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  1. That is also the reason I have the folder with the (artist name - album name) inside the dedicated artist folder, that looks kinda strange I know But I kind of keep jumping back and forth between the folder hierarchy and the "one root folder with all the album folders" all folders mode because of that... Little thing that picks on me more than it should indeed, but that sounds like a decent feature for other users as well
  2. Hi, that's a thing I didn't needed that much in the past but since I started using folder hierarchy, it's bothering me quite a bit It's basically, some kind of memory for the list view mode on the last level of said folders, the actual music ones. I like to use the list view mode as on the first picture when on folders to have a clear view of the album art, but once I pick what album I'll be listening to, I would like more to see the track names, so something like on the second picture. But seems like Poweramp uses just one list mode for all the folders in hierarchy style. When you just have folders separately named and see on the all folders options this memory kind of works and you can have one list view style for the root folder (with all the others on it showing the big nice album art) and when you get into the folder you want you can have the smaller album art but longer text style for the audio files itself. Why wouldn't this work on folder hierarchy? Different levels of folders would confuse it maybe? Once you change the style in any of the screens the whole folder hierarchy mode becomes as the selected list style (it was all like the first picture, then I got into a folder and changed, now everything looks like the second picture)
  3. Thanks for sending the screens, it actually helped me to decide and I bought it. It really does look as cool as I was expecting and I don't really use the bugged buttons (at least not a lot) so switched them off. Cool stuff @Ducktamine The dark themes are amazing with the available accent colors as well, but since I'm on an IPS screen the white is it's strong point XD
  4. I actually like this at the point I'm willing to get it even bugged, if isn't a problem could you please share a screenshot of the main player screen, how it is with the skin right now? Would be nice if it's two pictures, one with the buttons enabled and one with them off My phone has a really long screen so my main concern now is the larger gap that appears below between the seekbar and audio info...
  5. So, is this still happening on the most recent Poweramp version until now? Build 844... I kinda want to get this but that bug would make me uncomfortable all the time, lol
  6. I actually did it by clicking on max profile and going on the mail icon, my bad I didn't thought it would made much difference I'll send it properly later, lol
  7. Hi @maxmp, Sorry for poking you but I actually sent a link with a few test tracks some days ago for you to see about that length behavior, I sent it through this site (by clicking on your username and on the mail icon that exists on your profile homepage) Just confirming if you got it since I haven't seen any talk about that...
  8. For now I've re-encoded the files as flac and the thing with the length time is gone, so I'll probably stay with this for a while longer (I prefer Tak over flac for some files as it has better compression, a few megabytes here and there group up to form almost a gigabyte after a certain point) and wavpack to compress DSD and 32bit files. Is something wrong with my encoder? I use foobar2k with the command line version of Tak 2.3.0 and wavpack 5.1.0 to do those files and this only seems to happen on Poweramp... I noticed that this seems to happen only with hi-res files, the CD quality ones seems to be unaffected. I'll make some and upload somewhere so you can check it, but this will probably take some days since my upload rates are abysmally low so I'll wait until I go to somewhere with better connection speeds
  9. Just noticed something with the album art, after this update for some reason all my files that had embedded cue sheet, although it shows album art on the now playing and on the music list, on the folders list they don't show any picture. I've seen it earlier but thought I would just need to select some pictures again but apparently nothing I try to do solve it. The files affected are single files that has embedded cue sheet on them, they're on my music folder inside any subfolder, as they have their own structure. But I too noticed some non cue split files on folders that has this same behavior The folder list just doesn't show some pictures anymore. Here's two sample pictures. [Edit] There's also a thing where some songs show incorrect length info, I don't know why but that is a persistent problem for me with wavpack files that has DSD streams or files with cue sheet. That doesn't really do any harm but yeah it still happens... It's possible to see it ok de first picture on last music. It definitely doesn't has 33min as even the 3 music's together wouldn't reach that.
  10. LG G7 on Stock 8.0.0 ROM, I too am having the problem that as soon as I hit the volume button the app crash, 100% of the times...
