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  1. Poweramp 582 - fixed issue with seekbar @ Android 6
  2. С билда 552 можно использовать Pop3/Imap/Yahoo accounts к дополнению к Google Account/Email. Если надо поменять аккаунт на другой - отпишите пожалуйста на poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com. Спасибо!
  3. Please check your inbox including spam folders for email from PayPro Global. Purchase confirmation actually should contain all the instructions to active Poweramp. Please check them again. http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323889-restore-purchase-from-website-build-550 for more info. Thanks!
  4. This is a change in Android 4.4 which breaks previous API (by not implementing it as previously). Of course stock music player was updated by google. We added support for the 4.4 way of rewinding in the next build-541. Thanks!
  5. We also support ordinary email accounts (afaik any android device has support for those) for website version of Unlocker. There is also support for yandex accounts if purchased via Yandex.store. Thanks!
  6. clincher Sorry, it's not in 2.3 - these are OEM (closed non standard) extensions. It's not possible "just" add support for 3rd party player which playing outside stock media player, as it requires custom low level bluetooth socket implementation. Thanks!
  7. admin

    PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1

    slicedpanman Genre split characters are ; and /
  8. admin

    PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1

    chreddy, Ottoman Can you please send me a track (one will be enough) which fails to be shown by PowerAMP with embed album art to poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com? This can be related to embed art size, PowerAMP will automatically display album art within some limits, i.e. > 200x200 px and up to 1.5mb in size. If embed album art is not within these dimensions, it won't be displayed automatically, but will be still available for manual selection in Select Album Art.
  9. admin

    PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1

    antcodd Please send (one) file with the RG info and which RG info is not recognized in PowerAMP to poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com for tests. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I assume, you referred to hierarchy folder mode, right? In PowerAMP v1.x, "play all" means "in the selected list play first available song". In PowerAMP v2.0 I removed some redundant (as I think) menu items. Basically, for lists like albums, plain folders, playlists, etc, there is no any benefit in having "play all", as it's absolutely the same as going into the list and clicking the first song in there (same numbers of clicks). For hierarchy folders though, the first song can be in a some deep folder, thus "play all"/"shuffle" actions can be really useful in this mode, as it reduces number of clicking. Let me know if you meant exactly this (hierarchy mode).
  11. Please contact support at poweramp.maxmpz gmail.com Thanks!
  12. admin

    PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1

    antcodd For Replay Gain, Foobar2000 is a reference for PowerAMP, i.e. Foobar2000 created RG info should be readable by PowerAMP (Foobar2000 is closer to standards where they exist). But RG tagging is different across formats.
  13. admin

    PowerAMP Share Widget

    Thanks. You may want to test it with the PowerAMP v2.0 beta as well (there are few changes in API, though, if you use just the artist/song info, you're good).
  14. admin

    PowerAMP v2.0 Beta 1

    First, thank you all for the feedback, it really helps. Right, this is scrollable view. As I see there is a confusion across early adopters, this is pretty standard android style scrolling container (with the gradient indicating that there is something to scroll to). I'm considering redesigning this screen into two tabs (like Folders/Library tabs, but for Equ/DSP, the problem is that custom presets include tone settings as well, thus dividing it into two screens is not so great). Alen DVC makes it louder on most phones (some, like samsungs, mess too much in their sound driver, thus it's not so noticeable, and some, like newer HTCs cut that functionality completely from their ROMs). As for Equalizer, it's bit-to-bit the same in non-DVC mode (assuming, limiter is off and stereo x on zero). In DVC mode it allows much greater basses (or whatever frequency is available in equalizer) and tone control has more +dB, but still nothing forces you to turn thumbs to max, you can get almost the same sound as in non-DVC (1.4) mode from this mode if you wish. (Almost, as bass tone frequency/q-factor was changed). "Limit" is a soft limiter (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limiter). This is sort of fast dynamic range compression which helps to avoid overload when too much equalization added. This mostly helps non DVC mode though. There will be up/down (way much better than in v1.x) swipes in Beta 2. As for skins, I have many android devices around here for testing purposes, and guess what, none of them match their screen brightness, so on some it will be darker, on some lighter, not to mention personal screen brightness setting. Skin dev is done on AMOLEDs mostly, and it looks there the best. Anyway, PowerAMP v2.0 offers (will offer really soon) more skin variety via external/downloadable skins. There will be certainly "classic" skin (like v1.4, at least for main UI)
  15. spacebar2011 Sorry, but phpbb forum just requires manual pre-moderation due to the huge spam-attack (it's like 1k spam messages daily), this is why I'm moving to ip board shortly.
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