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  1. Yes,. but maybe I know the cause. On the 2.8, I changed aaptOptions: "--shared-lib" to "--package-id", "0x80". After the skins released, someone reported to me if the skins doesn't work anymore on Huawei
  2. Thank you for your feedback Try to disable Font Style, let me know if it works
  3. Quick Update Luminous | Luminous Black | Aurora version 2.8 • Fix crashes on some devices Please note, this update will reset your skin settings Thanks Maksim Petrov for helping me to fix the bugs
  4. Quick Update Luminous | Luminous Black | Aurora version 2.7 Fix crashes caused by Font Style If anyone still experiencing crashes, please let me know
  5. Thanks man. I appreciate it. I need more reports to make sure the latest version runs smoothly on all devices
  6. Hahahaha, Thanks man, I think developing apps seems to be my new hobby right now
  7. Upcoming update 2.6 After working every night until I can't sleep for 3 days 😁. This is the next update for all skins. Capitalize and Font styles are more stable, also blur layout improvements for Luminous Luminous, Luminous Black and Aurora 2.6 will be released in a few days.
  8. To solve that problem, I got a reference from this link https://github.com/maxmpz/powerampapi/blob/master/poweramp_skin_sdk/poweramp_skin_sample/readme.md See Skin Options Persistence
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