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  1. My Samsung Galaxy s5 prime heats up when using Poweramp even when the screen and network turned off, using alpha build 704
  2. You want to see same songs different artist? Search the title, that should not be a problem.
  3. I just got my first flac audio today (Rihanna's album, Anti) although I have the mp3 format before now, I was so curious to hear the difference in sound considering all I've heard about flac, I was disappointed when I played it with Poweramp, flac is louder but mp3 has better feel of 3D surround sound playing with Hi Res, why is it so? I must add that Poweramp is the only music player that is able to play each single track separately from the flac album (Rihanna's album Anti) other music players displayed the full album as a single track.
  4. There is no form of music player that plays a single track and stops when there are more songs in front, right from turntable, cassette, cd, mp3 player to phone, unless programed to play selected tracks or timed to go off.
  5. Hello Maho69, is Poweramp a music player? Yes does Poweramp sell music? No, for this reasons Poweramp can not stream your songs, streaming of songs requires logging in to a web site, you love any song and you want to enjoy it on Poweramp, Download it.
  6. Yes this feature is available and it works perfectly, go to settings Headset /Bluetooth, tick the resume on Bluetooth, if you have other music apps which of course you do, disable this option, if not when Bluetooth is connected nothing will happen.
  7. Good morning Filoppi Please no porn intended, am only asking, do you have other apps on your phone? If yes then I believe that they act the same way, when you open an app, as you navigate through the app (just like browsing a website) by clicking back takes you to the the previous page, so what happens when you get to the first page? Home page. Back button does not close the app but it minimize.
  8. Okay, my phone Samsung Galaxy s5, on Android 6.0.1, I'm using Poweramp alpha build 704, but what I was trying to say is, Poweramp had the feature of displaying songs title before now but it's no longer available and am missing the feature. Another thing I just discovered, my songs stutter when my display goes off, I believe it was due to some settings I did recently in the audio section, it was not like this.
  9. This feature is not necessary, any song you don't like? Delete it.
  10. I just found out that setting, but it says not available for all Rom,, TouchWiz excluded?
  11. Song Title and Artist should display on the notification bar as songs are changed even when not on Poweramp screen.
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