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Obsolete skin settings for PA appear in PEQ

John Titor

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Since the launch of PEQ (Poweramp Equalizer), most existing themers/skin developers updated their skins, adding support for PEQ. It means that the same skin can be used on PA and/or PEQ.

But it looks like if I go to skin settings from the EQ app, I see some settings not related to EQ at all,i.e. album art settings, seekbar style settings, most of hide ui elements settings. They don't have any effect on the equalizer app as the app doesn't have those features to begin with! Yet I see them on settings, I wonder if it would be possible to not show those options on PEQ skin settings.


PS. I tested it and it happens with several skins such as @flyingdutchman's YAPS @Mixified's Aurora and @giannisgx89 Liv Dark. I kind of have a feeling that all other skins are affected as well. Here are some screenshots from the above mentioned skins.




Possible fix: introduce a boolean for skin settings that are specific to the PEQ app.

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