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  1. I find this to be the case as well. It's really annoying. Sometimes, the audio starts at an expected level based on my car's volume output level. But more often than not, I have to crank it on either side to get it to a nominal level. No rhyme or reason to it.
  2. Just checked, this is enabled. It's very sporadic, and I haven't detected a pattern I can use to troubleshoot. I also haven't changed the folder structure on the SD card I play the files from.
  3. Album art for some songs/albums will show correctly in the app on the phone display, but an arbitrary "default" image is displayed on my vehicle's infotainment screen. I find no consistent behavior, other than it seems to default to 1 of 2 album covers if it doesn't display the actual one. Android 10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
  4. FWIW, the pausing happens to me, too. Regardless of settings in Poweramp; I can turn off "resume on xxxx" or enable, the result is the same. AA has introduced a lot of problems since its overhaul last year. My phone is a Samsung on Android 10, but this happened on Android 9 as well. It doesn't happen when my wife uses her phone, also a Sammy on 10, in her car. Which is newer than mine. Both on the same version of Poweramp.
  5. So the problem persists even after resetting audio and Bluetooth output/settings to default. I'm convinced this is more of an Android Auto+"Bluetooth" issue than a Poweramp issue, because both my previous Note 9 and my current Note 10+ exhibited the issue. One in every handful or dozen of freshly-connected sessions in AA will result in vividly superior output in terms of both volume and clarity. This is driving me insane, because I love Poweramp more than words can say, and I also rely on AA rather heavily as well. Side question, going back to my OP: even if the output I'm seeing designated as BT (SBC) is inaccurate, wouldn't the audio profile/codec still be hi-res? If so, why does this only seem to be accomplished sporadically?
  6. And to clarify again: the audio isn't being routed via Bluetooth - or shouldn't be able to be - because Bluetooth audio is disabled with AA connected, per my first screenshot. Am I seeing my Bluetooth device shown as the output device erroneously?
  7. Yes, I'm using a third party skin called Aurora. I will try resetting the audio output and DVC. I have absolute volume disabled, and just disabled DVC altogether today (I haven't hooked it up in my car since doing this).
  8. Hi, I use my phone heavily with Android Auto. For some reason, the audio output is inconsistent with Poweramp. Mind you, this is not over Bluetooth, but over USB. My phone does connect via Bluetooth for contacts, etc, but audio is specifically disabled over Bluetooth for media whenever connected via USB for Android Auto. What I'm noticing is that Poweramp is routing audio through what it thinks is Bluetooth, and thereby using the SBC codec, resulting in a variation of issues, ranging from extremely low output volume (I have to crank the radio volume knob over halfway to get it to a nominal level) to inferior sound quality. To confuse things further, this doesn't happen every time I connect the USB cable for AA. Sometimes, upon initiating AA, the volume and clarity are noticably superior, and yet when I check the output path for audio in Poweramp it remains the same. Truly perplexing. Attached are screenshots of my talking points here. How can I force Poweramp to route media playback via USB and achieve hi-res audio?
  9. I've experienced this as well, and it's not just a matter of timing or the connected device. My Note 9 won't actually change codecs through the developer options, but it does look as if it's doing so. If you press back, then go right back into the codec section in Dev options, it's right back to SBC. It doesn't matter what external device I'm connected to. It's not related to Poweramp, it's a Samsung issue. More and more I'm considering moving to another line.
  10. So this just started recently for me. It only happens when I'm using Poweramp, as far as I can tell. I stream heavily over Bluetooth to everything from portable speakers that run on battery to my Soundbar in my bedroom to my car via AA. I've noticed in the last several days that my stream emits a single "busy" tone like what you'd hear calling someone on a landline. It can be anywhere from 2 to several minutes in between. It's most definitely not a matter of low battery, since as I pointed out I stream to speakers that are connected to AC and DC. Has anyone experienced this? If so, what do you suggest? My device is a Snapdragon Note 9 on Pie. Running the latest version of Poweramp from the Play Store.
  11. First, among the many others I'm eternally grateful for Android Auto integration. Just reporting something I noticed yesterday when listening via AA: the button to look at and choose other songs results in indefinite loading for me. See attached.
  12. The second this feature is implemented, I'm donating to whatever repository you have set up toward development.
  13. I'm going to push for this too. It's not impossible. Android Auto support is up to Max to implement. If he is not planning to or otherwise can't in v3, it would be nice it could be announced for v4.
  14. I'm so grateful for the overhaul and the last few major updates. I really, REALLY don't like any other player compared to this one.
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