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  1. Thanks, I'll give that a try in the next update. Andre
  2. PA detects available sample rates via Android's audio policy system. While it can set them, Max feels there is no guarantee that the data will actually be passed on untouched. Unless he writes custom code to directly address specific external DAC hardware anyway, which is not something that's on the cards any time soon I suspect. If he has anything to add to that, I'm sure he'll post it here. Andre
  3. Do you mean you can't bring existing Android system playlists into Poweramp's library? That should happen automatically when you first set up PA, but you can do it again manually later via Settings > Library > Playlists > Import System Library Playlists. If you mean file-based playlists (e.g. M3U files) then you don't need to import them as such, Poweramp's music scanner should find them and put them into the Playlists library category automatically. Make sure that the M3U files (and all of their associated music files) are in folders that PA has been given permission to scan, via Settings > Library > Music Folders. Andre
  4. Have you tried switching to a different output method in PA, turning off EQ, etc? Some options need more processing power than others. What device, Android version, etc? Andre
  5. There will be something in your device's Android firmware that is not allowing Poweramp enough resources when the device goes to sleep. Check for any battery optimisation features, and turn them off for PA. Andre
  6. Has anyone actually read Max's reply on this subject? Basically it does not work on most standard Android devices, I guess it is more of a placebo effect. To make it work for individual external DACs, he would need to write dedicated direct code for each separate device, which is not something he has plans (or presumably the time) to do. Andre
  7. PA does not have the facility to dynamically change the output sampling rate or frequency based on different source files, you need to set the highest rate you think you will need and PA will upsample everything else. There are several threads discussing the reasoning for this, including: Andre
  8. Just a thought, but as I don't think it's possible to dynamically adjust box sizes based on their neighbours' content, could you add an adjustment factor for the width of the metadata box? Sometimes with longer song durations (and especially greater than an hour) the boxes can overlap if you have the counters beside the meta line. It might also be better to layer the metadata box behind the counter boxes, that way even if they do overlap you'll only lose the end of the metadata text, which isn't so relevant. Andre
  9. Is the fee merely authorised (held) or a fully settled payment? If the former it will simply disappear on its own, the latter needs to be refunded. Andre
  10. It would still be a grid of course, just a grid with one column. Andre
  11. The original discussed idea was just a simple list (like the Bookmarks list) which you could add things to using a new '+Favourite' button in the long-press action menu. But maybe whenever this does get implemented, it might be possible to include some sort of management facility within the Category to allow you to create groups (rather like folders) to better organise the list? Andre
  12. So basically huge full-width covers with the wording below - pretty much the look of the Player screen in Alternative layout in fact. Andre
  13. @Ash Roarshock I think the concept of a 'Favourites' Category was not a nested system, but a simple flat list that you could put anything into. So for example you could put some songs in there, or Folders, Albums, Genres, etc. But each one would be a single 'thing'. I'm assuming that tapping on a song would play it immediately (like tapping on a song in any list) while tapping on a category (a folder/album/genre/etc) would open it for viewing - but maybe that could be configurable? Andre
  14. But that's still an external step - albeit a very good and powerful one. But it still requires the user to exit PA to build a new fixed list rather, than the list being dynamic within the core app and adjusting itself as your music collection changes. Andre
  15. I think that would require a degree of audio analysis that's beyond a local music player - and besides, all that would happen in my case is it would decide that my type of music is, well, my whole music collection. Andre
  16. I agree that dynamic ("smart") playlists within the main app would be a nice idea. In fact, it rather fits in with a previous suggestion of mine for user-customised Categories (https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/16878-more-all-songs-list-arranging-options/?do=findComment&comment=72598). It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to add some sort of 'Filter' List Option - for example Year >= 2020 | Genre != HipHop | Limit Results = 50 Andre
  17. @Ash Roarshock Great minds think alike. Any colour choice would be very specific to the user's skin design of course, hence I went with the plain uncoloured diamond, but it does the same job. Andre
