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  1. Ok, as I play more with the app I realize when I tap the mini player button it changes to shoe the pause symbol. On the top player it stays showing the play symbol. I should have thought of what that means.
  2. Fair question... I open the app, go to the album and click on play. Shortly after I need to pause the song so I open the app and, of course, click the same play button again expecting it to pause, instead it jumps to the beginning. After several tries I realize there is a second, harder to see, play button at the bottom. Of course, that one works. This user was fooled by not expecting two buttons on one screen, both with the same markings but with different functions combined with the (on my phone) the white player on the white background. You're the expert though so you can decide if this is a one off or a problem. I appreciate the attention you have given my comments .
  3. Thanks for the help. I can see it being a feature but I hope you can appreciate that, from a user viewpoint, having a button do something other than what the label says is confusing. Kinda like finding you need to pull on the door marked "push" as a safety feature.
  4. In the view shown I hit the farm play button on the top to pause the music and the track junks back to the point it started instead of pausing. The play button on the bottom does pause the music. Thanks, Great App!
  5. Well you can draw one of embarrassed emoticons on me. Yes, shuffle was on.
  6. I've read back through the older posts but remain confused about the song advance. If I open Poweramp and select Album then a song in the album when the song is done playing Poweramp goes to the next folder to choose the next song, not to the next song in the album. Is that what it should do? Thanks
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