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  1. My settings has been exactly as you just suggested, I only noticed this from Version 905 and the present 909. Please just check it out, play a song from all songs category, then add Queued and play next, sometimes I even noticed silence between Queue and play next.
  2. So why is this happening? (the silence between tracks) the auto advance is set to all.
  3. Please, how do I set crossfade after the end of play next and queue? I don't like the silence when it is returning to the previous category.
  4. Yes it's true, I tried it with ten minutes sleep timer, a song was playing then I set the timer and pause, exit the app and opened again, press play, but music did not stop after timer stopped counting. Samsung galaxy m30. Android 10. Poweramp 909.
  5. So what number of bands would be appropriate to prevent any unwanted issues?
  6. Thank you very much, this app makes me enjoy music, this update has really improved the sound output. Does it matter having more or less parametric eq? I have added up to 64 bands.
  7. I can understand what you mean, but you see, in sorting of songs were the tags are done correctly, it is difficult to find a single song that will not have a single alphabet relating to all songs in the library, so asking Poweramp to suggest song at a stroke of a single letter is like telling it to show all songs, and that counterproductive. I will suggest that you group your songs in folder, example, in your root memory (Music - Blues - Artist - Album Year etc) this way you can easily use folders to search.
  8. Are you able to update or download other apps? Do you have any other paid apps installed? If yes then try uninstalling and install to see if this is unlocker exclusive (funny) just try and get back.
  9. Set your phone screen to auto rotate, Poweramp will follow automatically. Or lock the display to your preferred mode and Poweramp will stay in that mode.
  10. I tried it, I set the timer with no song playing, switched to chrome browser then back to Poweramp after few seconds and hit play, then checked the timer, it was not counting down. It is showing that it is active but it not reducing. So with the song playing, I reset the timer, it starts counting, (reducing) so it's clear that the problem occurs when the timer is set while song is not playing.
  11. Mine works Flawlessly, I hardly sort through albums, I use all songs category, but if you said it working on all songs category then, I'm thinking albums with those alphabet are not in the album library, then check the screen sensors, rotate your phone screen and try, if same, then check the files, maybe they are not there.
  12. I haven't noticed this before, but I suggest you state your phone, android version, phone settings theme (Dark, white or changing with time) same in Poweramp, does the light theme remain or it revert to dark after some time?
  13. Just like I said, it doesn't happen every time, I have been using Tasker (app) to turn off Bluetooth, using one stone to kill two birds, once Bluetooth is off, music stops and headphone power's off, I think I noticed the bug because I always set long timer and which at intervals I sometimes go back to delete any low quality mp3 that does not sound well and re-download another then scan for it to appear in library. Maybe these actions affects the timer.
  14. Poweramp timer is inconsistent, especially when set from 45 minutes up. I set up the timer, play songs and purse, go to other apps, eg file manager, chrome to download songs and back to Poweramp to delete and rescann for new files and finally letting the phone be, Poweramp will not stop playing until I unlock the phone.
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