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  1. Thanks a lot for the higher resolution background image when using the blur 0 and detail 10, the picture on older versions when using these settings looked really bad Also it does feel like it looks better overall even with some blur, I changed my settings to have some blur but also have some more detail and it looks pretty good
  2. It happens regardless, it was the very first thing I noticed when I connected my headphones for the first time after the update. I don't use any equalizers or effects, apart from Poweramp Equalizer, but this one is disabled for the Poweramp audio player itself. And again, it happens system wide, all apps, all things. This didn't happened when I went from Android 8 to 9, even tho Android 9 was very buggy to me. Before on volume 12/75 things were already to the loud side, now I reach up to 40/75 sometimes and it is still kinda quiet. The quality is still very good, just the volume that changed. It's almost like the Quad Dac is not sending the requested power even with it being active
  3. Well i do agree 32bit is kinda overkill for listening only, but if it's capable of then why not... My phone is basically a media player for me, don't really use it for anything else, so I don't have problems if things like power consumption or hardware usage increases. My phone is an LG G7, i have it for a few years already and in the past I've already did so many tests and unnecessary comparisons between the native audio player that supposedly can do 32bit and Poweramp that is fixed on 24 that i already gone past that phase. But i do remember that the native player has something to it that it's kinda hard to explain when using 32bit files, but the native player is far too inconvenient for me to use and my collection of 32bit files is still too small for me to bother with it Would be nice to have a fp32 option for hi-res tho Also for other LG G7 users, had you noticed a drop on output power after updating to android 10? I get like 40% of the power i had before on Android 9 now and it's system wide, not only a Poweramp thing. It does struggle a bit now to run my headphones
  4. So far the only thing happening here is some occasional random rescans, but they are far less frequent than what's being reported by other users. Also, my AAudio output is fixed at 48kHz, with 16bit, float32 or auto, but I've seen someone else using it at 24-192, why would this happen? Mostly our of curiosity as my hi-res output works fine tho it can only go up to 24bit when it should theoretically go up to 32... But in here to give a suggestion, it's about the album art. Maybe an option to apply the chosen album art to all the songs of the folder, or an option to prefer the folder image over the embedded one. Sometimes I let pass some albums with low res embedded cover or non square pictures without noticing and if the songs are from different artists, then i know I'll be spending some time to change the album art of every single one of them Here's a video of the process such an option could prevent Also so far the issue with 72kHz files seem to be solved, I reverted the skip short tracks option to my previous values and the 72kHz files are still showing fine, so that is probably solved now. Recording_2021-03-13-10-44-07(1).mp4
  5. It's not due to it being wavpacks, as Poweramp always had good support for them. I also remember when Poweramp updated it's wavpack libraries to v5 and it even could play DSD streams that are compressed into wavpacks, also the rest of my songs are currently all in wavpack format and Poweramp plays them completely fine, from 44.1kHz to 192kHz I know it's not tags because the file passed through the exact same process as all the others i currently have. I made them with foobar2000 and copied the tags from the original files to the wavpack ones. This problematic file specifically came without any tags, and i added them using foobar manually, same way as i did on various others that were either incorrectly tagged or i wanted to clean them before getting them on my phone. Also lol i just prefer to keep the files as close to the source as possible, and the source was a 32 bit 72kHz wav file. The 72kHz seems to be legit as they show the correct values on analyzers and also on players like foobar and aimp4. I'm using wavpack now as opposed to flac as i did before because of the hybrid mode. I've been having crippling problems with storage space and after the clean out i decided to bite the bullet and do something out it. I've been making the files with the same specs as the original, just capping the bit rate with wavpack hybrid mode, on high with x4 extra processing, which Poweramp can deal with just fine. This file won't show no matter what folder i place it or how many rescans i do, so I'll probably have to send the file for max to check
  6. Found something on the build 893 of Poweramp I was repopulating my sd card with music after a clean out, and I'm getting some different songs and using a different format Apparently Poweramp doesn't see files with 64kHz or 72Khz files. It can play them perfectly fine, if I play it via file explorer (open as > Audio > Poweramp), and even see the tags an seek over, but said songs doesn't show in the app lists. I'm not with my PC right now to get the 64kHz file but I can show the 72kHz one. Although I do recognize these sample rates are weird and definitely not mainstream, well, they are still normal audio files in the end. This happens with wav, flac (on the 64kHz) and wavpacks. I'll send some screenshots. Files are being sorted by file name on the player, it should appear between "katharsis" and "おうちに帰りたい" Also, still very thankful for Poweramp ability to deal with wavpacks files as now they are my main format of choice.
