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Personalized album art search/ablity to apply one art cover to an album with various artists

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I have been having with managing my album art cover.

So for example if i download an art cover using Poweramp for an album that contains songs from various artists the cover ends up sticking only to the songs with that particular artist that i was listening to when i downloaded the cover.

Here is an example :


I have another problem that i'm dealing with for example when i try to download an album art using Poweramp, Poweramp sends the full name of the album and it's artist which fails to get me good results not because the Poweramp fails to serach but sending the full name for some albums returns bad result.

Example : none of those are the right cover


1. So what suggestion is to add the ability for the user to modify if they want the search title so they could get more precise results for obscure albums

2.the ability for the user to pick one art cover that can be applied for albums with various artists


Thanks in advance

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I haven't checked recently, but I assume the logic for applying an album cover to a whole album is based on the Album name and the Album Artist tag (if present). There has been a request for a while to allow greater control of how artwork is searched and applied to tracks/albums - e.g. a tickbox on the artwork selector screen to apply the image to the current song only, or the whole album.

However PA is a Music Player, not a sophisticated batch album editor, and anything you might download is just saved as a named image file in PA's cache folder. You can manipulate those images and their linked names for songs/etc manually if you wish, but to be honest the best and most reliable way to do it would be via a batch tag editor and embed separately downloaded artwork directly into the audio files.



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