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  1. Download it from Google play store
  2. Why will you want to do that? Please don't put yourself in danger, I will suggest you create a play list, or cue songs before driving, if you must play a particular song, then assistance should be the option. Try tagging your songs for better result.
  3. Just go to your phone home screen, press and hold an empty area then select add widget, look for Poweramp widget and choose the one that best suits you that's all.
  4. I have similar experience with my Bluetooth headset, but it happens once in a while. If I pause playback for a while (not too sure about the time) ten minutes, pressing play skips to next song. The first time I noticed it, I said maybe the song has elapsed so I didn't worry, but it has happened in songs I know well, it's not a big deal, I just want to share.
  5. To get the best sound for you, connect your headphones, go to the Poweramp equalizer settings, then tune each slider to your preferred sound position, when you are done, save it with whatever name. Headphones differs, so is the sound they produce likewise our ears ability.
  6. How do I make songs from different artists in a movie soundtrack album appear in one album view? Tags are all the same, album name, year, genre etc except artist name.
  7. You can ask Google assistant which you are listening to, and it will tell you, but you have to ask it everytime your song changes and your phone screen has to be on, but if you want this to be done automatically then use Tasker, you can choose the voice and speech rate, it is fun to use, and sometimes boring because it has to interrupt the music flow whenever track changes in Poweramp to make the announcements, but you can set it off or make it work at a particular time, or even with a particular connected device or output mode.
  8. I will suggest that you try wired headphone and also play through the phone speaker just to make sure it's not your Bluetooth devices. Also try using your headphones with some other person's phone. You may have an app installed on both your phones that may be causing this issue, just double check, especially when you said you've cleared cache for Poweramp.
  9. If the headset is a Bluetooth headset, then I think it is caused by the configuration of the Bluetooth headset, another thing that can cause this is, is having other apps (Music apps) that also listens to buttons press. Phone dialer and okay activation can also cause the latency.
  10. Yes, just deactivate shuffle, go to the top of all songs and pree play.
  11. Thanks for your response, I have managed to sort it out, the problem was on the main player screen where you have repeat off, repeat category, advance category, etc. I set it to repeat off, so after switching options off and on in the audio and library settings, same issue. I decided to try changing playback mode, from repeat off to advance category(boom) it worked, silence gone.
  12. the counter goes all the way to the very end of the last track before the next track commences.
  13. The only thing I had different was preload gapless track, mine was a bit above normal, now all the way down, but I still have same result (no crossfade) it plays the last Queued song to end before returning to previous category.
  14. My settings has been exactly as you just suggested, I only noticed this from Version 905 and the present 909. Please just check it out, play a song from all songs category, then add Queued and play next, sometimes I even noticed silence between Queue and play next.
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