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  1. Thanks a lot guys, I'm glad you like it :D Skin update will be live in few minutes! Don't forget to leave a rating, it helps the development a lot! :) Liv Dark - Poweramp v3 Skin v1.0.6 | Get it here: http://tinyurl.com/y6cdlqhh • Added album art scale option (while playing) • Added semi transparent bottombar background • Added nord accent • Added nord background • Improved transparent background • Misc ui fixes and improvements
  2. Hello everyone! Finally after some time i manage to publish my first Poweramp skin on playstore and all thanks to @maxmp and @flyingdutchman for the early help! I am very new to making Poweramp skins so feature requests might take a bit more time to implement. ➡️ Get Liv Dark here: https://bit.ly/2CuE25o ✔️ Compatible with Poweramp v3 Liv Dark skin, uses beautifully crafted gradients with custom icons and vector graphics, to give your Poweramp a new fresh and modern look! 🔥 Skin Features • 30 gradient accents • 11 background colors • 6 beautiful fonts • 5 library icon styles • 5 Bottombar backgrounds • Album art corners • Labels layout • Seek bar and wave seek styles • Hide/show ui elements ...and more are coming! 😃 Don't forget to leave a rating, it helps the development a lot! ❓ FAQ/HELP • Skin may not work on some huawei devices with android 7.0 • Skin is not compatible with older Poweramp versions. Please use the latest stable from playstore ✉️ Contact: giannisgn89@gmail.com ✨ Follow: https://bit.ly/2A8yngX
  3. @flyingdutchman Thank for the tips! Still couldnt manage to fix the issue. Activating no blur background messes up other options as well, i just noticed that. Same happens with sample skin from github. I ended up removing the no background blur option. Users can enable or disable it from "Settings > Background", good temporary solution.
  4. 1. I used the default style from sample skin, didn't change anything. I tried to use exactly your styles too but the text still moves on top of the album art when i enable any option from labels layout Which style do i need to check to make sure they are attached to the bottom? 2. I had them both in my styles and the line2 background doesn't change, although i manage to change it when using center labels layout, both title and line with almost identical styles from sample_skin_alt.xml Thanks a lot for the help!
  5. Hello everyone! After few weeks of non stop searching i managed to theme everything i wanted and added plenty of options. I'd also like to say thanks for the tips @flyingdutchman and @maxmp! There are some issues i encountered that i couldn't manage to and searched a lot but without any success. The first screenshots shows how i managed to themed everything i needed and the second one shows the issues. 1. When i select Labels Layout + No Background Blur, labels layout move on top of the album art. This also happens on the original skin sample. What i want is when i enable no background blur but keep correct labels alignment which is below album art. 2. On the second screenshot the image shows that line2 is not themed like the title background. I tried <item name="com.maxmpz.audioplayer:ItemTrackLine2_scene_aa">@style/ItemTrackLine2_scene_aa</item> with a similar style to ItemTrackTitle_scene_aa but it dotn seem to work. I only managed to theme the line2 background when a song is playing 3. How can i make statusbar and navbar fully transparent 4. Add option to remove skin app icon from launcher Thank you all for your time and help! John
  6. Spending countless hours to understand how do i theme the parts marked with blue arrows On the left side of the image is how the substratum version of the skin works and on the right is what i managed to achieve (almost nothing) Even though i have added knob drawable files they dont seem to change anything and the same thing happens with many other resources. To my understanding, if i want to change the knobs for example i have to find the style that is related to that and add it in my skinsample.xml but that doesnt seem to work in most cases were the original style is not in ActivityTheme_Black I'm struggling to even theme the basic things i cant even imagine how hard it would be to add skin options. 😕 I would really love to finish this port from substratum theme but it seems it's not an easy task for me Thanks everyone for trying to help! Stay safe
  7. @flyingdutchman Thanks for tip, it really helped me understand how things are working with styles! Theming almost all ui elements can be done the hard part will come with theme options which i have no clue how to add or remove. Also is the main settings page possible to theme?
  8. Hi Max ill check the sample skin again. Im familiar with styles and layout as i use them a lot in my substratum themes Hopefully ill manage to make it work Thanks for the tips
  9. Thanks for the response! I guess i need have basic programing skills to be able to make Poweramp skin That's too bad since my programing knowledge is very limited Will be going back to making substratum themes and icons packs 😊
  10. Hello everyone, hope you are all doing okay and you stay safe! I'm a long time android themer, back in the days when cyanogenmod was a thing and now with substratum theme engine. You may already know (or not) some of my themes, Flux/Flux White, Liv Dark/Liv White. Got a lot of request to theme the Poweramp music player from my users and i finally added support for it in my themes (see screenshots below). Although many really liked the design there were a lot more users who liked it but couldn't use it because substratum needs root to be able to work and apply theme overlays. So i got even more request to make a standalone Poweramp skin and here came the difficult part. While making a substratum Poweramp skin took some time to theme every single icon, it was easy enough unlike Poweramp skins. I tried reading the Poweramp Sample Skin readme on github but couldn't really understand it. Managed to import the sample skin in android studio, changed the manifest and xml names, all went well and also sample skins showed up in Poweramp skin settings page. Replacing drawables like navbar_bg.xml, dint seem to work and i made sure the drawable is in the correct folder. Couldn't seem to find how to add theme options like hide previous/next buttons, enable pro buttons etc. Also how do i add multiple alternative Library icon styles? Lastly i want to ask if skins support vector drawables? Every single icon, gradient colors you can see in the screenshots below are all vector drawables Basically all i want is to theme the "default dark" Poweramp skin and include all the options it offers I know i maybe asking too much here but there aren't any tutorial that could be helpful for people who want to start making Poweramp skins I'm sorry if this post is complicated to understand. English is not my native language but i tried my best to explain what i want Thanks a lot for your time John
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