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  1. Thanks! Actually the wave seekbar style uses the same style as the existing one. Use adaptive rounded if you want wave seekbar following the accent color For static divided, I will try to add it in the next release.
  2. Thanks! But sorry, I'm not interested in adding that option 🙂 Right now, I focus on bug fixes and other improvements
  3. Thanks man! Always take care of your health in the midst of covid-19 virus pandemic
  4. Thanks! I will continue to update the skins as long as I can Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it I believe the personalization app must be constantly updated following the app base (music app, widget, etc) to ensure it runs smoothly
  5. I'm sorry because I have to say if I can't add that option to 3.6. That's because my skin uses codes that are quite complicated and are related to each other. I have to change everything, but it takes a long time. That also applies to the request from @invaderzim. But there are still many options that can be added such as fonts, icons, etc. Yes, I can, but that isn't a priority for me to do Unfortunately I will not add that option, because it will look ugly if you use an alternative layout with centered title :(. Sorry
  6. If you have problems with the skins, please let me know. So I can fix it as soon as possible
  7. Quick Update Luminous | Luminous Black | Aurora version 3.5 • Fixed Pixelated Icons
  8. Thank you for the report, I just uploaded 3.5. Wait for a few minutes until Google publishes it
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