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  1. And you have ALL of the automated scanning options turned off in PA Settings > Library > Scanner ? Andre
  2. I wonder what they will have broken this time. Andre
  3. @BingBadaBoom With all the auto-scan options turned off, I would still expect the Library database category lists of albums/songs/etc to remain intact after a reboot. However if the SD Card has gone AWOL when you first run Poweramp, trying to actually play any of the songs (or view an Info/Tags) would result in a File Not Found error until such time as the SD Card gets remounted. Andre
  4. That would be expected in a random sequence, but you should never hear the same actual track (i.e. repeating the same audio file). I assume you are using Shuffle All Songs mode, which as Max says is designed to take a list of all of the songs in your Library and reindex them into random order. So as each song exists exactly once in that long shuffled list, nothing can be replayed until the whole list has been finished. You can watch this happening by looking at the track numbering in the playback counter just underneath the album artwork area. Note: on some skins this may need enabli
  5. The Google Play unlocker should work fine on any device using the same Google account. The Unlocker should be available for you to install from your list of previously-installed apps. Launch the Google Play Store app, then tap menu > My Apps & Games > Library tab and find Poweramp Unlocker. Andre
  6. To test this, could the folks who get this problem on every reboot try turning off all the automatic scanning options in PA Settings > Library > Scanner (such as Auto-scan, Rescan Immediately, Initial Scan, USB Disconnection/SD Card Mount). Then reboot and see if the Library database is retained afterwards. Andre
  7. It's a new Android "feature" which does not seem to have an off switch as yet. Andre
  8. If you remove the SD Card and do a FULL Rescan (in PA Settings > Library) all of your library database entries that pointed to the old card will be wiped. This may also clear the contents of any internal Playlists, so it might be worth exporting those first. Then you can re-insert the SD Card and use Settings > Library > Music Folders to first grant access to the SD Card, and then go back into the same screen and tick just the folder that contains your music so PA can scan it. For Androids up to about 9 you can grant access to the whole SD Card which is easiest, but with the late
  9. When you scroll down a list, currently all of the header block content scrolls off the screen as you move down, and you can't get back to it other than by scrolling all the way back up to the top again. My suggestion was that just the 'icons' row could slide back into view if you reverse-scroll up the list a bit - in the same way that the miniplayer/navbar currently does (assuming you haven't enabled Settings > Library > Lists > Static Navbar which keeps it on-screen permanently). Andre
  10. Typo fixed. Yes, .oga is an extender for OGG Audio files, that's the main point of this thread. Andre
  11. An alternative that I suggested a while ago was to have just the control icons line (i.e. the Play/Shuffle/Menu/etc line near the top of all Library views) auto-reappear by sliding in at the top of the screen, in exactly the same way that the mini-player slides back onto the bottom of the screen when you reverse scroll a bit. So while reverse scrolling, a library view would look something like this: Andre
  12. @haddy Yes, there have been a few discussions lately about a gentle auto-fade as the sleep timer nears its end, and I definitely think that ought to be the standard behaviour - unless the 'Play Last Song to End' option is enabled of course, probably not a good idea to fade then. I also favour an extra 'activity based' refresh option in the Sleep system, which could reset the counter upon any user actions. The idea being that you could then set the Sleep timer to automatically turn off (say) 15 minutes after you last interacted with your phone (so a track change, or even a simple tap on th
  13. Too much more and it'd be almost time to wake up again... Andre
  14. That has always been my standard way of commencing playback too (as it doesn't change my chosen Shuffle and Repeat modes) but in many previous conversations here I found lots more people seem to use the Play or Shuffle icons by preference. I also use menu often (for List Options). So I think having that row hidden when you first view the screen would not be an ideal for most people. It's just a header, so I guess I feel the information and controls are more important than the prettiness of the background . I tend to use skin settings to fade those labels so I can still read them, but they don'
  15. I wonder why .oga extensions are scanning into the Library for me then? Guaranteed fix is to use .ogg though. Andre
  16. It still sounds like permissions issue. Might be worth revoking any existing permissions in the Android app settings, then go through granting access again (as mentioned above, to the root of SD Card) then select your desired Music Folders. You could also try using PA Settings > Misc > File Access Legacy Mode (or if that is already enabled but not working, turn it off). Andre
  17. @Elvaholt Has your device recently had an Android update (perhaps to Android 11)? Andre
  18. You need to go into Settings > Library > Music Folders and grant access (allowing permissions) to your SD Card, or for the specific folder depending on your Android version. Then go back into the same menu and tick the music folder that you want to use. A Full Rescan may then be needed, or it may just pick up anyway. See also: Andre
  19. Very strange! For me, the scanner picks up both .ogg and .oga extensions and adds valid songs to the Library. While it doesn't solve the actual problem, a quick workaround would be to use a batch renamer to change *.oga to *.ogg Andre
  20. The header area can be made a bit smaller with (menu icon ) > List Options > Compact Header. Also, you can display the track count & total running time in the header block by enabling Settings > Library > Lists > Headers With Meta. Andre
  21. Not quite sure what you are looking for that isn't already in Poweramp's existing Sleep Timer? You can currently set the sleep timeout to 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 or 120 minutes (so a few extra options over the list you quoted) and you also have the option to play the final track through to the end rather than just cutting out mid-song. Or, rather than using a timer, if you want it to just stop at the end of currently playing song, set the Playback/Repeat mode to 'Play Single Song'. Andre
  22. Don't try to manage / delete the unnecessary CUE files within Poweramp, use a proper file explorer app. Then do a FULL rescan after you've removed them all. If you never wish to use any CUE sheets at all, you can avoid the hassle of deleting the unnecessary files by disabling the feature completely in Settings > Library > Scanner > Parse CUE Files. But that's a global setting, so you won't be able to use any genuine CUE files either. Andre
  23. Folder contents (four items, first two have title/etc metadata tags, second two are music only) : Poweramp Library Folders view: Andre
  24. What does the Library > Folders view show? You should see one folder which has two song files in it. Otherwise, try copying the SAME file twice (ideally the song that worked before), but with one copy named as .oga and the other named as .ogg. Again, Full Rescan to avoid any old data still being present. I'm assuming you are using the latest Poweramp release, build 893. Andre
  25. The .oga extension works fine for me when I tested it. (I copied the same file as .ogg and .oga and both were scanned into the library). What version of Poweramp are you using? It might be worth trying a FULL Rescan (in Settings > Library) in case any scans took place before the files had finished copying over to your device. Andre
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