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  1. Quick update Luminous | Luminous Black | Aurora version 3.2 Changelog • Fix crash on some devices
  2. Hahaha... my bad, i didn't write clearly 😋 Maybe what you mean is the cover, not the icon. Of course I will fix it in the next release. Thanks!
  3. @monkeybutt I have found the problem and managed to solve it. It comes from Hide Ratings, I realized that option not work properly with the default layout and causing Poweramp freeze and track title disappear. You can try this latest release and let me know if there are no more problems
  4. Thanks! This is the back button icon I mean. Now following Header Icon Set. In the next release I will add more improvements to Pro Buttons and Blur Layout, or maybe you can give me advice, what else should be improved?
  5. Hello, Today I just released version 3.1 for all skins. Unlike before, I just fixed bugs and crashes, improvements, and added 1 new option Luminous | Luminous Black | Aurora version 3.1 Changelog
  6. I'm sorry guys for the delay of my reply. To be honest, I'm preparing for my wedding to be held on December 29th 😄, so I am very busy at the moment. And I want to let you know if in January or February (I'm not sure) there will be a new skin to be released. The skin is very different from the previous. Actually I also have the desire to merge Aurora, Luminous and Luminous Black into one skin, because at the beginning of development, I have not been able to combine white and black skin. But i'm still not sure to do it Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!
  7. Thanks, Your suggestion I will put it in my list If you found what cause the problem, please send me the screenshots of your skin settings. Because i don't have any problem on my device. Actually some user report the same problem to me by email, but they didn't give me more details. I will try to add it on the next release, If possible
  8. Thanks! I appreciate it. In the next update, I will give more accent colors like that Thanks! Umm maybe you forgot to disable Transparent Status bar?
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