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Poweramp builds 888-893


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9 hours ago, I.am.Ivan said:

Am I the only one whose Poweramp player keeps resuming right after I plug a jack, even though the "Resume on wired connections" option is still disabled?? Happened after the recent update.

Yes, I reported this when 888 was released, it does seem to be a general issue.

(Post moved from Legacy v2 forum to the Build 888 thread)


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After updating to 889 I'm experiencing some issues with the volume knob. When adjusting the volume, the black window that usually contains the knob appears without showing anything but a tiny version of the colorful contour that was recently added (and some times without that too). I'm using a Xiaomi Mi9T with Android 10.





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I also have the volume panel coming up blank on an LG G7 running Android 9.


When I disable volume panel, the usual Android volume control panel does not come up while playing music in Poweramp, even if I'm in another screen, so it seems all visual volume control is broken for me right now. If I pause the music and leave the Poweramp screen, I can see the volume panel again.

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