  18. Not really, just making sure I didn't leave the tags lonely and empty for singles, which would leave them floating around un-owned and un-loved. The tags are actually used completely correctly as per spec, in order to place a number of songs into a collection album called "(Singles)". Album Artist is set to "(Singles)" to ensure correct grouping - although I could have just as easily used the old faithful "Various Artists", as the name itself is not really relevant just as long as it's consistent across all the songs. I used the brackets around the name intentionally by the way, so my special 'pseudo-album' gets sorted alphabetically at the top for Album or Album Artist sorting, making it easier to find rather than having to hunt all the way down to 'S' for it. I could have used square brackets instead if I wanted to force it to the end of the list as an appendix item. I also have several other special 'collection' albums which I imaginarily released on my own phantom music label such as "(Film Music)", "(TV Themes)", and even "(Disney)" (there's clue in my avatar photo!) for one-off tracks that don't belong in any other specific album. Andre
  19. Results: 1 from jrmc.ogg <-- PA does not see embedded album art 2 from jrmc.ogg - tags resaved in mp3tag.ogg <-- 700x700 PNG (~1Mb) 3 encoded with db.ogg <-- 700x700 PNG (~1Mb) badtag_Boy from Michigan.ogg <-- PA does not see embedded album art goodtag_Boy from Michigan.ogg <-- 600x600 JPEG Simply re-saving the two files for which the artwork is not visible in TagScanner (without making any changes) results in the artwork becoming visible in PA, so there is definitely something odd about their metadata embedding. @maxmp will be able to let you know more than I can though, and perhaps code a work-around to allow them to be read? By the way, that 1Mb PNG image is a bit excessive if you are mainly using the OGG format to save you a few bytes of filesize per the same quality. You are also saving the files at 96kHz, which is also excessive if you are trying to save space (converting to 48kHz would be pretty-much unnoticeable, even with £1,200 ear buds, and would reduce the file sizes a lot). Andre
  20. Same here. I went through every song in my collection at one point, and made sure AlbumArtist was set correctly in all cases. Even for singles (about 1000 of them) where I set both the Album and AlbumArtist tags to "(Singles") so they appear in a pseudo-album of their own, rather than showing up as 'Unknown Album'. Andre
  21. I think this is something you need to take up with the Android dev team. Andre
  22. LOL, I think you started to lose me somewhere around "Oh boy..." But I think it's safe to say that with 5,500+ albums, re-tagging is not even worth considering. I only have slightly more songs than that on my phone! And as you say, it shows everyone is different. Of course a later problem might be that you are using almost every tag in a non-standard way, so it could all break if something very sensible for the tag's normal defined purpose is ever implemented which clashes with your special usage. PA usually offers these as options though, unless it's very obvious there would be no adverse affects. Years for compilations by the way: I don't always bother with the Year anyway (I've got a lot of older songs that would take too long to track down) but as a rule of thumb I would probably tag all of the songs on an album that has a specific purpose (for example a soundtrack, like Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman) with the date of release of the album. Other collections, like "Best of the 70s" or "ABBA Gold" I might attempt to tag each track with its individual release year. I tend to listen to a lot of single tracks or Playlists, and rather less by full album. Andre
  23. So you've switched from one obscure format that wasn't really designed for high-quality music in the first place (OPUS) to another obscure format that wasn't really designed for music either (OGG, which is technically a container anyway, was originally more used for streaming and games). Neither of them come anywhere near the top of the most popular file format lists - you don't like to make things easy for yourself do you? I'll have a quick look at the files you uploaded, but this one is more for @maxmp I suspect. Andre
  24. I was just playing around with this idea myself, and I definitely prefer a 'blob' style symbol for null-separated ID3 Artist tags (and for multiple ARTIST Vorbis tags) rather than a semicolon, as it more clearly shows these are individual entities in the file rather than possibly being based on a simple split string: I tried a few character ideas, and a medium black diamond (Unicode U+2B25) padded with a space either side seemed to look the nicest - I just added that to my Split Symbols list and it worked perfectly. Andre
  25. I see, so you are looking for a purely Poweramp-based feature to allow you to create your own folder-like subgroups within the Genre Category, to make browsing simpler. I'm not sure how generally useful such a feature would be, but then this is the Feature Requests topic so maybe Max will come up with something at some point? Andre
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