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Missing cover art FIX for CUE based albums


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Hi guys,

Some of you have noticed that your (cover.jpg) album art is not displayed while browsing your .cue based album files. The problem is that normally the tags within your music file (.m4a/.mp3/.flac) would be blank because that information is set within the .cue file. The trick to getting Poweramp to show your art is to edit your music file "Artist" and "Album" tags to match the tags within your .cue file.

Once you do this, the cover art should be recognized while browsing your albums.

Folder structure
file list.png

Music file tags (.m4a file, not the .cue)
file properties.png

Cue file
file cue.png

Note- The album art will show up only in "Library" view, not in "Folder" view.

Another tip: If you place multiple disc albums into the same folder as I have above, go into "List Options" in "Artist Album Songs" / "Album" view and select "By filename" to prevent the CDs from mixing CD1 TRK 1, CD2 TRK 1 etc.

If anyone tries this, let me know if it works for you or not.

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It is possible to have album art in folder view for cue files. I have cover art for them all... To show them up just long press the missing cover art and select the cover art from your phone storage. It will now show in Poweramp both libraly and folder view. Got lot of time to find it out, hope it will help if you are still reading this.

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