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FB tracker?


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That's pretty interesting... I just browsed my emails and I have found one I got last year in the 29th of september from the Poweramp forum, full with tracking images in it. (single pixels with trackers in it). Well, I'm not concerned about any of that because I'm a die hard privacy warrior on my own with all the tools I need. Private DNS, randomized browser fingerprint, very strict ad and tracker blockers, thrird-party cookies blockers, disguised third-party tracker blockers. (Yeah, just call me crazy but I believe in our rights to defend our personal data from the huge data mining maffia out there) It's definitely interesting... 




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The forums are a different matter to the app. This forum is powered and hosted by Invision Community, we just use their supplied software. It's certainly possible (I would say likely in fact) that they do provide Facebook integration (look at the 'Share' button top-right of any topic in a web browser for example).

This is from Invision's privacy notice, and it does say they do use tracking pixels in some emails: https://invisioncommunity.com/legal/privacy/#seven .

Of course any image included via an HTML <img> link in an email, rather than being fully embedded into the message code, is trackable. For example <img src='https://forum.powerampapp.com/applications/core/interface/email/spacer.png'> is referenced multiple times in Notification emails to force empty table element padding, and that link could be used for tracking receipt - as long as you allow images to be fetched by default anyway, which I don't.


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@andrewilley @maxmp I'm using the official version from the playstore. The app I'm using to block trackers is Duckduckgo.

Poweramp itself might not use trackers but some of the services used within the app might. I'm not sure which external services Poweramp uses if any but the album cover image search could be an example. The fact is that facebook trackers were blocked from the Poweramp app by Duckduckgo 20 times everyday since I got it.

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@rcdc if I were you being concerned about trackers I'd run a degoogled phone, repurchase the app via website without google play services, go through the privacy policy of your favorite apps seeing the data they collect, find alternative apps, and scan them for trackers with classyshark3xodus app you can search on fdroid. I hope mentioning other apps won't ban my comment:) Anyways these phones are loaded with trackers in the ROM and a degoogled phone (open source android version without inbuilt trackers into the ROM) will fix your privacy concerns with proper app installs that are tracker free with a good privacy policy. Good luck and thank Max for being moral and caring for open source lovers that are privacy focused. Quick tip on crappy proprietary ROM you can't deny internet permission by their design through the ROM but on a degoogled phone you can!

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