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Album cover wrong in Android 13 media notification

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I've a new Pixel 7 and noticed that the album cover of the media notification is always from the previous song.

Except I pause and play the current one.

Not sure if this is an android issue or one from PA though.

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That is not the case for the Pixel 6 @ latest OTA Android 13, Poweramp build 945 and default Poweramp notification settings. If your ROM differs, please let us know. If Poweramp build is something else - please update. If Poweramp notification settings are not default, try Restore Defaults in Settings / Look and feel / Notification.



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My build number is: TD1A.221105.001

Version Info ======================
Build: Poweramp build-945-bundle-play full verified cached
Store: Play
Arch: 64
Skin: ActivityTheme_Black
Device: Google Pixel 7 panther panther panther [arm64-v8a]
Installer: com.android.vending (33.2.12-21 [0] [PR] 487986790)
Android: 13 google/panther/panther:13/TD1A.221105.001/9104446:user/release-keys de_AT

my notification settings (especially the two on top) are default - I just changed the << option

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@rala Are you saying it's now fixed for you? Or that you expect a forthcoming Android update to resolve the problem? If the latter, please could you confirm that it's working whenever the update hits. Thanks.


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I have started to see this issue with the newly released Android 13 update for the Sony Xperia 1 III. The color highlight changes to match the major color of the current track's artwork, but the image itself is not updated to the current track. When the track advances, the artwork updates to the prior track's art. It looks like a "simple" issue with the artwork update mechanism running at the end of a function instead of near the beginning.

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@zomgugoff could you please be a bit more specific, starting from where image is not updated exactly? Notification? What is the source category you're playing from? And what is your Poweramp build number.

The workaround for notification album art issue is available in new builds. This is workaround, not fix, as Poweramp is properly sending Album art, but notification keeps old image and special measures are required to force it to replace cover.

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