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I have a couple of issues with Poweramp on my android phone (Samsung galaxy stellar - Android 4.1.2).

1. Often the album art was wrong.  So I went into settings, deleted the cache, asked for it to auto-download album art, and then went back to listening for a while.


Now, most tracks have no art, and the few which do are totally and utterly wrong.  I've got albums with images of a newspaper article!  I've got songs with random web page icons.


I redid the same "delete cache" and there was some point where I could see a list of possible art choices for the current tune.  All of them were absurd.


Why does it not use the art from MediaPlayer?  And why if I allow it to download its own art does it come back with essentially random images off of the internet?!


[update] The fiules are organized on a media card as such:
SCH-I200\Card\Music\Adele\19\01 Daydreamer.wma


\Music\Artist\Album\#no. track-name.wma




2. Just bought a 2014 Mazda3 with the blue tooth enabled NAV/Entertainment system.  My phone and the NAV coupled easily.  And they seem to re-couple eveyr time I start up the car (the NAV tells me when it syncs its contact list from the phone).


However, something isn't working correctly with Poweramp syncing with the bluetooth subsystem.  If I listen to music from Poweramp, then leave my car & take the phone with me, when I return the phone refuses to play/pause/skip/repeat from the NAV system's controls (which worked initially).


This is consistent.  So - get in the car - select the samsung phone as audio source, listen for a while, leave with phone, come back, and now I can't get the phone to listen to the NAV controls until I manually press "play" in Poweramp.


I have tried making sure that I don't close Poweramp.  no die.

I've tried to intentionally close Poweramp.  same issue.

I've tried various setting choices for blue tooth in Poweramp (auto resume, don't auto-resume.  Wait for full resync.  Higher process priority.  Don't unload the service on idle.)  Nothing makes any difference.


3. Even before I deleted all of the album art from Poweramp, the NAV system never showed any album art (and the current position within a track doesn't update / track the song correctly).


Any ideas?

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Art search is based on the tags in your music files, so make sure they are as accurate as possible to start with. If no tags are found, it can use the filename but obviously that's more uncertain as everyone titles their files differently. Or you could just put an album art JPG into each folder directly and tell Poweramp to use that by preference.

See also the FAQ on the subject: http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323535-how-album-art-for-a-track-is-selected

I'm not sure, but I don't think Poweramp sends album art to Bluetooth devices.


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Doesn't send the art... :(

Thanks for the link to how it decides.  I think I need to redo the music from Media Player - completely wipe what I currently have and start over.


These are .wma files - not sure if they store tags?  I assumed that was an .mp3 thing.


Maybe I need to redo my entire library as .mp3?

I'm going to have Mazda upgrade the software on my NAV system in week or so - hopefully that will address the out-of-sync (non-responsive to bluetooth controls) issues. I hope!

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wma files can contain tags too, it's not just MP3s.

Hope you get your Bluetooth controls sorted out - there are so many different devices out there which respond in slightly different ways that it can be a minefield trying to get everything able to talk to everything else.


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