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  1. Doesn't send the art... Thanks for the link to how it decides. I think I need to redo the music from Media Player - completely wipe what I currently have and start over. These are .wma files - not sure if they store tags? I assumed that was an .mp3 thing. Maybe I need to redo my entire library as .mp3? I'm going to have Mazda upgrade the software on my NAV system in week or so - hopefully that will address the out-of-sync (non-responsive to bluetooth controls) issues. I hope!
  2. I have a couple of issues with Poweramp on my android phone (Samsung galaxy stellar - Android 4.1.2). 1. Often the album art was wrong. So I went into settings, deleted the cache, asked for it to auto-download album art, and then went back to listening for a while. Now, most tracks have no art, and the few which do are totally and utterly wrong. I've got albums with images of a newspaper article! I've got songs with random web page icons. I redid the same "delete cache" and there was some point where I could see a list of possible art choices for the current tune. All of them were abs
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