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Poweramp builds 948-957


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Having just moved back to PA, I'm finding a few niggles.  Sorry if this has already been discussed, but the Album Art is not showing in my car over Bluetooth.  It shows with every other music app I've tried.  I've gone through the Album Art settings in PA, and can't see anything amiss.  The Always Send Album Art switch is On.  Any suggestions?



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On 1/17/2023 at 10:49 PM, maxmp said:

Build 948:

  • new Lyrics area
    • available on swipe up from main screen or via lyrics button
    • configurable via Settings
    • synchronized lyrics tag (SYLT) and LRC files are supported, as well as unsynchronized lyrics
      Use Rescan Lyrics Tags option to pick up previously unrecognized lyrics tags
    • pinch to zoom in lyrics view to change a font size
    • new API for 3rd party lyrics plugins
    • as previously, missing lyrics can be further searched in 3rd party apps
  • widgets and widget configurator update
    • more advanced options for widgets on Android 12+ such as corner radiuses, new fonts, shadows, paddings, etc.
    • widget Material U colors for Android 12+
    • new widget presets for Android 12+
    • previous widget styles may require minor adjustments
  • new options
    • Seekbar in Navbar
    • Layout - Full Cover
      Moves all track labels and buttons below cover. Works best on long screen phones
    • Track Labels
    • Labels Background
    • No Background for Navbar
    • List Background
    • Lyrics Background
    • Custom URL for Preferred Lyrics App
  • PowerampAPI now exposes track extras on the intent level to simplify Tasker automations

Hey dude would be nice to add a feature access to files with root or bypass privacy policy with some tricks on a12

Thanks for your awesome app

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2 hours ago, ni4ht said:

Hey dude would be nice to add a feature access to files with root or bypass privacy policy

Poweramp does not support "tricks" only available on rooted devices. Just make sure your files are saved in location that are supported by the latest versions of Android.


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