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  1. The recent updates that added it work great for me! Thanks a lot for adding it.
  2. Being able to run Poweramp reliably (as a start) in Android app mode on Chromebooks would be great. Maybe a little testing would be enough to confirm/refute that.
  3. BTW, I *really* appreciate Poweramp's current ability to play the audio tracks from music video files.
  4. My own suggestion (for what *it's* worth) would be to start by collecting priorities from the most active forum members, and use those as primary drivers; I assume (perhaps incorrectly) that the most active forum members are the ones who think about the product the most, and have hopefully refined their suggestions to the ones that would most improve the product. You could then use this forum's recommendations as mostly advisory, or implement the easier ones.
  5. I'd find this feature very useful and greatly appreciated, even if it started with only basic support for listening to a MIDI file's core tune (e.g., for categorization). Thanks for an awesome app.
  6. Is Poweramp automatically configured to start playing music as soon as it's started up? I thought you had to go into settings and select which folders to scan or turn on automatic scanning before it would select what music to play and start playing it.
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