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  1. It works fine as long as I remember to switch to just the audio interface instead of letting the maps intrude. It's just a minor irritation. Not a deal-breaker by any means.
  2. It's wired. And it seems to be an issue with more Toyotas than other makes. And Toyotas didn't allow wireless AA. I COULD just use bluetooth, but I don't like the generic display that won't show color or cover art when the car is in gear.
  3. <sigh> No. Other media players play the album without adding the extra files in that are in other directories. When the library is exactly the same as it is in PA. Regardless, PA WILL play the album with no duplications if I say to play the folder - since every album is in its own folder. The point is, I don't need to do that with other media players so I was surprised that I had to do it with PA. Regardless, this whole thread started because of the constant "stuttering" and pausing I was getting with Android Auto. It turns out that it's an Android Auto issue. Android Auto used to default to displaying maps as soon as it started. I always switched it to the music right away. There was no stuttering. The last "upgrade" of Android Auto changed the default to one of a split screen, so it showed the maps AND the music. That's when the stuttering started. If I switch off the map display the stuttering stops. No idea why Android Auto can't let the user specify what startup screen they want, but that's not a PA issue.
  4. I like to listen to collections, soundtracks, and cuts a lot. I drive a lot at times, and it'd be a pain to pull over - switch the library and then start driving again every time. I ended up leaving everything where it was and switching back to a root directory of Flac. That way the folders I want are accessible without changing the library. If I try and play an album like that, it WILL have duplicates if duplicates are included in any of the collections, soundtracks or cuts. But if I load folders, the duplicates aren't there and since each album is a separate folder, it works. And info/Tags details show that the duplicates being loaded are songs included in the collections, soundtracks, and cuts folders. PA must be reading the METADATA of every file in its library and adding them. I just have to remember to add folders instead of albums.
  5. My installation was - I got the new phone. I installed PA from the playstore. I copied the library over from my PC. My phone IS Android 13. File Legacy Mode is turned off as shown in the FileSettings.jpg. My library is set to select everything except collections, soundtracks, and cuts in the Flac directory. If I just set the library to the Flac folder, everytime I select an album that has a song in a collection, soundtrack, or cuts folder, that song gets repeated even though it's not in the albums folder more than once.
  6. "Have you enabled the same top-level folders multiple times in Settings=>Library=>Music Folders? And are you using regular Android file access, or Legacy File Access Mode (in Settings=>Misc)." Nope. I've enabled just FLAC or MP3. I'm using regular Android file access. "Are there any spurious/unnecessary CUE files in your Music Folders?" I don't even know what those are. The music folders contain nothing except the FLAC (or MP3) files.
  7. This has gotten ridiculous. I went for a walk today to play music. I wanted to see if the stuttering and pauses occurred when I played an album as well as when I was just playing a playlist. No matter what album I try and play, PA thinks there're 4 or 5 copies of each song. I mean, I look at the folder that contains the album and there's just ONE copy of the song. I look at the album with PA and there's a bunch of copies of each song. I've done a full rescan. I've killed the app. I've restarted the phone. There doesn't seem to be a way to convince PA to play just the songs that are actually there. I give up. I'll use an inferior player that actually works. One 3 hour walk was enough. I added the album(s) by the ALBUM category in PA. Multiple copies of each song. I went to the ARTIST category and then ALBUM with PA. Still multiple copies of each song. Then I just went to the FOLDER category. ONE copy of each song. So I can't go by ALBUM or ARTIST. I have to go by FOLDER. It works. It just makes no sense to me.
  8. Just a few addendums. Both my present phone (the Galaxy Fold 3 5G) and a previous phone that I still have (a Galaxy S10+ plus have the identical problem with stuttering/pauses. The pauses/stuttering are MUCH reduced, but still present with MP3s. It seems to only occur at the beginning of a drive with MP3s though. I'm using wired Android Auto, so any power saving stuff shouldn't be an issue. I've tried another media player (on both phones) with the FLAC files and the problem isn't present.
  9. I'm actually having this same problem. I'm not sure when it started, but it was never an issue before. My phone is a Galaxy fold 3 5G. Android 13. It's using internal memory - no SD card in the fold. Poweramp version build 957-bundle-play. It's more noticeable when using Android Auto, but just a little. It's an issue with bluetooth and even just listening to the phone speaker. I've turned off battery optimization for both PA and Google Maps and that helped, but it still stutters at least 2-3 times an hour. I'm using Flac music files. I'm converting that entire library to MP3 tonight, but I'm not optimistic.
  10. I have no idea what causes it, but I'm sure it IS a clash of commands, but it's a clash that's occurring only with PA. I've used PA for many years, but I got frustrated enough to try several other players. Not one of them had any issue in this regard. But not one of them measured up to PA in any way, so I came back and figured out a solution to the frustration. Steve
  11. Yeah that's exactly what was happening with me. I tried everything - and then I just turned off "automatically resume playback media" in AA. The songs ALMOST ALWAYS resume now. That pausing crap still happens occasionally, but I can live with occasionally. Steve
  12. Thanks Andre. Maybe the two are somehow cancelling each other out?
  13. Thanks. Maybe I should turn off autoplay in Android Auto.
  14. No idea what that means. It doesn't happen with other media players I've tried. But I prefer p.a.
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