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  1. Good morning, I have Samsung galaxy m30, I was using it with stock rom, 1ui android 10. I was getting hi res output but due to not getting firmware update, I flashed costume unofficial lineage 18.1 based on android 11, Poweramp working well but not outputting Hi-Res, if I select it, it goes back to opensl ES. Aaudio work. I use Bluetooth headphone. On a side note, on the equalizer band settings page, what does first frequency and last frequency do? Should they be set high or low?
  2. Most played and recently played are not updating, I imported Poweramp settings after Rom reinstall on Samsung galaxy m30, android 10. I have done full rescan, I have reduced count as played but still nothing changed.
  3. I'm happy with this update, especially with AAudio, I had some issues at the initial time, deleting of songs took time, no sound after purse and resume with aaudio, font in settings looked bold and unattractive, but after a while everything is fine, my device is Samsung galaxy m30, android 10. One ui. Aaudio sounds good. No duplicate in library.
  4. What is Aaudio output? I selected it and it was good, but no sound after purse and resume, how does it compare to hi res output?
  5. Yes but not permanently, when you scroll up, the items moves up.
  6. I was referring to the settings page on Poweramp, if you have a Samsung galaxy phone, go to the settings, then slide down, when you get to the top, you will see the word (SETTINGS) written boldly, while the options below settings starts from at least the middle of the screen downward, making it easier to reach. This also happens in any category in the settings you click. So I wanted that kind of behaviour in Poweramp settings.
  7. It will be convenient for every page in setting to be able to pull down half way, so that one don't have to reach the top of the screen to click on an item, just like in Samsung galaxy phone settings, every category has a heading and can be scrolled half way down the screen.
  8. It has been happening on my phone too, Samsung galaxy m30, android 10. It happens when the screen goes off or when it comes on. No battery optimization, once or twice in two days.
  9. No, Poweramp does not move or copy files, it can rename, delete and read.
  10. No, in my own experience, I only have mp3 files and before now, most of them were 128kbp and some 320kbps, using Poweramp to play both, Hi-Res brings out more details that I never noticed before, so in using Hi-Res to play 128kbps mp3 files, sounds empty, more like hissing. Hi-Res separate and brings out every individual sound in a file format. Just make sure your files are in good quality, then you will appreciate Hi-Res.
  11. I don't have any problem with anybody, it's just that, I love listening to music, and Poweramp is the app I use on my phone and I like, some suggestions like this, that I think will cause some issues to the smooth running of the app, makes me think if they mean well.
  12. Sorry I read, but couldn't understand you very well, but if you are talking about downloading album art, I will suggest you use a third party app, like AutoTagger, so it will embed it to the file, you can even choose the size of images.
  13. They are always requesting something that will cause problems, such display will drain battery, you've been pointed to something bigger than what you are asking for, yet you are insisting on the smell stuff. If the eq graph is what you want to see, please press play, then move to the eq page and stay on it.
  14. In Poweramp, settings - Audio - Equalizer - Equalizer Bands. What does first frequency and last frequency do? Should I move them up or down?
  15. What is happening here na? Are you people planning to take down Poweramp with bad requests? So what will happen if you accidentally press the delete button? What about who don't have back? Please not all songs can be downloaded from net, please use your phone file manager.
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