  11. It probably has some kind of replay Gain or other kind of pre amp speficially for DSD maybe. I do have a few albums that has replay Gain info and on my PC, they play with same loudness as others on aimp but on foobar I need to turn on the replay Gain for everything, which actually reduces the volume of other things a little and boost the ones that need until they match. On Poweramp they actually play fine as well, I think I have replay Gain by album activated. I indeed never had problems with visualizations since the 64bit builds started, and I don't remember seeing people talking about this. I use just the HD slider, but even with crop aspect nothing changes on performance. Sometimes I go through visualizations when I'm bored and never had problems with any, so I probably can't help with that. Maybe doing a clean install of your Poweramp? Or deactivating any kind of battery treatment for Poweramp (depending of the device it can kill the Poweramp process or slow it down to save battery and so on)? You probably should poke Andre or Max for this one
  12. That's normal, there's a lot of DSD files and even PCM formats when it's on rates like 192k and up that are like this. I don't think I can explain but yeah it happens. To level the volume you probably should try using that thing called Replay Gain (or RG for short). I'm not sure of the proceedings since I don't use it but I know programs like foobar2000 and aimp for PC has a replay gain feature that scans and apply the tag for it. The visualizations has some settings, maybe try the strict rendering option, or trying switching the crop aspect. There's the HD switch as well that you can try activating and deactivating for testing. I never had problems with the visualizations on 64bit builds so I'm saying just some things to try and see if something changes.
  13. Hey, it's me again! This time I'm with what might be a real bug But the thing is, that's actually a very cool bug, lol Just play a music, select a visualization and keep the visualization option on "Fade Controls", now just wait for the controls and album art to fade and click on where the album art would be. Now you'll have a list with a dynamic background. Although that's a bug, it's actually very interesting, lol. For me this just happens on the first level tho, if I go back one folder by swiping left or right, it goes back to the normal behavior. LG G7, Stock LG UI ROM, Android 8.0.0, No root nor any modifications. Poweramp V3 build 839
  14. The other thing I've noticed is actually for a long time already, not exclusive to this build but since Poweramp got support for wavepack5. It's just a strange behavior with the music length, it doesn't affect anything with the exception of that feature that remembers where you stopped on a long file, used for podcasts. So, for example, the audio time is 4m09s, but if you skipped to another track on the 1m mark, when you get back it will start from where you stopped. Even tho this feature is settled for 30min+ files for me. But other than this and the weird time stamp, everything play and work fine. Oh also, this just happens on the music library, when you play the file, the now playing screen shows it correctly and seems to happen at random. Happens more time than not and it seems to pick a specific file to do this... I have other wavpack files that never happened and others that on each build they cycle between happening or not. Already tried changing the name and tags, re encoding them, changing the source file and even the encoder, it simply doesn't change at all. The files in which this is most likely to happen is wavpack files with DSD streams on it.
