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Turning the useless comment field into something amazing


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Who actually uses the comment field in the ID3 tags of songs? Perhaps no one

Who has at least once lost a playlist of theirs that they spent a lot of time and effort creating? Perhaps everyone


Who would like to have a song permanently remember which playlist it was a part of? Certainly everyone

This is what this feature intends to achieve, via "tags" i.e. comment boxes

Message for Poweramp team:
I have yet to get an outside opinion on this, but given how many people love categorizing and organizing their music, this feature may be ground-breaking. So it would be something to seriously consider. "Permanent Playlists" sounds attractive, and this concept is incredibly simple to implement.




This is your entire music collection




You type in a keyword such as "gym" and the list filters songs that have at least "gym" in its comment field






You can add more keywords to make your list even more specific, this brings up songs that have "gym, crazy" in the comment field





And the list can be made even more specific. Of course, the 3 results mean that there are only 3 songs with at least the following tags: gym, crazy, instrumental







Comment fields are where these tags will be. These tags can be edited into the song by 1) via Poweramp itself (Max will need to enable comment field being edited. Will take a LONG while to tag your entire collection cause the tagging is one song at a time) Example:




or 2) Using a software like MP3Tag on a computer or another ID3 editor app, and mass-tagging a bunch of songs' comment field. Example: (look at the left side comment box)





Of course, there can be tons of other additions to this. 


The simplest edition:

- All the Poweramp team/max needs to do is somehow make it able to search the comment field of a song. This can be enabled (so it doesn't interfere with normal searching) by first typing in [tags] (like in the picture) or [comment] or some other way/button.

- Make each comment box of a song edit-able in the "Info/Tags" edit screen

The best editionThe above two features... plus:

- Comment filtering can be "Match only one tag," "Match any," "Match at least" etc
- Songs can be multi-selected within Poweramp itself and then have one/two/ten tags apply to all of their comment fields



The BEST part about this feature is it is permanent!

Changing your phone/tablet/device?
Factory resetting your phone?
Categorizing your music into different folders?
Transferring your music to another memory card?

Changing the filename of a song?

It won't matter! All your tags will still be saved permanently on the songs. Organize your music knowing you will never lose your "tags" i.e. playlists.





PS: all images have been photoshopped to give an idea of the feature.

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Who actually uses the comment field in the ID3 tags of songs? Perhaps no one

That's actually a pretty big assumption, as are many of your following statements. The comment field can be used for all sorts of things, and should not be assumed to be free for a specific use. But then I don't use Playlists anyway, so I'm probably not your target market in the first place. :)


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assumption agreed :)


but it is based largely on the fact that Poweramp doesn't allow the editing of a song's comment. So unless someone accessed their library through another app, or dumped it on a computer and then applied comments, it seems highly unlikely anyone uses that comment field


thanks for the comment!

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I use the comment field a lot, especially for storing the title of the song in the original language (e.g. korean, japanese, chinese, russian,...). Beside that, since mantaining playlists or tagging songs (AND then creating playlists) requires work anyway, it's much more easier making backup copies of your playlists. Near zero effort, maximum versatility.

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