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  1. The update just got me some modern buttons for the notification, which is nice. I was stuck with the roundish buttons. Though I still have those on the widget :/
  2. Ah, hard to fix then. Well it's minor but that's bothering lol Well if there's no other solution at the moment, I'll wait! Thanks anyway
  3. Thanks Loweaul, Unfortunately the notifications settings either don't do anything or make the notification disappear. Maybe something is corrupt because I've recently moved to a new phone? As for the widget, all settings offered keep the same design for the buttons.
  4. Hi everyone, I think the latest build (or maybe it's from the Skin update itself) reset my Widget and Notifications theme. The Player skin is fine. Buttons lost their modern touch and I can't find another setting that brings back my previous design. Do you have any clue (sorry if it's not the right place) ? Player - That still has its Skin applied : Notification & Widget that have these bold controls.
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