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  1. Argh! My bad, Max! -facepalm- The option to disable was Short Audio Focus Change / Calls. So many options, so little time. I apparently couldn't concentrate myself enough to find it. Problem solved - okay, it never was there. Sorry. This topic can be removed.
  2. Thank you for the response, but you missed the point. Duck Volume WORKS PERFECTLY! The volume indeed "ducks" with the notification. (Figure A in the picture) However, I prefer to keep Duck Volume disabled so that music plays uninterrupted and the notification just happens upon it. (Figure B ) Sadly, something changed recently - and I mean while I already had this new Poweramp (which looks nifty, by the way!) and the Duck Volume disabled behavior changed for the worse. Now with the Duck Volume disabled, the music gets interrupted altogether when the notification happens. (Figure C) So, since Duck Volume works, it seems to be within your ability to fix this. So... can you fix this? Pretty please? My phone info (sorry for not mentioning that earlier): Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J530F (as in the 2017 version) Android Version 8.1.0
  3. I don't like using the Duck Volume option so... I don't. Basically I can hear the other notifications over the music I'm listening to. I see why someone might use the Duck Volume function but it's just not my cup of tea. Recently, though, the Facebook Messenger notifications pause the music to play themselves. The only solution that I can currently find is to turn on the Duck Volume - which I, of course, don't want to happen. Since this started happening recently, I figure an update is causing this problem... aaaaaand as it's an undesired thing, I'm calling it a bug. So... might you look into this one? I realise it might be a change in Messenger, buuut... please, look at this.
  4. Okay, well, this DID happen with my Galaxy J5 2017... but okay. I'll email Max. It does appear, though, that the verification thingy needs some investigation by the developer.
  5. Welp. Interestingly this is just about the ONLY issue I've ever had with Poweramp. That counts for something. On the other hand, to have me appear here to say it means the issue raised its head again (Had it on Ace 3, J5 and J5 2017). It's not all that frequent... but as painful as ever to sort out. So yeah, it works again, but... it's a repetitive issue. Just adding myself to this thread. No point in starting another one, right?
  6. Here's another vote for the MIDI files! Otherwise I LOVE this app!
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