  15. Yo, almost everything seems to be working fine so far, and the equalizer/tone values are very helpful now, I'll redo my equalizer settings later to get more precision But there's two things I noticed that seems weird. One is, when you click on the equalizer button, from the bottom navbar, the animation is fine but when you go back to the now playing screen, from the equalizer screen, the transition is very sharp The blurred background simply pops in without any animation at all as soon as you click the button to go back, but the rest of the UI do the animation. It didn't happened on previous builds. This is 100% reproducible as it always happen. Video included. It's not a player breaking feature, but maybe it weren't supposed to act this way? I mean, the older builds the blurred background had a fade in animation as well... I'll say the other one on another post to not make this yet longer LG G7, Stock LG UI ROM, Android 8.0.0, Poweramp V3 build 839
  16. I couldn't had said it better. That's a good point, although I don't use streaming services for movies and things like this, I always listen to people talking about things they like and aren't available anymore. And about the purchased point, that's a dangerous word. "Purchased", as it is not really yours and it's not on your hands. It's almost like "you think you purchased but it's still in our domains and we can do whatever we want with it". Again, I couldn't had said that better. And there's yet more, with the passing of the years, sometimes it's really nice to find that movie or that disc you once loved or had good memories about it. I have myself for example, some CDs from when I was a child and I remember listening them with my mother, and although I can find them digitally, it's just not the same thing... There's some emotional value attached to them as well. And as you said, well, it's ours, there's no expiring date, there's no risk of "the service stopping", there's no additional fees, and if taken good care of, it will last for another couple of decades. For me watching it from outside is even kinda funny, but yeah indeed, that's ridiculous. Now you need to install X apps, pay X different services (that do the same thing but has different names) because each piece of media you want is in one of them, that's annoying as hell. I can't even imagine if I were dependant of those services to manage my media as I have quite a few terabytes of. Or maybe not, it could be even easier, I mean, I can't find almost anything I have on those services anyway. Well, back on tracks, yeah nothing as good as having your media (the real "your", things that are on your domain without depending of a subscription) organized on a single player. That's one of the main reasons I'm so linked to Poweramp. The wide range of supported formats, the astonishing playback quality and the nice UI (let's be honest, the UI makes a big difference for everyday use), it's literally one app for all audio needs (non streaming audio obviously). People fill their phones with random stuff (maybe they even have SD card slot but is not being used) and feel completely ok, but downloading music? Oh hell no who does that? Let's leave it for subscription services to deal with, I just want to click one button and have access to "million of albums" in which I'll not listen once in my life. Oh also, they never have problems with internet connection, they'll have everything working perfectly always. Guaranteed.
  17. I can really relate to that, it's just like me. As we have this problem here with connection speeds, the quality of streaming is just so bad that I prefer downloading my media to watch/listen it. But even when I go to somewhere with good connection speeds, it just isn't as good as downloaded media, period. Principally video, I never had seen any piece of video from any streaming service that weren't bitstarving at some point, and holy moly how that blocky mess makes me uncomfortable even if it's just for some seconds... I can also second this, I have quite a library on my local storages and I carry what I like the most on my phone SD card, occasionally switching some albums for others. It would be really nice to be able to listen them directly from a NAS while at home without losing the quality and without burning internet connection with rocket fuel, but yeah SD cards exist for a reason. It's not like I'm some kind of "people against streaming" ambassador but, yeah it just isn't good enough for me, and looks like I'm not the only one that thinks like this 😄
  18. What I meant by pointing that is, yeah we are on 2019 and yadda yadda technology but not every place in the world has amazing connection speeds yet, or it might even do but at astronomical prices. Same as not everyone in the world use streaming as it's primary option for music, principally when we're talking about quality stuff. Local streaming is still doable since lan speeds usually are good enough for that even with cheap routers but yeah not much beyond that. Again, Poweramp focus on quality was what brought many of us and is what still keeps many of us. More features are always welcomed but let's not make it into one of those random wannabes that we see on thousands when we search for audio players on the play store...
  19. The only screen that has a float32 sample format is the AudioTrack Java based output, but it is fixed at 16bit 48k, I can't change anything, with or without the float32 enabled. Also the sound quality is worst even than the native OpenSL output. On pretty much any other screen it looks like this. The exception is they don't let me change the sample rate, only the hi-res output let me do so (this screenshot was taken there)
  20. Kind of, it looks very nice in my opinion on some occasions (like a folder with files from multiple albums and the folders screen itself), plus it gives more space to show the name of the file/folder which is very helpful, on my case I have a lot of files with really long tags, usually Japanese names, on the album name or the artists and so on. As weird as it may look, yeah that's kinda what I'm asking for. Also we can't deny it looks better than the actual list-compact (which is the one that gives most room for file/folder names, but has a ridiculously small album art) and the list-small which also has a weirdly small album art. Even that the style I've been asking for cuts the album art, it's still easier to identify than the other modes mentioned, aren't? Edit: also, that's not really a skin thing, it has to be implemented on the player itself, the skins will just need to have support for it. At least I haven't found a skin yet that has custom folder views all by itself...
