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  1. are there any news about this topic? it would be a really nice QoL feature to shuffle only the titles id a playlist.
  2. I really like the new feature but I noticed that some titles have artists named like "artist1 (feat. artist2)". I defined feat. as separator but the result is not like it should be because of the braces.
  3. the last four entries: white = weißb & lack = schwarz i think the last two should be the other way around
  4. I didn't say sth about long press If I use it it chooses the shuffle mode "titles and categories". My repeat mode is set to list but why is the shuffle mode not just only "titles" (the one in the middle)? (I'm sorry my app is in German and I don't know how the entries are named in English)
  5. I noticed there are now options for the shuffle button for library but not for playlist. I'd like to shuffle my playlist - but always the category option is selected (too) and not just "shuffle titles".
  6. I know about this button. That is not the point. The point is - in list views like playlist or album you can choose shuffle. But if I press this button the shuffle mode is ALWAYS shuffle everything and not just the current list. the repeat mode is set to current list only but this doesn't help here I guess... I'm sorry if my wording is not 100% clear... before the update the toast notification on the bottom was not shown. since one of the last update there is one so I though a setting is there or will follow soon... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. well if I press the shuffle button now a toast is shown with the current shuffle mode... I've searched for a setting but nothing found yet..
  8. Do you mean on the player screen? I'm sorry I mean the shuffle button in the list / playlist / ... view. This is always a complete shuffle and I've to change it every time I shuffle a new playlist. EDIT to make it more clear: And I want if I click 'shuffle' on a playlist or album that only the current list is shuffeled and repeated. Right now the default is repeat list & shuffle everything and there seems no option to change it per default - I have to change it everytime I shuffle a new list.
  9. the playlist always starts with first song after app restart - and played songs are also not saved.
  10. It would be nice if this button shuffles only the current list and don't goes to the next list after that list. Can you add an option for that?
  11. If I play a playlist and want to change the playing title it is not always working. I mean after an app restart after first electing a song of the playlist it works but after some time it doesn't work anymore. (File-based-playlist)
  12. I clicked around to set in all categories the default view (a general setting would be nice btw) and noticed something: I choose list view in folder hierarchy and it become a grid.
  13. For this topic: I'd like to have it below. But in general I'd like to have an option to disable it complete. Means Poweramp logo on main screen and more compact lists in all other screens.
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