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Poweramp builds 888-893


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> 1. It works on classic quick settings. But if I switch to control center, the button becomes unresponsive. So I just decided to switch back to classic quick settings. Same thing, it's acting like how it's on control center, not working at all.

Another way to reproduce this is to change the theme of status bar/quick settings menu.

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Found something on the build 893 of Poweramp

I was repopulating my sd card with music after a clean out, and I'm getting some different songs and using a different format

Apparently Poweramp doesn't see files with 64kHz or 72Khz files. It can play them perfectly fine, if I play it via file explorer (open as > Audio > Poweramp), and even see the tags an seek over, but said songs doesn't show in the app lists.

I'm not with my PC right now to get the 64kHz file but I can show the 72kHz one. Although I do recognize these sample rates are weird and definitely not mainstream, well, they are still normal audio files in the end. This happens with wav, flac (on the 64kHz) and wavpacks. I'll send some screenshots. Files are being sorted by file name on the player, it should appear between "katharsis" and "おうちに帰りたい"

Also, still very thankful for Poweramp ability to deal with wavpacks files as now they are my main format of choice.




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@ScarletNeko Are you sure the tags are correct, as mis-tagged files can cause PA's scanner to skip them?

72kHz, 24-bit, WavPack files? You don't like to make life easy for yourself do you? :) If you can find a sample which still isn't picked up by a Full Rescan, it might be worth sending it to Max for testing.


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1 hour ago, Someguyonline said:

It could just be an issue with Poweramp not recognising wavpack files specifically

It's not due to it being wavpacks, as Poweramp always had good support for them. I also remember when Poweramp updated it's wavpack libraries to v5 and it even could play DSD streams that are compressed into wavpacks, also the rest of my songs are currently all in wavpack format and Poweramp plays them completely fine, from 44.1kHz to 192kHz

3 hours ago, andrewilley said:

Are you sure the tags are correct, as mis-tagged files can cause PA's scanner to skip them?

I know it's not tags because the file passed through the exact same process as all the others i currently have. I made them with foobar2000 and copied the tags from the original files to the wavpack ones. This problematic file specifically came without any tags, and i added them using foobar manually, same way as i did on various others that were either incorrectly tagged or i wanted to clean them before getting them on my phone.

3 hours ago, andrewilley said:

72kHz, 24-bit, WavPack files? You don't like to make life easy for yourself do you? :)

Also lol i just prefer to keep the files as close to the source as possible, and the source was a 32 bit 72kHz wav file. The 72kHz seems to be legit as they show the correct values on analyzers and also on players like foobar and aimp4. I'm using wavpack now as opposed to flac as i did before because of the hybrid mode. I've been having crippling problems with storage space and after the clean out i decided to bite the bullet and do something out it. I've been making the files with the same specs as the original, just capping the bit rate with wavpack hybrid mode, on high with x4 extra processing, which Poweramp can deal with just fine.

This file won't show no matter what folder i place it or how many rescans i do, so I'll probably have to send the file for max to check

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