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  1. Yes, in version 4.0 I will add a dynamic corner that you can set the album art corner radius whatever you like.
  2. @djdarkoI just investigated, it seems like Adaptive Elapsed and Duration Time is incomplete. In your screenshots, that option does not work in Pro Buttons with Simple Seekbar or when Pro Buttons is disabled. I will fix it in the next release. Thanks for the report!
  3. I'm so sorry for the delay in replying to your messages because I have been very busy lately. djdarko That's not a bug, according to the name of the option, both have different effects. But if you use both, there is no effect because Adaptive Text Color will override the Adaptive Elapsed and Duration Time. djdarko & Prosenjit You must have read my mind, because in the next release I have a plan to add an Adaptive Rectangle (thick and thin)
  4. Of course. I have a plan to make that feature. Just wait for the next update!
  5. @Liza V Thanks a lot! On development for the next release. I will try to give a different configuration when using Pro Buttons (no circles) + Wave Seekbar.
  6. @flyingdutchmanFor the Library Icons, I'm not sure that using a scale can change its size. What I know is that we are only given access to change the icons. Unlike the navbar button we can use com.maxmpz.audioplayer:NavBarButton to change the scale. But I haven't tried to give a different icons size for each density,
  7. Thanks for the report, I checked, it turns out that the problem exists when using the default layout (AA blur) Thanks! But without you and other users use the skin and provide feedback and suggestions. We are nothing!
  8. Thank you, but I have used this, and it works too <style name="Alt_ItemRatingBar_scene_aa" parent="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:Alt_ItemRatingBar_scene_aa"> <item name="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:layout_attachBottom">@com.maxmpz.audioplayer:id/aa_bounds</item> </style> Thanks!
  9. I appreciate it! Too bad, if only the two of us are active Sometimes I experience a lot of trial and error in development, but I still enjoy it
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