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  1. I'm still not sure whether Max has any plans to implement this - but given that the current Tempo control adjusts both the speed and the pitch to compensate, I would have thought that adding a Pitch-only (and also Speed-only, come to that) control wouldn't seem technically very difficult. It's still up to Max as to whether he feels that it's worthwhile though, but from a coding point of view I would have thought it was one of those low-hanging-fruit requests. Andre
  2. You should normally get a response within a couple of business days, but sometimes it can take a little longer. Might be worth emailing again - poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com. Andre
  3. @Cpasley Solid Explorer will do it, amongst others. Internal storage, not SD Card. Andre
  4. If you choose one of those images, it will be downloaded and cached in Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/selected_aa/ using the filename format Artist - Title/Album.jpg. You can access that file yourself for embedding purposes if you wish. Andre
  5. So yes, apparently this question is indeed about 432Hz tuning, which does have some sway in modern thinking about using music as a therapy/relaxation tool. As you say, this feature request has been made. So far, Max has not implemented any sort of re-tuning options at all, preferring to concentrate on accurate high-fidelity reproduction of what the artist intended when they created the music. However if he does decide at some point in the future to implement Pitch-only control as part of his recent extensions to the EQ system (in addition to the current Tempo option, which changes the speed and also tweaks the pitch to compensate) I can't see why specific frequency-only shifting - such as A4=432Hz instead of a recording's native tuning of 440Hz - would be technically difficult to implement. Andre
  6. What device, car audio system, Android version, Poweramp version, selected audio output method, etc? Does the volume jump up when the phone ringtone starts, or when you answer? Most likely the music is being sent via Bluetooth, do you have DVC enabled for Bluetooth - and if so, have you disabled the 'Absolute Volume' feature in Android Settings > Developer Options? (Normally you have to turn on a switch labelled "Disable Absolute Volume", but it can vary by device, the wording can be a bit convoluted) Andre
  7. I suspect this refers to that slightly psycho-babble audiophile 432Hz Music Tuning theory. Personally, I trust the artist, professional recording engineer, and mastering studio to get the pitch right in the first place. Andre
  8. I'd still love to see user-defined Categories implemented in Poweramp, which would be a solution to every thread like this one. A bit more work to start with of course (sorry Max!) but in the longer term such requests would become far fewer and would need less attention as users could build their own perfect Categories for themselves. Andre
  9. Most likely you added the same folder/files in the past, so PA knows it is not 'new' to its Library. As a test, try renaming some of the audio filenames (e.g. add an extra character to the start of the filename) and see if when they are scanned again they show up as Recently Added items. Andre
  10. 'Last Modified' is an Android system storage property. Not all methods of updating/copying files update it in the same way - e.g. you may see different results when using file explorer apps, USB-cable copies, or automatic syncing apps. Strictly speaking, the last-modified date should migrate with a file when you copy it - so if you last edited a file on your PC two years ago, the Android filesystem Last Modified flag should show as two years ago too, in which case it won't appear in a Recent list in Poweramp. Not all copier work that way though, and the Modified date is sometimes set the same as the Created date (which is the date the file was first saved onto the Android device). 'Date Added to Poweramp' is an internal library feature, and it won't alter if you re-add or modify a file, only if a completely 'new' file is found. For example if you rename an existing file, it will be treated as 'new' item in Poweramp's library. Andre
  11. Voice Commands are an Android feature, nothing to do with Poweramp. It's up to Google to add new voice command features. I believe adjusting media volume (which you mentioned) is already one that they have implemented though. Tasker is not harmful. And it can do what you have asked. But yes, it's a paid app, as is Poweramp. Posting broadly the same request in rather demanding terms 6+ times is getting pretty close to spamming, you have made your point. It's now up to Max the developer to decide whether he thinks there is enough general user support for this feature to make it worthwhile implementing it. Andre
  12. @sphinx780 I use a Galaxy A70, but with Nova Launcher. On mine, a long-press is needed to trigger resizing/deleting/etc on homescreens, so a single tap never goes into that mode. Glad it's just a one-off task anyway, once done you can just leave it and forget it. Andre
  13. @klausmaus Poweramp needs to scan (including open/read) every file in your collection to get all of the metadata into its library, so it's very storage-intensive while it's doing that. Just turn the auto-scan feature off once a FULL Rescan has completed, then it shouldn't need to access the whole file system on each restart, just the current view (to fetch embedded album art). Andre
  14. @Chris_0815 Do NOT use Legacy mode in Android 11. It might still work on upgraded system (where PA was previously on Android 10) but it should never be enabled on new Android 11 installs. Build 911 should not recover settings from the cloud, so it should be easy enough to simply turn the mode off in Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode. Then you can re-select the necessary music folders in Settings > Library > Music Folders. Is the device stock Android, as folder selection should be available by default on Samsungs (it's linked to their Files app). Perhaps it might be worth disabling storage permissions for PA in Android Settings > Apps, and then when you run PA again, Enable access again for the required folders. Or even delete all Poweramp app data and start the setup from scratch with default settings. The unlocker does not change any PA features by the way, it merely removes the time limit. Andre
  15. @sphinx780 It's just a normal tap in the top-right, not double-tap or long-press. Andre
  16. Then adjust the appearance of the chosen widget before completing the process. You can edit it again later by pressing top-right of the widget. Andre
  17. @Ram Melati It's been available for about a year now... Andre
  18. An ordinary tag editor might not provide repair tools (your files have damaged header metadata, not just some missing user tag information). For MP3 files I'd just use a common repair tool like MP3 Diags, but I'm not sure what tools are around for repairing M4A container files. You obviously want to just repair the header, not decode/reencode the files - assuming your splitter program didn't re-encode the audio in the first place, but split the songs based on packet boundaries. Or just use a different splitter tool that generates the headers correctly? Andre
  19. Max can probably code around this too, and just ignore line breaks in most tags. Some tags need them though - such as comments or lyrics - but they should really only be present when needed. Andre
  20. Back when the 'Play Next' feature was first introduced, there were several threads about it. I must admit I initially assumed 'Play Next' would not have anything to do with the queue at all, as the wording did not imply queueing. Instead, after the current song finished, playback would simply switch to the newly requested song/album/folder/etc and carry on seamlessly in that mode from there onward. It would be exactly as if you had tapped on a song title, pressed the 'Play' icon at the top of an album list, but the activity wouldn't happen until the present song had finished. Personally, I would still prefer that method of operation. Tasks like "Insert at beginning of Queue" or "Insert at beginning of Playlist" would instead be better suited to long-pressing on the current controls. So you'd tap on the '>>Queue' control to add something to the end of the queue, but you'd long-press on '>>Queue' to insert at the start of the queue. Andre
  21. Poweramp manages its own music library, there is no need to launch a song from a file explorer app - although you should be able to if you really want to. Launch Poweramp, go to Settings > Library > Music Folders and select (tick) the locations of your music files. Because of Android limitations - or as Google likes to call them, "features" - you may need to grant access permissions for the location(s) first, using the 'Enable' link. Then let PA scan your music files into its library database. Andre
  22. It's not a feature at the moment. You can do it with the Queue ("Play Next") but not playlists. Andre
  23. Yes, just save the Preset for the specific named device (which should be connected at the time). Don't also tick the overall Bluetooth box or it will save the settings for all BT connections. Andre
  24. Whatever app you are using to split the files is not generating correct duration tags for the new files, it is just copying the original metadata. M4A is usually an Apple format, so sometimes editing might not be as reliable as more open formats. A tag rebuilder ought to fix them though. Andre
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