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During music playback, Poweramp keeps waking phone to display music instead of leaving phone locked

David Stewart

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When I play music via Poweramp and lock the phone, Poweramp automatically wakes the phone and displays the player/album art instead of leaving the phone locked. This eats up my battery life. If i turn off the ability to Show On lock screen, Poweramp isn't the first screen I see when I want to quickly change songs. Is there a way to override settings to allow the phone to stay locked, but to have Poweramp player be the first screen I see during music playback?

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8 minutes ago, Fitzian said:

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of your settings? Specifically this page:


Poweramp lock screen is on, with short timeout. I have found that with this setting, I can quickly double tap the phone screen to bring up the player with the phone still "locked". I have fingerprint, face, and pattern security on my phone, and by double tapping thr screen, it wakes it yo the Poweramp player lock screen. However, if phone is unlocked and I select a song to play, when I lock the phone, the Poweramp player lock screen instantly wakes the phone, displaying the player screen. Sometimes this happens multiple times. I want to keep the settings I have but disable the phone waking immediately after locking it when music is playing.


I hope that helps/makes sense.

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2 minutes ago, Fitzian said:

Just make your settings like mine. All you have to do is tap on the notification on your lockscreen, and Poweramp opens (if you want to do more than just pause or skip forward/back to next track).

That's just it, with music playing usimg your settings, I have no notification to interact with, even though my phone's lock screen widgets are on.




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15 minutes ago, Fitzian said:

My notification settings within Poweramp are nothing special:


Same with my system settings:



Some success it would seem. Tried your notification settings. Didn't ever realize Poweramp's got turned off. Dunno why. Messed with that a bit, and decided to turn back on the show on lock screen option. On screen lock, it does not seem to be auto waking anymore. Truly bizarre imho.


In any regard, I thank you, and I truly appreciate you taking your time to help me address this!

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