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432hz Feature need to be added, request from loyal customer/app user


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Hello Poweramp / Mods

I have just signed up and created this account on this forum to contact you and request that you add 432Hz, I have bought your full App version back in Aug 2016, I never suggested or made any requests since, but the only thing I'd love to see in your App is to have a 432Hz tuner, I have been checking through this forum and on your recent updates on the app store and have not seen it anywhere being mentioned, also checked the settings, everywhere can't find it.

There are apps that has 432hz tuner or standalone apps which does that only, if Poweramp adds this feature, it will make it much engaging and attractive to us users and potential customers alike who'd buy the full version.

Can you please kindly take my request and inform me if you are adding 432hz anytime soon, if this is being worked on, can you please push it so it's added soon on the next update.  please let me know.

Thank you.


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I'm assuming your request is for Poweramp Music Player, not the stand-alone Equalizer App which is where you posted your message? I'll move it.

Pitch Control in general has been an existing Feature Request for a number of years (see feature requests index) and that is where specific frequency re-tuning could appear, but it's not something that is likely appear especially imminently.


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hey Andre,

Thanks for your response, Yes It's for the Poweramp music player, and have the pro/full version I am keen to see the 432hz feature added hopefully, I just researched about 432hz and seen videos on it too, and seen subtle difference between 432hz and 440hz, making 432hz sounding a bit more pleasant. I understand the concept where some think it makes no difference or it's just a theory but I believe in the subtilty it has and feel the tone being brighter , I hope @maxmp considers adding it or maybe an alternative for the time being. it's really worth it. 



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Discussed recently here in these threads listed below. I still don't know how anybody believes that re-tuning a full track after the recordings have been mastered can have the desired effect that are proposed in these case studies. The presented concept is based on tuning the instruments the artists play using 432Hz instead of the traditional 440Hz centre, during the recording sessions. But once the music has been mastered (including the mix of drums, keyboards, guitars, vocals, and yes even the full ensemble of an orchestra) the ability to pick out individual tracks for this "de-tuning" is lost. Not to mention the efforts an artist puts into making their finished product sound the way it does.

But to each their own.


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