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please support midi files


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hello, I relive the post because I'd like them to add the application to midi. for me is the best player and seen, but it is the only application that and purchased for my smartphone, the rest are all free. but and although there is not much demand, I also ask you to enter the midi player, midi files I have many that I love and I can not play.

So I ask that if you have a little time, we incorporate the midi to the player.

thank you very much.

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On 11/4/2010 at 10:52 PM, admin said:

I can add support for this type.

Well @maxmpsaid that ^, there is not a reason to not implement this, right? Midi files are rare these days but some people do use it. There are some already working alternative apps on Play Store, but I don't see a need to actually maintain to music player on my device. I support this feature request too! 

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7 hours ago, andrewilley said:

he could add support for it - presumably by adding some sort of library that can render such files into audio bitstreams? 

Hmm, looks like android still doesn't have a full native support of midi yet. But I think Amidi API could be helpful 🤔? And I remember the first music I played on my parent's phone were actually .mid files, in the 2000's 😄. So my support is based on kinda "nostalgic" feeling. Mid files are very rare these days. Frankly, even I, myself, don't use the format mid regularly. So if adding support for mid files would be a pain, I totally understand. 

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