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  1. Thanks! I appreciate it. In the next update, I will give more accent colors like that Thanks! Umm maybe you forgot to disable Transparent Status bar?
  2. Sorry for late reply, I've been busy lately That's right, if status and navigation icon to match with accent color, that would be cool! I have tried adding hex codes to the skin, and yes, these colors look good. here the result
  3. I'm pretty sure the skin settings are saved in the Poweramp settings. I have tried to test with export settings > clear data Poweramp & skin > then Import. Yes, but do you mean that the status and navigation bar icons use the same color as the skin accent color? I have tried it before but I don't think it can be done. Thank you, i'm appreciate it, I will consider your suggestion and might add it in future release For version 3.0. I've added 16 accent colors, similar with previous colors but more brighter and catchy
  4. Thank you! I'm so glad to hear your words. Yes it is important, so important for me. I'm preparing for my happiness right now xd
  5. I'm sorry to say this, for the next update it might take longer than usual. If I may be honest, there is something that I must resolve in my life. it's very tiring for my mind right now. I'm sorry, but I will do my best I only use settings from the skin and background settings on Poweramp if I use the blur layout. For presets, I don't think it's possible
  6. Thanks! I think each user has different preferences. That's why I tried to fulfill all requests. Although sometimes it's difficult and impossible to do
  7. Thank you, actually now all my skins have massive customization options, are more complex and might confuse some people. But maybe I can add a few more colors in the next update.
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