat or Shuffle settings, although it does change the Category to match your current view (Album, Folder, Artist, etc), which is another reason I do it that way. The top buttons are specifically designed to Play the current category (e.g. Album) unshuffled, or to force Shuffling the Album, so naturally those will change the Shuffle mode to reflect what you are asking PA to do. Andre
  10. PA does not pause on its own. Obviously if Android requests it (notifications or a received call for example) then it will follow the relevant settings. Andre
  11. That should be the default. Just a thought, but you haven't tried to install PA to your memory card have you? It should be on internal memory. Music files can be on SD Card of course, Andre
  12. By "return to the home screen" do you mean you want o exit Poweramp and return to your device's home screen, or to you want to return to the main player screen when listening to your new track? If the latter, that is default behaviour (although it can be changed in Settings > Library > Lists). To select an album for playback, just go to the album (or folder, or whatever you want to play) and tap the Play button at the top of the page. It's not hard, and it avoids having to long-press on an album title and select Play (now it's just a simple tap and then press Play, so easier than before). Andre
  13. Older PA did not use Album Artist correctly, which as I said might be causing your problem. Andre
  14. If it has already happened, you would need to clear the artwork cache and/or do a Full Rescan. Do you have Album Artist tags set properly n your files, as that should also stop this happening. Andre
  15. I don't use scrobbling much myself, but if I did it would be to see what songs have been played, not how many times one song was repeated in one session. But that's just my view, others may think differently. Andre
  16. Clear your Android cache, that should give you enough space short-term to update any apps that need more memory for the update process. Or delete a big app (something like Facebook) and re-install it afterwards. Andre
  17. I thought that 'repeat one track' was only meant to send the song title once anyway, as it's still technically the same song playing? I could be wrong though. Andre
  18. I've always felt that Explicit notifications are useful on streaming systems, or when downloading music, but once you've decided to actively place the song on your own device, it's rather up to you to decide if you want to listen to it or not. Rather like I don't see the point of the Thumbs Down button on a local file-based library, as if you don't like a song surely you'd just delete it rather than flagging it as something you don't like. I do like the idea of editing Title tags though. A decent batch tag editor should allow you to first filter by a field (such as your Explicit tag) and then you just modify all of the results currently being shown. Andre
  19. The queue would change matters. The 'currently playing' position would now be somewhere in the Queue view, not in Library > Album Artists, as you are no longer playing Album Artists. Tap on the album artwork within the player screen and you should be taken to the currently playing song in the currently playing list. Once the queue has finished and playback has returned to normal, you should be taken to the song in the Albums Artists view (or whatever category you were playing before anyway). Andre
  20. When you return to a list view after having listened to music for a bit, by design the view will be centred upon the currently playing track, not the previous one. Andre
  21. I'll move this to Feature Requests, because as Theo says this is intended behaviour for the current releases of PA so not a bug. Andre
  22. I believe it's an Android issue (thanks Google) not a Poweramp one. Andre
  23. Export Settings saves to internal device storage, not to SD Card. Some Android versions mess up the original default path to storage though - does /storage/emulated/0/ exist on your device? Also are you using the latest PA (build 841) as I think Max made some changes to try to bypass those issues. Andre
  24. Thanks for the request. Most of the development work on PA tends to go towards improving the accuracy and fidelity of pure audio reproduction, and I suspect that gimmicks like tempo and pitch changing which actually have the opposite effect tend to appear more as side-effects of other work. That's not to say it will never happen (and it has been asked for a few times over the years) but I doubt it will be a high priority either. Andre
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