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  1. CD quality files will be 44.1kHz , but many devices actually output at 48kHz (DVD spec) anyway, so the issue of re-sampling kinda becomes moot. High res output does use perhaps a fraction more battery, but nothing you'd really notice. PA has no method to adjust to new file specs on the fly though - as that would potentially introduce noise at the switch point, and break some features like gapless playback and crossfading - so you really need to decide on your preferred mode and leave it set like that. Give it a try and see if you have hear any difference anyway; using high-res (especially 24/32 bit sampling) can apparently improve headroom for EQ and effects processing. Andre
  2. Nothing that I'm aware of, but this is the Feature Requests topic so you never know. Some people have also requested animated GIF support, and I would expect both requests would fall into the same general area. Andre
  3. You will lose play count, ratings, etc as the new card will create a new directory structure and thus anything scanned from it will be treated as 'new' music files (even though the filename portions will be the same, the root location will change). External apps like New Playlist Manager can backup your Ratings and Playlists, but I'm not sure that the more trivial things like Recently Added status and Play Count are included. Andre
  4. I spend ages tweaking things that probably don't need tweaking at all - but then I guess that's what skins and themes on apps are all about, we don't actually need any of it. My wife just calls it 'extra'. Andre
  5. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A70, with a fairly tall aspect ratio of 20:9 (2400x1080): The above image uses slightly smaller font sizes (18 and 16) versus the 22 and 18 that I was using in the previous overlap example, as below: To be honest, I think it might be better to move the Vis/Timer/Repeat/Shuffle icons down a bit for this screen height, and the two text lines up just a fraction, just to neaten it up (unless you are able to set the layout dynamically based on the currently chosen font sizes anyway). Andre
  6. The trial version is not feature limited, it is purely a time limit. You can also download the current APKs from the website here by the way, from the Downloads tab above. MP3s and FLACs should all be scanned fine into Poweramp's library, and played seamlessly, you won't see which is which unless you actively show that sort of metadata. You can select high-res output modes in Settings > Audio > Output, so I would suggest using a value to match the highest quality of files that you have on your device, and allow everything else to be upsampled. Output sample rates cannot be adjusted 'on-the-fly' to match the source rates of individual files. Some Android devices (not sure about the M11) do not actually support 44.1 output at all, and play everything at 48kHz by default. Andre
  7. What happens if you do the overwrite with a file manager on your device? (such as first copy it to somewhere else on your phone, and then use the File Explorer app on the phone to move it you your normal music location). Andre
  8. Then I suspect there is something odd about the way your new device is handling the memory card. It could be worth backing up and re-formatting the card, then copying everything back onto it? Andre
  9. Yes, music ratings can be saved inside MP3 files using the POPM tag. However as the standards vary somewhat between different audio formats, Max has so far decided not to implement reading them into Poweramp's database or writing the PA database back to physical files. There are other apps though - such as the rather handy New Playlist Manager - which are able to read these POPM tags for you, and transfer the information over into Poweramp's internal music database. Andre
  10. It will depend on what the actual 'raw' file order of the directory table structure is, as to which items get scanned first. Try again with all the files after 'T' and see if they all load correctly. Sorry, I don't know of a logfile that the scanner creates (apart from the database itself of course). Andre
  11. Worth completely uninstalling and re-installing (or clear app data) as obviously something is amiss with the database scanning process. The scanner should still accept files which are poorly tagged or untagged, you'll just see them as filenames only in the folders list. Andre
  12. Sorry, I can be a pain once I get my teeth into something. Years of back-and-forth testing and reporting at work tend to make you that way. Hopefully everything I suggest is positive and useful though, and results in a better final product. Andre
  13. I'm wondering if somewhere in your music collection there is a file (or files) which is breaking the scanner somehow? What happen if you move just some of the later file folders (X,Y,Z for example) to a different folder, and then enable only that one for scanning in the Settings > Library > Music Folders list. Then if that works after a Full Rescan, add more files/folders until you find the culprit. Andre
  14. Have you tried a FULL Rescan by the way? I'm assuming that all of your tracks are properly tagged (with Title, Artist, Album Title, etc) in the first place Andre
  15. That was only an example, there are dozens of other multi-media players out there. Poweramp however is not one of them, and will probably never be. That is why it is so good at what it does do. Andre
  16. Not quite sure I understand? The best solution is to have the correct artwork embedded in your music files in the first place. Other than that, PA will search the internet to try to find a suitable cover for the album. If you are not happy with the match it finds, long-press on the artwork and tap 'Album Art' to be shown other alternatives, or use artwork from your own device's Gallery if you prefer. See also: Andre
  17. Could you add the -10/+10 long-track buttons into the new button background colour option? (And can those fourth and fifth buttons be made bigger by the way, perhaps only a bit smaller than the '<<' and '>>' buttons, as my clumsy fingers keep missing the spot 😞 Fonts: You added both Fontin Sans and Overlock, but they both look the same to me, apart from perhaps a fractionally different weight? Also, the original idea was to try out the Small Caps variants of these fonts, the Regular style was just a nice-to-have extra option. In lists, using the new small-corners option, it might be nice to give the covers a bit of a breathing gap around the edges by making the cover images slightly smaller: And finally (sorry!) there are still some vertical positional issues with larger font sizes in the Player screen overlapping the icons underneath: Andre
  18. Yes, that's what the Album Artist tag is for. Set it to "Various Artists" or something similar in those sort of cases. The reason is to avoid a situation where (for example) you have a number of songs by David Bowie in an album entitled "Greatest Hits", and some other songs by ABBA in another album of the same title "Greatest Hits". Obviously in that case they should not all be grouped together to make one large album, which is what would happen if only the Album Title tag were to be referenced. By setting an Album Artist tag too, those two albums will be shown correctly. Andre
  19. It should do, but sometimes USB-connected storage can be reported oddly by Android, and thus not show up in Poweramp's Music Folder list. You'll know soon enough though, it's either available in the list or not. Andre
  20. It shouldn't do, no. Write access is obviously needed to edit tags or delete tracks, but the scanner itself should only need read access. Andre
  21. It's been there since way back in the Poweramp v2 days, people felt it was a potentially dangerous action (even with the confirmation prompt apparently) Andre
  22. Perhaps it is clashing with the Title container, which would need to be moved away from that space if that layout option was chosen? For tidy centring, I guess a similar-sized space would need to be added on the other side - unless the centring zone can be handled dynamical, depending on the width of the text? It can apparently be made to work somehow though, my previous preferred skin did it (hence my comment that it looked nice). Andre
  23. I recall that @maxmp mentioned a while ago that because Android Auto tends to be fitted into cars, he does not have a very wide set of devices to test with. Hopefully between us we might be able to provide him with enough diagnostics to help him solve this though. Andre
  24. I've just done some searching, and it seems that Google may have borked Linux-style symbolic links in Android, unless you have a rooted device. For making a website purchase of PA, please see https://powerampapp.com/buy-poweramp/ . However please ensure the trial version works reliably for you first, otherwise you would be wasting your money Andre
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