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  1. Which lags are you talking about. If you have lags stop buying cheap unoptomized phones.
  2. I used apps like those quite a bit and after the "wow" effect wears of it just way more complicated then needed.
  3. Why did you buy Poweramp if not for stuff like really good equalizer settings? And what makes pressing on the currently playing title to get to the Playlist more clunkier then just swiping. I would agrue that the player inter face is much cleaner this way. The partly shown Playlist overloads the screen in photograph in my opinion. If you have to have swipe then atleast let the playlist appear only when swipe.
  4. i did any what exactly requires less taps there? Changing the eq settings is way clunkier there for example.
  5. what actions are you speaking off? And why does everyone want that every app looks the same? Why use other apps then at all if all look and feel the same? Why then give out money for a player if google play is free and looks and feels the same?
  6. The problem with everything looking the same is that no app has any visible uniqueness to it. When you see a screen of Poweramp right now you will know its power amp. But if Max goes full on material(which I don't think will happen) then you can't tell whether it's Poweramp or one of the other thousands material music player.
  7. And what is so bad about the current design? To be honest material easily be very bland to look at. I don't get why people praise it above anything else. Oh yeah it's by Google and everything Google makes is good... That's why pure stock android devices were such big hits. Let us face it most users don't care for the usual bland material design only a few actually do. To be fair through your design where good. TO elaborate a bit on what I mean with bland, just look at the thousands upon thousands of material music player. All looks the same.
  8. just uncheck auto update this app in the playstore and isntall the latest stable version.
  9. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2760965 ( no idea if it still works)
  10. Well from My observations the speed up increases the longer you hold. And sure you won't get to the exact location but fairly close it it. Even 5 minutes before it is better than 30 minutes or so again.
  11. If you have music controls in you car you could just hold the next title button to fast forward in an song
  12. android lockscreen fixed it seemginly. but it wasnt an issue beforehand. And i didnt update anaything besides PA.
  13. i didnt change an settings after installing the alpha. Before hand it worked fine. Other players also send the right data. Only PA doesnt so it cant be an FW bug. PA Lockscreen is activated. Android: 5.1.1
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