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Poweramp builds 948-957


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Build 948:

  • new Lyrics area
    • available on swipe up from main screen or via lyrics button
    • configurable via Settings
    • synchronized lyrics tag (SYLT) and LRC files are supported, as well as unsynchronized lyrics
      Use Rescan Lyrics Tags option to pick up previously unrecognized lyrics tags
    • pinch to zoom in lyrics view to change a font size
    • new API for 3rd party lyrics plugins
    • as previously, missing lyrics can be further searched in 3rd party apps
  • widgets and widget configurator update
    • more advanced options for widgets on Android 12+ such as corner radiuses, new fonts, shadows, paddings, etc.
    • widget Material U colors for Android 12+
    • new widget presets for Android 12+
    • previous widget styles may require minor adjustments
  • new options
    • Seekbar in Navbar
    • Layout - Full Cover
      Moves all track labels and buttons below cover. Works best on long screen phones
    • Track Labels
    • Labels Background
    • No Background for Navbar
    • List Background
    • Lyrics Background
    • Custom URL for Preferred Lyrics App
  • PowerampAPI now exposes track extras on the intent level to simplify Tasker automations
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in a future update could be possible options to disable this separately? one for the lyrics background and another for the list background.


i got the intensity of the background on 70% so all the texts in the player ui it's readable, but when going to any list the background dimmed too much that it's just a solid color.




i really love the update though. you did an amazing job @maxmp! thanks for the update 




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2 hours ago, eddie_the_man said:

Any place to get sync lyrics?! Wanna try this feature. 

Google it, there seem to be lots out there which you can save as LRC files. I found one called Lyricsify, but that was just from a quick search and I can't vouch for it other than I found some content for testing purposes. Or are you taking about live plugins?


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Thanks Maxmp for this awesome update. I'm using mostly synced lyrics via a tag ("SYNCED_LYRICS") 

It works fine, except it displays a lot of timestamps. I can provide example tags later (unfortunately no access to the tag via PA!). Thx. EDIT: I think it's a timesync format PA is not 100% prepared for. Repeated phrases are written down just once, but get multiple timestamps - I think the displaying app is expected to expand to multiple lines before display. 

Ah and I notice - skipping audio via tapping lyrics lines. YESYESYES. WELL DONE


Edited by Squeller
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58 minutes ago, Squeller said:

I think it's a timesync format PA is not 100% prepared for. Repeated phrases are written down just once, but get multiple timestamps

Yes, PA does not seem to be expecting multiple timestamps (not sure if there's even a spec for that?). Anything after the first instance is treated as lyric text - so if there are three timestamps at the start of one line, the first will be used as a timecode and the second two will be displayed as part of the on-screen text.

58 minutes ago, Squeller said:

Ah and I notice - skipping audio via tapping lyrics lines. YESYESYES. WELL DONE

I noticed that too, very nice feature!


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3 hours ago, tharindu_gayan said:

After the new update, the ignore video track option is not working.

Agreed, I just copied a few test video files (MP4, MKV and MPG) into my audio folder and the scanner picked them up.

Although they clearly shouldn't be in an audio folder in the first place, it does seem that the 'Ignore Video Tracks' filter for the scanner is no longer working correctly.


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Here's an example for multiple timestamps:

[00:00.80][00:14.80][01:54.79][02:08.79]Я целую твой труп.
[00:03.80][00:18.80][01:57.79][02:12.79]Думала, ты мне друг.
[00:07.79][00:10.80][02:01.79][02:05.79]Обжигает холод губ
[00:21.80][00:24.80][02:15.79][02:19.79]Ни одной души вокруг
[00:28.80][00:42.79]Я могу прожить—всего одну жизнь
[00:31.80][00:46.79]Каждый день пытаюсь изо всех сил
[00:35.79]За меня не бойся, но не теряй
[00:39.79]Держи меня зубами, но не кусай
[00:49.79]Ты же меня знаешь, я прыгну вниз,
[00:53.79]Если ты со мной, то просто держись
[01:25.79][01:40.79][03:20.79][03:34.79]ЯЯЯ бросаю тебе в дрожь
[01:29.79][01:43.79][03:23.79][03:38.79]ТыТыТы кидаешь в мены нож
[01:33.79][01:47.79][03:27.79][03:42.79]ЭЭЭ это Фокус или ложь
[01:37.79][01:50.79][03:30.79][03:45.79]ТыТыТы мне веришь или врешь


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Good update!

I'm facing a small bug with this release. My prev/next and play/pause buttons became smaller and i cant seem to find a way to increase the size to what it use to be.
Already tried adding the android:gravity="fill" but doesn't do anything. Same issue happens on all my skins Dais/Liv

Also we need updated Poweramp resources.zip to be able to theme the new NavbarSeekbar style?



Edited by giannisgx89
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@Squeller thanks for the file. This is not standard LRC so it's expected to be shown this way. Provided I get more samples like this I can improve support of such formats as well. In this case I guess text line should be duplicated for all those multiple time stamps? Could you please drop me such track for tests to gpmaxmpz@gmail.com ? Thanks!

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@giannisgx89 can I try this skin (link)? There are different styles for the default and Alt layouts, so you may be redefining the wrong style (you can make e.g. background temporarily red #f00 to make sure the modified style is actually applied). The attributes are TopRw/TopFf.

You can also enable (in Android developer options) "Show layout bounds" to check if something else (some parent view) is blocking the size change.

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Yes, that's what I think - text lines should be duplicated and Lyric timestamps be ordered. A search for https://www.google.com/search?q=multiple+timestamps+synced+lyrics
or for specs indicates me, there's some freedom still, no reaal specs, some communities struggling with different formats. Some devs just deleting multiple occurences of timestamps, which seems wrong.

Didn't find such Lyrics outside the IC3PEAK realm, will post if I see some more.

EDIT: Same thing for this community, I think they dealt with it. https://support.symfonium.app/t/expanded-synced-lyrics-functionality/555

Edited by Squeller
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@Squeller As I said earlier, I don't think it's a "standard". I'm not even sure there is a standard spec or if it developed ad hoc.

I think Max's suggestion is the most logical anyway, which would be to expand any such multiple-timestamp lines into full text entries of their own with a single timestamp, and then sort them by timecode for playback.


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