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  1. If you do want to get the best possible sound setup for an event, just hire a sound engineer, in short. There's just so much in a truly professional sound setup that is way too far from an average person's abilities, that's why there's sound engineers out there, it's their job. You can watch a couple of youtube videos to learn a bit if you're interested in this topic. Do check a few indoor and outdoor setups cuz it's not the same thing obviously. You're welcome
  2. @flyingdutchman I know this is an advanced skin and I really like it for this reason, I understand that sometimes things can go wrong and I know you are the only developer working on our favourite skin, hats off to you, really. I just want to skip this fiddling around hours after every one or two updates thing, if possible in some ways. For example, in this audio info window I spent literally one hour trying every possible settings to make the black text readable by changing its color. It's still black and unreadable to my eyes... In here the setting window transparent, it was black before. The only way to make it black if I set the navigation bar color to be black, but that looks ugly so I have to leave it that way. Doing this almost every one or two updates, that takes a lot of patience which I don't really have, this is is my only problem with this skin....
  3. It happens from time to time after updating, it is really annoying to be honest... Pretty much this is the best skin ever, but when it happens, that takes a massive amount of time fiddling around, setting back everything the way it was before, with variable success. Maybe it will be the exact same, or just so-so. I'm really thinking about to say good bye to this skin just for this reason, but I try my best to be patient, and fiddling around once again.
  4. I find out I wasn't clearly described the issue, so to clarify possible questions, it happens when I listen through a bluetooth device at max volume, wired at max volume (USB-C to 3,5mm jack adapter) and sometimes through the device's speakers also. Interestingly when the volume is not at max, no issues at all.
  5. Noticed a weird behaviour when I enter DVC settings, volume keeps jumping up and down continously, no buttons pressed. I'm not sure if it is a bug from Poweramp's side or a software bug. Device: Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G, N986U1, latest software with the latest security patch. https://youtube.com/watch?v=pCrYi3rgebE
  6. @flyingdutchman, @andrewilley No one uses visualization, repeat & shuffle buttons in Poweramp? 😳 I use them very often, and see that huge icons more than anything else. 🙄
  7. It's an old issue back for months, but it bugs me so much I asked it here. I was think that I missed something in settings, but really can't do anything with it.
  8. Anyone else having oversized icons, or just me missing something in skin settings? I tried everything I can to solve this issue but no luck. Any idea?
  9. If you don't have any high resolution audio files, then just don't use hi-res output at all, that's not make any sense. Most of the 320's mp3 file are cut off below 20KHz, 44.1KHz flac files can store 22KHz, that's more than enough to be honest. Here are some examples below. 16-Bit 44.1 KHz flac file. It's "full range" 22KHz 320Kbps mp3 file. As you can see, it's cut off at 20KHz, anything above is empty space. 24- Bit 192KHz flac file. Far above 22 KHz The human hearing range is somewhere close to 20KHz, a mid-age adult barely able to hear anything that's above 17KHz or more. So to be honest, you are not even able to enjoy a normal "CD Quality" at it's full frequency range. I mean you can use Hi-res output if you want, just that don't make any sense since anything above ~16KHz you are not able to hear and it's not more than battery wasting. You're good with OpenSL Es output...
  10. That would be an useless feature in my opinion since really you can do magic with yaps skin, look at this setup for example. Good ol' classic with the album art always visible. Definitely my preferred look.
  11. There's no way you can change anything in that one since it's built into Poweramp. But I uploaded for you in a .milk file. This file you can edit with pretty much any text editor app, you just have to open the file as text. To change the color of the bars, you have to look for and change the color code in this 6 lines, for example: bars_thr_color_t=0xFFFF0000 - (Bars threshold color top) bars_thr_color_b=0xFFFF0000 - (Bars threshold color bottom) bars_color_t=0xFFFFC8ff - (Bars color top) bars_color_b=0xFFFFC8ff - (Bars color bottom) bars_color_r=0x00000000 - (Bars color right) bars_color_l=0x00000000 - (Bars color left) For more help, check this link: https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/blob/master/poweramp_vis_presets_example/readme.md Good luck 👍 spectrum-centered-wide.milk
  12. Built-in visualizations are fine, third-party visualizations should be good too, to make it more accurate you just have to manually adjust the visualization delay on each output. To do this, first you have to check your audio info and see your latency, you can do that by long tap on the small text in your player screen. For example, mine is 120 ms, so I had to manually adjust the visualization delay to 120 ms in output settings. You can do that by going to Poweramp > Settings > Audio > Output > OpenSL ES Output > Wired Headset / AUX (or whatever you're using) > visualization delay and set it to your own latency. Third-party presets you can edit for your own with any text editor, you have to look for "bars_smooth" and "bars_sensitivity". You can play with the numbers until you find out how it's good for you.
  13. Bon Scott times = best 👍 One of the best live performance from Bon just before he passed away... 16 Oct 1979 Towson Center, Maryland, USA
  14. If we can get things to work with a little workaround it's not a big deal, I mean it's not a priority thing. But for sure with android 10 there's a lot of confusing stuff going on unfortunatelly.
  15. If anything happens, I'm not even surprised anymore, that's bizarre. Since the android 10 update there's a lot of mess everywhere (at least beside samsung) already regret upgrading to it. I don't know if you have updated your A70 but if not, just don't do it.
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