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  1. First, among the many others I'm eternally grateful for Android Auto integration. Just reporting something I noticed yesterday when listening via AA: the button to look at and choose other songs results in indefinite loading for me. See attached.
  2. The second this feature is implemented, I'm donating to whatever repository you have set up toward development.
  3. I'm going to push for this too. It's not impossible. Android Auto support is up to Max to implement. If he is not planning to or otherwise can't in v3, it would be nice it could be announced for v4.
  4. I'm so grateful for the overhaul and the last few major updates. I really, REALLY don't like any other player compared to this one.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 here, running Oreo. I've noticed the following in my limited testing: -Navigation does not function as designed; if a track is playing, and I tap any of the bottom icons, it is impossible to navigate back to the Now Playing screen. I'm forced to hit back to get out of the app, then reopen. However, if no track is playing, I'm able to tap on the paused track at the bottom to resume. -Tapping the playing/paused track at the bottom when in any of the other areas (EQ, search, etc) results in the track starting over, or in some cases another track by that same artist to start playing. -The 3-dotted menu on the bottom right corner of the album art of the current track opens, but zero of the contained items function. When I tap any of them, nothing happens.
  6. I'm having the exact same issue on my Nexus 10. I've got an app that auto mounts and I've got the ability to see the drive in ES File Explorer. My only hunch is that Poweramp isn't configured to prompt for persimmon to access the otg drive, the way ES does upon opening and navigating to it.
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