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  1. @flyingdutchman, @andrewilley No one uses visualization, repeat & shuffle buttons in Poweramp? 😳 I use them very often, and see that huge icons more than anything else. 🙄
  2. It's an old issue back for months, but it bugs me so much I asked it here. I was think that I missed something in settings, but really can't do anything with it.
  3. Anyone else having oversized icons, or just me missing something in skin settings? I tried everything I can to solve this issue but no luck. Any idea?
  4. If you don't have any high resolution audio files, then just don't use hi-res output at all, that's not make any sense. Most of the 320's mp3 file are cut off below 20KHz, 44.1KHz flac files can store 22KHz, that's more than enough to be honest. Here are some examples below. 16-Bit 44.1 KHz flac file. It's "full range" 22KHz 320Kbps mp3 file. As you can see, it's cut off at 20KHz, anything above is empty space. 24- Bit 192KHz flac file. Far above 22 KHz The human hearing range is somewhere close to 20KHz, a mid-age adult barely
  5. That would be an useless feature in my opinion since really you can do magic with yaps skin, look at this setup for example. Good ol' classic with the album art always visible. Definitely my preferred look.
  6. There's no way you can change anything in that one since it's built into Poweramp. But I uploaded for you in a .milk file. This file you can edit with pretty much any text editor app, you just have to open the file as text. To change the color of the bars, you have to look for and change the color code in this 6 lines, for example: bars_thr_color_t=0xFFFF0000 - (Bars threshold color top) bars_thr_color_b=0xFFFF0000 - (Bars threshold color bottom) bars_color_t=0xFFFFC8ff - (Bars color top) bars_color_b=0xFFFFC8ff - (Bars color bottom) bars_color_r=0x00000000 - (Bars col
  7. Built-in visualizations are fine, third-party visualizations should be good too, to make it more accurate you just have to manually adjust the visualization delay on each output. To do this, first you have to check your audio info and see your latency, you can do that by long tap on the small text in your player screen. For example, mine is 120 ms, so I had to manually adjust the visualization delay to 120 ms in output settings. You can do that by going to Poweramp > Settings > Audio > Output > OpenSL ES Output > Wired Headset / AUX (or whatever you're using) > visualization
  8. Bon Scott times = best 👍 One of the best live performance from Bon just before he passed away... 16 Oct 1979 Towson Center, Maryland, USA
  9. If we can get things to work with a little workaround it's not a big deal, I mean it's not a priority thing. But for sure with android 10 there's a lot of confusing stuff going on unfortunatelly.
  10. If anything happens, I'm not even surprised anymore, that's bizarre. Since the android 10 update there's a lot of mess everywhere (at least beside samsung) already regret upgrading to it. I don't know if you have updated your A70 but if not, just don't do it.
  11. @andrewilley That's right, Poweramp should read presets from there but it's not. But if you put the files into the second one, no problem https://youtu.be/DYWGgQzgtDg
  12. @Romkar Yeah I'm also faced with this problem after recent android 10 update, but it's easy to fix. There should be 2 folder for Poweramp in Android > Data. Find the second one. Android > Data > com.maxmpz.audioplayer > milk_presets. Put the files there and do a full presets rescan.
  13. @rafas92 Try this, this is my fav. Looks cool in landscape view only but still I think the best one yet Spectrum Quads.milk
  14. Just place the milk file in /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/milk_presets/ and then rescan presets in Poweramp. Done. SM-A505G_20200309054003-mc.mp4 Classic Spectrum-wide.milk
  15. Hi guys! First of all, thanks @maxmp for your hard work you've done to the V3, I like the new UI, new features, etc... but of course in a music player, the most important thing is it's sounding. It looks like for me that part is need a bit more care to be good, not happy with it. My device is a Samsung Note 5 (SM-N920T) 32 GB, running on official 7.0 nougat rom, not expandable with external SD card, so I had to make a decision. I put lossy garbage to my device to save more storage for my songs, or I put acceptable, standard CD Quality files (16-bit, 44.1KHz) that not need to much storage space
  16. Rainbow skin, with the default skin there's no problem, but alternative layout looks like this.
  17. Love this skin, easy & clear interface, and finally no ugly texts on the album art! ? ? Perfect! Thanks for sharing man ? P.S. JO Rocks! ? lol
  18. Somebody else noticed issues about that the current version of PA reduces the album art image sizes by half? For example a 2400 x 2400 image reduced to 1200 x 1200, and so on... In version 709, there's an option to enable display high resolution album art, so PA shows the original size embedded image. Even if there's a smaller image like 1280 x 1280 and it shows the correct size, images are looks a lil' blurry and noisy, not like in 709 where smaller images are looks more detailed also.
  19. Buttons & panels are a lil bit oversized on my screen, but with normal buttons looks ok, and the black skin is simply awesome ? Thank you for your good work?
  20. Oh, so that's why it looks like the PA using the Hi-res output, but because of V4A it plays just only 16-bit 44.1khz. Ok, so I understand now why i can use Hi-res, and why stable even it is not supported. For now I uninstalled the V4A for test it only with XtremeMusic. The result was shocked me. Now the XtremeMusic shows that it plays 32-bit 384k ultra Hi-res, but I think it just still 16-bit 44.1k This gonna be more weird and weird everytime I try to do anything else to test the Hi-res output. Lol..
  21. Hi Ok, I was browsed and reading this forum for almost a year, silently and patiently waiting for this update. (This maybe sounds incredible for 99,9999% here, especially for Andre lol. But there are people like me, yes WE exist...) So I think it's the time to say a few things. I am happy with the new version, the new UI looks so nice, I love it. Here are a few weird things I experienced. I use 3-way audio configuration because the missing Hi-res support, XtremeMusic + V4A +PA. Well configured, it sounds pretty nice together on low-end devices. I'm using a LG G4c (H522Y), running on
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