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Found 12 results

  1. First, the ideal way to handle cover artwork is for it to be embedded within your audio files in the first place so Poweramp doesn't need to download it separately. That way the correct image is always part of the song file, and will remain with it wherever you use that audio file. This is something you need to do outside of Poweramp though, using tag editing software. However if embedded artwork is not found, Poweramp can automatically search online for matching images. This feature can be enabled and configured via the options in PA Settings > Album Art. If you don't happen to like a picture it finds you can manually select your own image by long-pressing on the song title (or on the album cover area in the player screen) and choosing 'Album Art'. For older versions of Android (prior to Android 10/11) Poweramp uses a custom location on internal device storage for saving these image files: Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/ (note the underscore in '_com'). If PA was first installed that way, that folder will most likely still remain in use currently - even if you have updated your Android ROM and/or Poweramp version. For newer versions of Android (11+) and recent builds of Poweramp, changes in the Android system requirements mean newly installed apps have to use a single specific internal storage folder for data, which in Poweramp's case means cover artwork can now be found in: Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ (no underscore). Whichever of these two base locations is being used on your device, you will find several subfolders for various different types of saved artwork. The 'selected_' folder names are used for images that you manually chose, which will override any automated downloads: album_art or selected_aa for album covers as used in album/song lists, and on the player screen. artist_art or selected_artist for artist images used in the Artists category. composer_art or selected_composer for composer images used in the Composers category. genre_art or selected_genre for genre images used in Genres category. playlist_art or selected_playlist for playlists as shown in the Playlists category. The actual filename used for each entry will match with the tagged information held in PA's song database - such as <title> - <artist>.jpg , <artist> - <album>.jpg , <artist>.jpg , or <playlist>.jpg - with most special characters (*, $, %, &, ;, brackets, etc) replaced with underscores. The easiest way to see how it works is to look at existing items in these folders. You can edit or create these JPG files if you wish, but make sure the naming convention remains precisely as Poweramp defined it. Changes will get included as you navigate through lists, or to force a complete refresh you can fully exit and restart the Poweramp app. Please also see the general FAQ on how cover artwork is chosen for display, which includes other ways that you can provide images:
  2. Poweramp displays low quality album art in the notification, happens with entire music library. Attaching screenshots from Poweramp main UI and Spotify notification for comparison. Phone: realme x2 Android 11 Poweramp version: build-911
  3. Would be nice if the album art menu for tracks/artists/playlists/etc. would display the image that Poweramp is currently using (i.e. If one had previously been chosen from library, if it could display it the way it does for embedded covers & in-folder images, or if the current image in use is embedded or in-folder, if it could indicate so.)
  4. I think I already discussed this a bit but wasn't worded as well. I was wondering if you could provide an option to have the app load only embedded album covers for individual tracks rather than taking one cover from a track on the same album and using it for all the songs on the album.
  5. So, I started using the app and it's amazing, really one of the best app on the market, in particular I love the album art automatic and manual finder. I'm a perfectionist and I love seeing all my songs with the correct cover so I'd like to make the change permanent with the possibility to embed the art with the file. I'm not and expert so I'm asking if it's a possible feature for the future.
  6. In my library, in the artist's directory, there is a file called folder.jpg (it looks like the name doesn't matter), which is responsible for the artist's image. However, unfortunately, Poweramp for some reason does not know how to automatically select these covers, and takes one of the album covers as the artist's image. The gist of the proposal: why doesn't Poweramp select the artist file from the artist directory automatically?
  7. build-893-arm64-play mi 9t android-10 official pe+ I've noticed a couple of problems with artist and album covers in Poweramp. If you select a widescreen image (not square), while setting the option in the settings that is responsible for maintaining the proportions in the "square" mode, then when you try to drag the screen content down on the artist tab (artist or album artist - select any artist with a widescreen cover) the image shifts to the right and appears to be slightly down. I can attach a gif if necessary. I already noticed this on the album tab, but, perhaps, the error is inherent in other tabs as well. If you change the scaling of the list with gestures (from pictures to a list without them), then with the same attempt to pull the contents of the screen down, the cover also somehow twitches, although this is no longer so obvious.
  8. I am using the unlocked version of Poweramp since I got my first Android and I love it. But what I hate is that you changed the background around the cover in the player view. Depending of the colors of the cover the background color changes. I hate that and I would love an option to switch that of, so I can have my black background back. Tried a couple of skins but none of them helped... ;-) Or am i missing something and there is a switch somewhere???
  9. It'd be nice to have the option of having the album art at the top of the full tracklist/album view be fully visible in it's 1:1 ratio instead of it spanning across the top of the screen screen cropped
  10. Заметил этот глюк или может так и должно быть, есть два исполнителя, у первого есть треки без имя альбома и с обложкой, и у второго есть треки без имени альбома но уже без обложки, Так вот обложка применилась ко всем трекам которые без имени альбома даже разные исполнители. Решил вручную добавить обложку там где должна быть другая но увы старая никуда не пропадает, походу если есть треки без имени альбома то все они должны быть без обложки иначе подхватят все какуюто одну
  11. Здравствуйте, уважаемые разработчики. Благодарю за отличный плеер. Теперь о проблеме - не отображаются обложки. Телефон OnePlus 5. Раньше всё было отлично, пока не откатился с Андроида 9 обратно на 8.1. обложки не отображаются, версия v3 build-816. Почитал разные форумы, чистил кэш обложек, сканировал, переустанавливал плеер - не помогает. Прошу помочь.
  12. Since I've started to switch using Poweramp, I've encountered a bothering issue that causes artwork to be heavily scaled down by a half of what the original artwork size was supposed to be, I didn't mind it at first. Until there are a couple of quality artworks that can toned down because of it. I've been trying to reach out other users in different online platforms but their response is almost always turn off your battery saver or it's an app issue that doesn't get fixed. I hope it gets a solution. I'm currently using an Asus Zenfone 4 Max on an Android 8.1 OS.
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