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  1. Thanks Andre. Maybe the two are somehow cancelling each other out?
  2. Thanks. Maybe I should turn off autoplay in Android Auto.
  3. No idea what that means. It doesn't happen with other media players I've tried. But I prefer p.a.
  4. Thanks Andre. Yeah, that's what I would have thought. Both Resume on bluetooth and Resume on wired headset as well as Resume on start and Resume on reopen are enabled. Strange.
  5. When I connect my phone to Android Auto in my car, Poweramp DOES start, but it starts off paused. It's not a big deal to navigate away from the maps (which for some reason are always the default), but it's a little annoying to have that extra step I've tried other media players and that doesn't happen. I'm sure it's a setting (or combination of settings) that I haven't found. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  6. I reinstalled v3-build-829-uni that in this site. All is back. Thanks much.
  7. A mickey mouse temporary solution, but if I select whatever folder I want PA to play with something like File Commander, since I have PA set to always play MP3s and FLAC files, that directory will get played by PA. I can still set shuffle options - I just can't set the library with PA.
  8. Funny. I still have no sub-directories able to be seen or chose for the library, but if I use a program like Total Commander to find a file, click that file and have PA play it, if I click on the grid symbol (the one that shows All songs, Artists, Playlists, etc.) all the songs in subdirectories are visible. I can click on an album with Total Commander and the entire album gets played. I still can't select anything specific for the library though. Steve
  9. No problem. Every time I've reinstalled it's just been from the Google Play Store.
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