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Frequent playback stuttering


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When I play music on Poweramp I am likely to hear stuttering of the playback at least a few times a day. I have set the buffer to Huge and I've turned off battery optimisation for Poweramp and this improves things (before turning optimisation off this would happen a lot more).

I have played music off the same SD card on a dedicated music device with no issue so I don't think the card is the problem.

This is a pretty big problem for a music playing app, particularly one I paid for.


Device: Moto G 5G Plus

Ram: 6GB

Android version: 11

Build no: RPNS31.Q4U-39-27-9-2-9

Poweramp build: 945-bundle-play [945004-2d535bbf]

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I'm actually having this same problem.  I'm not sure when it started, but it was never an issue before.  

My phone is a Galaxy fold 3 5G.  Android 13.  It's using internal memory - no SD card in the fold.  Poweramp version build 957-bundle-play.  It's more noticeable when using Android Auto, but just a little.  It's an issue with bluetooth and even just listening to the phone speaker.  I've turned off battery optimization for both PA and Google Maps and that helped, but it still stutters at least 2-3 times an hour.  I'm using Flac music files.  I'm converting that entire library to MP3 tonight, but I'm not optimistic.

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Just a few addendums.  

Both my present phone (the Galaxy Fold 3 5G) and a previous phone that I still have (a Galaxy S10+ plus have the identical problem with stuttering/pauses.  The pauses/stuttering are MUCH reduced, but still present with MP3s.  It seems to only occur at the beginning of a drive with MP3s though.

I'm using wired Android Auto, so any power saving stuff shouldn't be an issue.

I've tried another media player (on both phones) with the FLAC files and the problem isn't present.

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6 hours ago, stevewilson said:

Regardless, this whole thread started because of the constant "stuttering" and pausing I was getting with Android Auto.  It turns out that it's an Android Auto issue.  Android Auto used to default to displaying maps as soon as it started.  I always switched it to the music right away.  There was no stuttering.  The last "upgrade" of Android Auto changed the default to one of a split screen, so it showed the maps AND the music.  That's when the stuttering started.  If I switch off the map display the stuttering stops.  No idea why Android Auto can't let the user specify what startup screen they want, but that's not a PA issue.

At least we've got to the bottom of this one, I guess there's a bandwidth issue with AA on your head-unit. Is the data connection wireless or cabled? Either way, the audio content often goes via Bluetooth anyway (presumably to avoid just the issue you are describing).


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I agree, AA is a far more elegant solution than plain Bluetooth which I always find a bit hit-or-miss. I don't mind being USB tethered, as that provides charging too so I'd do it anyway.

I use AA in my Hyundai linked to an oldish Galaxy A70, and it works really well.


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