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  1. Thanks Andre. Yeah, that's what I would have thought. Both Resume on bluetooth and Resume on wired headset as well as Resume on start and Resume on reopen are enabled. Strange.
  2. When I connect my phone to Android Auto in my car, Poweramp DOES start, but it starts off paused. It's not a big deal to navigate away from the maps (which for some reason are always the default), but it's a little annoying to have that extra step I've tried other media players and that doesn't happen. I'm sure it's a setting (or combination of settings) that I haven't found. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  3. I reinstalled v3-build-829-uni that in this site. All is back. Thanks much.
  4. A mickey mouse temporary solution, but if I select whatever folder I want PA to play with something like File Commander, since I have PA set to always play MP3s and FLAC files, that directory will get played by PA. I can still set shuffle options - I just can't set the library with PA.
  5. Funny. I still have no sub-directories able to be seen or chose for the library, but if I use a program like Total Commander to find a file, click that file and have PA play it, if I click on the grid symbol (the one that shows All songs, Artists, Playlists, etc.) all the songs in subdirectories are visible. I can click on an album with Total Commander and the entire album gets played. I still can't select anything specific for the library though. Steve
  6. No problem. Every time I've reinstalled it's just been from the Google Play Store.
  7. Just FWIW, I thought that the problem might be the SD card, so I tried another one and got the exact same result. The inability of PA to "see" below the top levels of even internal storage made that a long shot anyway. Just FWIW.
  8. OK. I just uninstalled - deleted that folder - shut down - restarted and reinstalled from the play store. Same exact thing. Just the two top choices for the library. It doesn't seem like the problem could be pie though, since the Galaxy S8 plus that I had was running Pie too.. Strange. With only those two top choices available (and neither of them ticked), it's still reporting that I have 1 folder and 361 tracks available. Which is about right for the last directory I was using as a library. Steve
  9. Will do. I'll give that a try right now. Just in case it makes any difference, I'm not installing from the apk on my phone (I don't have it.) I'm installing from the Play Store. Thanks Steve
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