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  1. Nope. Nevermind. It shows 1/1 but then still jumps to playing all songs after it ends
  2. Posting for others with the same question: Hitting the play button, instead of clicking on the song, plays just the search results
  3. Currently, if I quick search for a single song, and play it, it plays that song and then plays "All songs" next. Does the current Poweramp V3 have a way to make it just play search results and then stop? I couldn't seem to find it if so
  4. Plot twist: v3 will never be released and Max is doing a mad-scientist experiment where he counts how many people keep expecting v3 until the day they die.
  5. It's a no-brainer that this app is abandoned, or incredibly low priority for the dev(s), or being milked around for hype for whatever reason. So what apps are good alternatives? I've seen names like Phonograph, Doubletwist, Playerpro etc Is there a music app like the Foobar for windows a few years ago, where it was open source (I think), and just a core player, but people could create and install hundreds of various add-ons that would give them different features?
  6. I barely even use Poweramp anymore. Why have I been coming to this forum for updates on v3 for the past year?!?!?!?!?! Halp
  7. This may be good news but I'm practically jaded at this point from years of waiting. So here's a joke. Things that will happen before the official Poweramp v3.0 release: - 1000 Marvel movies - Cure for cancer - Mars Colonization - Faster than light space travel - Half life 3
  8. Do you have Poweramp v3 Alpha? Because I've tried the exact settings above with the play store Poweramp version and I'm still missing scrobbles. Seems like a really high percentage too. I even put the apps on whitelist (removing app optimization on my phone)
  9. Bought a new phone, and now I have this same exact problem. I have noticed my Spotify app is able to permanently exist in the notifications bar, no matter if it's on a tablet, another phone, or my main phone. Shouldn't be that hard for Poweramp to do the same. Alas
  10. Any luck tonyb? I got a new phone and am experiencing missing scrobbles. The updated SLS has options like "OnGoing" and "Notification" which I am experimenting with to see if they help scrobbles I think for me the missing scrobbles only occur when I pause a song or there is interruption. Will have to test this out more
  11. Shoot. I knew about universalscrobbler. I should've shared it Thanks for the update/info tonyb! Would you mind sharing what phone and android version you're using?
  12. Ahhhh. I encountered the duplicate scrobbles problem too. I cant remember how I fixed that. Do you have only SLS checked in Poweramp settings, and only Poweramp checked in SLS settings? Now I actually don't know if SLS has been going 95% on my scrobbles too. Damn. That would be a huge bummer
  13. I have experienced a lot of bugs with scrobbling on Poweramp, but once I downloaded "Simple Last.fm Scrobbler," and disabled scrobbling from the official Last.fm app, everything was great. My comment on another thread is as follows
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