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  1. I just purchased a sandisc 32gig otg drive. I cannot get Poweramp to recognize my drive... When I do a full scan it doesn't show and when I tap on the folders and library button it only gives me the internal storage file views.... Can anyone please help? My details are as follows- Nexus 5 lollipop 5.1, not rooted, nexus media importer, es file explorer.
  2. If you long press on the art that does show or the blank screen it will do a more cohesive search and give you options....
  3. Native USB audio out as well.
  4. Anyone with recamendations.... I would be grateful.
  5. It would be nice for PA to know what I have uploaded to Google Drive. I can play from drive with PA but can't go to PA to play off of drive... Nexus 5
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