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  1. Poweramp default theme is better for me.... !!! All things are same that I want. But, if @maxmp added the "dot thin seekbar" inbuilt theme option it would be so much better. :)
  2. It seems your skin works to me.... but letters & icons are too small... can you fix this ??? & is the 3rd party skins bug fixable ???
  3. It's not a bug ? Then why the seek bar is too big when I using 3rd party skins. Pls review my problem. & fix this issue. My phones screen ratio is : 320 DPI.
  4. Look... this is default (alternative layout) skin of Poweramp. 2nd screenshot & this one does not match....!!! What you say ? Album art so small + seek bar is different.. not matched.... 👎
  5. All Third party skins & Poweramp Default skin also... !!! All of all skin (Alternative Layout) I think it's Poweramp music player's bug... otherwise this is not happened to the all 3rd party skins..
  6. Yes... this affected all skin... you see there the third party seek bar is very big... & album art is very very small... I used alternative layout... but others phone has not happened this issue... !!! This is happened only android 5.1 lollipop device. Other device has 8.1 oreo... I think you should move this thread to the skin forum.... & help to solve this bug. Thnx...
  7. The alternative layout originally looks like this... everything is slim & normal... fitted album art... slim seek bar... etc.... Then what's problem on android 5.1 ?
  8. Alternative layout of all skins not work, seek bar is very big, Album art so smaller, & many bug, see the screenshot.... latest version b825 & also previous version of Poweramp v3 has same problem. please fix this issue. Device : Android. Android : 5.1 lollipop. Rom : CM 12.1 & AOSP.
  9. Another bug detected... it's showing wrong music times. It shows music is over, but music still playing. :( Plzzz fix these bug and release new stable version.
  10. I tried... but it's a bug... not fixed until developer update it.
  11. 1) I set my Equalizer "Speaker (Loud)" mode for playing music without headphones. But it's playing music so much loudly & that's very disturbing. (Older version like v2.0.10 has no issue of this) 2) I set the music folder & select all my music folders. But it has showing no songs in the library, empty. I tried Full scan but, it failed to find my songs. My device (Android 5.1.0 Lollipop) I don't know what happen to the other android version. :(
  12. 1) Version 2.0.10 Equalizer was so smooth, but now it's bass system is very loudy & disturbing. 2) When I select any music folder of my memory card, it's selected but, showing 0 songs. & my music library is empty.
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