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  1. No change to my earlier post, sorry. Poweramp is an Android app. Andre
  2. PA should only revert to using filenames if it has not read the tags correctly during the scanning process (which is not the same as showing Info/Tags by the way, that reads the file directly rather than getting the info from the scanned database). Andre
  3. Do any third-party file managers work on your device? Maybe Solid Explorer for example? You need to allow permission to access the storage. Andre
  4. I forgot to say in our other conversation, but could the elapsed-time and total-time counters have the same background colour as the metadata line, they might stand out a bit more when the background comes close to matching the text colour? Andre
  5. And did anything change on doing a FULL Rescan? Andre
  6. Excellent, glad we got you sorted. Andre
  7. Has PA picked up the tags correctly on the files which show the .mp3 extension? Do you see the album title, aritst name, etc under the song title line in the Player screen or Library view? If not, try a FULL Rescan. Andre
  8. What message are you seeing? This is a Play Store licence I assume? Andre
  9. You need to look at the tag embedding on your music files (unless you have deliberately removed the album tags anyway). Andre
  10. That does sound strange. Please could you contact poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com with your full purchase details so they can investigate it for you. Andre
  11. It does seem as though the device is issuing a PAUSE command, which PA is obeying. Andre
  12. And you are using the same email address (exactly) that you applied for the licence with? I assume the phone has a good internet connection. Andre
  13. Erm, so why did you write "I downloaded Poweramp from the website but still doesn't want to open" ? Where exactly are you having a problem (step by step please)? Andre
  14. Can't be as simple a suggestion as you think, as I don't understand what you are asking for? Playlists are a type of Library Category, not the other way around. Andre
  15. Should work fine on that. If you completely uninstall Poweramp, and then try to install if from the downloaded APK file, what happens? And if it installs OK, what happens when to tap on the icon to run it? Andre
  16. You never mentioned that that app would not open, you were initially asking about applying the licence key. So if you completely uninstall Poweramp and then install the APK file that you've downloaded from the website, it won't open at all? What device and ROM version are you using? Andre
  17. Poweramp v2 used to have a Set as Rngtone option, but it has never been a feature of v3. I suspect Max felt it is really more of an OS function rather than something a Music Player should be doing. Andre
  18. The standard Android 'menu' icon that is used in pretty-much all apps (the three horizontal lines lines stacked above each other) was presumably intended by Google to represent a symbolic version of a series of text options going down the screen, but as with a lot of Material Design elements they made it rather too flat, dull and minimalistic. People thought it looked rather less like a menu and rather more like a slice of beefburger sandwiched between two slices of bread - hence the 'hamburger' nickname that most people now know it by. It is probably the most basic first icon you need to use in any Android app though, so I can't really blame @flyingdutchman for assuming that as a phone user you probably knew what he meant. As for manuals, they really aren't very common for apps if you think about it, most tend to just have a series of FAQs and in-app help pages. Andre
  19. A little more information please. Well, quite a lot more really. Andre
  20. If you purchased the licence directly from the website, did you also download the app file from here too? You shouldn't be using a website licence with a Play Store downloaded version of the app. https://forum.powerampapp.com/files/category/2-poweramp-v3-latest-releases/ Andre
  21. Not sure what you mean by 'convenience store' (could be a translation issue?) If you purchased and downloaded the unlocker from the Google Play Store, all you need to do is install the unlocker from the Store onto your device, it will unlock the trial version automatically. If you purchased via the Poweramp website directly (i.e. without using your Google Play account) then go to Poweramp Settings and use Already Purchased? > Website. Type in your email address and your Order ID (as specified in purchase confirmation email that you will have received). Andre
  22. Still seems to be present in build 863. Andre
  23. Great. The same seems to apply to the similar issue which occurred with the last track in any category list when Repeat was set to Off. This is now working OK for me anyway, the final track now plays to the end: However on more a minor note, playing the final track of any category still shows 'Queue' in the 'next track' metadata line, instead of the first song in the next category/list: Andre
  24. Seems to be fixed in build 863, can someone else confirm? Andre
  25. Do the game titles relate to specific blocks of track numbers, or is there something in the file or folder name that you could use for batch search purposes? If they are in blocks of track numbers, sort by Track# in TagScanner and then highlight each section that you want to change and Save with the new Album Title highlighted. Here's an example in my Singles folder (which normally does not have any Album titles). Say I wanted to change all of the tracks that happen to start with 'U' in order to give them an album title. Once the tracks are selected, I enter some title text in the box on the right and click on the 'Album' fieldname (so that line highlights too) and press Save. The new Album title then gets applied to all of the selected tracks. There is also a 'Generate' function in which you can use all sorts of pattern matching with other tags or folder/filename contents to create specific new tags, all as an overall batch operation on all selected songs: Andre
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