  21. I've always felt weird about the output showing 24 bit whether the file were 24 bit or not, so I actually am up with that too... I do have quite a few 32 bit wav files and even some 32 bit wavepack files (.wv) as well, and although it probably isn't something to bug about, it does feel strange looking at Poweramp saying the file is 32 bit but output is only 24... I'm on LG G7 and if I remember correctly it does have a 32bit dac. Don't get me wrong, the sound is still amazing and Poweramp works as perfectly as it should, but yeah sometimes the mind just don't let that info slide lol
  22. That skipping problem from the SoX resampler seems to be solved as it didn't happened to me again so far... I haven't been listening as much as I was on the older version but I already did for enough time to see it's not happening. I'm actually here to, forgive me, request something. I did it two times already on the requests channel but it was completely lost the two times, so I'm risking on doing it here... Back on Poweramp V3 build 790, there was a viewing style for the songs and folders that I really miss a lot. I don't even know its name since on that version the menu with the viewing styles weren't functional yet. I've used it not for long since it just appeared on that specific version, but that completely captured my heart and I miss that viewing style since the very day Poweramp graduated from V3 b790. I'm attaching the screenshot link to the post. Forgive me I know it's not the right place but, the other times it got lost so here it may get more visibility... LG G7, Stock LG UI ROM, Android 8.0.0, Poweramp V3 build 836 (Screenshot from V3 build 790)
  23. I do agree that cloud support would be interesting but I wouldn't trade the Poweramp focus on quality to focus on streaming... The option that appeals to me is streaming from local storage, I have a lan server (smb and ftp) with my terabyte of music but I have absolutely no problem on copying my favorite music to my phone storage and sd card to listen to it, principally considering almost all of my library is hi-res. That's actually I nice thing, it's good to think about what you want to carry with you. Also for this Unfortunately not everyone can relate as, for example, my connection still comes from the telephone cable with the max speed of 1,2mbytes/s for download, which is very rare to it work at that rate, and the upload is a fraction of that. As much as connection and wireless technologies had evolved over the years, there's still places where internet connection isn't as easy or it's so bad that you would prefer not having internet at all than dealing with what you can get.
  24. I'm on LG G7 and until now I never had this problem, but on 834 and 833 both versions, some tracks aren't fully played. This seems to be completely random as I can't just reproduce it on my own. All my library seems to be affected as I've been trying to listen different albums and still happens... Already did a few full rescans, rebooted the phone, cleaned cache stuff, with or without eq, reverb, balance, tone, it simply keeps happening. Sometimes there's also a floating message saying that Poweramp failed to play the file and them it skips a few files before playing again. My files are mostly hi-res Flac files but also noticed it happening with WAV and even cue split TAK files. Unfortunately I don't think I can send files since I have ridiculous upload rates, but again this seems completely random to happen, and those same files never had problems before. LG G7, Stock LG UI ROM on Android 8.0.0, using Hi-Res output (usually I change the SR to match the files on the album manually), SoX resampler, Poweramp 833 and 834 [Edit: forgot to mention, I usually keep the sample rate at 96 or 88.2khz for the few non hi-res files I carry with me, so I think most of the time the resampler aren't even used...? I also use the improved-e-weighted noise shaping dither] I do play by folders only, which has just the album files on each folder. No playlists nor shuffle features. [Edit: managed to get a picture of it happening. This album is on normal 16-44 flac files. If I just click on the skipped file it will play normally tho]
  25. When you are ok with the new stuff on the supposed "world" of people who aren't, and didn't made an account on the forum just to complain about that: Feels good man e.e But seriously, the world is rotating, and things change like you or not. The world is also not you so if you aren't happy with that go complain with your God or something. There's a few points that I too would like to change on V3 but it's minor stuff and I've been using the app without a problem when it comes to UI. Just want to finish this random comment with a bright "Thank You" to Max, that is being very patient and didn't dropped the app. Also Andre that is too being very patient with all this stuff, lol The UI is nice enough and the sound is astonishing, just deal with it.
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