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  1. The fast forward and rewind now miraculously works on all my Bluetooth devices... out of the blue. I can now safely fast forward through podcast ads while I drive! Was there an update that slipped onto my phone?
  2. I tried all the long press options, but with each, when I held down the Track button for fast forward on my radio (or headset) I never received a new Last Processed Command. ...no new commands appeared. I guess, when I have the time, I'll reinstall and see if that works.
  3. Here is an screen grab attached in the Last Processed Commands' when trying to fast forward on my car player. I hope this helpfull.
  4. I can't find a "long click' button in the settings. I do see something that says "long press" but I'm not quite sure what it means. But when I select it, it doesn't help to activate the fast forward. Any suggestions?
  5. I tried contacting Poweramp directly...but no luck. Do I need to reinstall or buy another app?
  6. It's build 826 v3. By "scrolling", I mean the ability to fast forward a song or podcast on my Bluetooth car radio or headphones. I was able to do it until v3.
  7. Scrolling audio with a Bluetooth connection doesn't seem to work and the new version. Any suggestions?
  8. My problem is that when I add a new playlist to my phone, I rescan to place it on Poweramp. This almost always adds more playlists- copies of the first ones (but usually with less songs on them). I searched my phone and I have 39 .m3u playlists. Upon a re-scan to find the 40th, I now have 78 playlists, all with different amounts of songs on them -with numbers after some playlists (and still no sign of the new playlist). The third time i rescan and I have 117 playlists (and still cannot find the new one I had just added) I then try adding the new playlist again to my sd card on the phone, afte
  9. The unwanted playlist files keep returning. Ho do I permanently delete them and start fresh with m3u files? Addtionally I import m3u files, but they often they come into my phone from the computer with fewer songs on them than are on them when on the desktop. How could this happen? I also bought the Playlist Manager, but don't have clue how to work it
  10. Yes I wasn't sure if they were deleted from Poweramp, or from the phone itself. they were deleted from the phone. I just put them back on, saved on the laptop computer.
  11. Great it works. However I re scanned and only one playlist returned. I rebooted the phone, and again the sd card was "rediscovered", so I re-scanned. No more returned. Now how do i get them back (the good ones..not the empty ones?)
  12. I bought your app. How do I delete the playlists in Poweramp? There doesn't seem to be a way to delete them in one shot. It looks like I need to select each box of the 193 playlists (not easy to do!) and then delete?
  13. I occasionally accidently knock my sim card (right next to the USB port) so that it disconnects, then reconnects ...and then Poweramp re-scans. (The sim contains all songs and playlists.) This has just happened for about the 5th time in the last month. When Poweramp re-scans all 67 of the playlists, they come in empty. I then re-can, And somehow I now have 193 playlists of which about 1/2 are empty duplicates. I can spend 1/2 hour, yet again, deleting all playlists individually and then re-scanning (which sometimes works). There must be an easier way to delete them all. This has gotten very te
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