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  1. I can confirm Pebble remote control is not working on this new version (814). Phone is a Verizon LG V30, stock ROM (Android 8.0.0). I have tried all 3 outputs and none of them allow control via Pebble. Meta transfer is still happening (still getting track info on the watch), it's just inputs that do not work. Volume control is still working, but I suppose that is a system control instead of a direct app control. Other players still respond to the controls. Also, I had trouble getting my bluetooth headset's controls to work (Sony WH-1000MX2). I had to clear the app storage to reset to defaults to get it to work. It works with all 3 outputs. But, I absolutely hate the touch controls on this headset so I'd rather use the watch controls. In the Developer options on this version of Android, the AVRCP version can be adjusted between 1.4-1.6. I have tried all 3 versions and that doesn't help either.
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