  7. Bought the app early today, took a while but I got it, just like Poweramp, worth every cent! Been using it a lot and it's been working wonderfully on my LG G7 now with cross-flashed Android 10, also with vanced it works flawlessly too. The app seems to be pretty chill about staying on at all times as it always works when I use the apps i have it activated for, without failing. Pretty solid performance. If only google had it's audio shit done right we could maybe have reverb ._. My posts are becoming repetitive and there's not much to say, it literally Just Work™, lol
  8. Just cross flashed my LG G7 to Android 10 today and both Poweramp and Poweramp equalizer have been working perfectly so far, but I do have a repeated question about the equalizer: Any plans to implement reverb on the equalizer app? I shouldn't trust my memory but I think I remember seeing a message somewhere that on android 9, the version I was at the time, things wouldn't work good, but what now about android 10? Also damn thanks to my shitty currency the app is quite expensive, I might take a while to buy it. It will be the most expensive app I have ever bought XD
  9. I too use vanced for quite a while and it's completely safe, yet more since when they added the vanced manager app, where you can get stuff and updates directly from them, no need to even open the browser. I use my main account there and absolutely no problems so far. Also, the process to make it work with the equalizer app is a one time only proccess, at least here on my phone. Once you do the play a video, hit home screen and minimize the mini player to the notification, you won't need to do that ever again, it will always work with vanced. Sometimes you will need to open the equalizer app manually but you don't need to do all that process again as it will start working as soon as the equalizer app started. Thanks to the equalizer app I've been using a function i always despised, which is the compressor. I always hated that and avoided it like the plague but since I use youtube mainly to hear narrations and people talking, that is actually helping. I never thought I would see Poweramp equalizer working standalone, but i surely never even considered about using compressor for anything XD Only thing missing for me is the reverb, but max said that is not as easy as it seems unfortunately
  10. So, I was here changing some stuff on the skin settings and I reminded of something. I think this was a topic here for a while but then it died down, but I can't really remember why so sorry if this was already replied and I'm asking again, but... I remember that the very first beta versions of Poweramp V3, that one with the old layout still, it had an option to set the background color as a solid color based on the album art. I hadn't seen this setting after the new layout, but hear me out: Couldn't we use something similar to make a dynamic accent color? I mean, when the album art changes, the accent color changes as well. Kinda like it happens with the notification on Android 7+ (I think it's after 7, or might be 8). So something like that from the older V3 layout to pick a solid color based on the album art, but instead of settling it as the background color, set it as the accent color. I know I'm talking about custom skins here since the default ones we can't change that (at least not that I remember), but for custom skins to be able to do that the player itself needs to be able to decide the color based on the album art and send it to the custom skin to apply, right? That sounds like it could work? Or maybe I'm just delusional? I'm not a developer so I don't know how hard that would be to make... Tl;dr using the old V3 layout "engine" that sets a solid background color based on the album art but instead of using it to background, use it as a source for dynamic accent colors on custom skins. Btw, really loving the customizable equalizer on the main player app! Unhealthy amounts of fine tuning, lol
  11. I don't listen to music from a lot of other sources, 98% of the time is on Poweramp audio player itself and the other 2% is when I stream something from my PC via smb, so i probably am not doing the app justice, but I might force an update to the android 10 this phone got on other countries, or i might even just install a custom ROM soon, so probably the reverb only adding noise on android 9 won't be that big of a problem for me. So that means that reverb is possible but on newer versions of Android? Again, i basically always listen to music from the Poweramp audio player so it's completely fine if my requests get pushed out, I'm mostly trying to give some feedback considering my hardware and software. I've been using the new advanced player tracking today and it was good, worked with my third party youtube app, which I don't use an awful lot but i do like to listen some narrations sometimes (that's half the reason I wanted reverb, the other half is for when I watch anime streaming from my pc as well), it had been working with vlc too since I installed it yesterday, on build 889. The app is still going very well so far although I've not been nearly as heavy as a user like I am with the audio player.
  12. Just installed the Poweramp Equalizer app and so far it has been working good on my LG G7 which is on Stock Android 9. Exported my settings from the audio player to the equalizer and it's done, just like that. The only problem until now is the volume. This doesn't happen with the audio player but only with the equalizer: the LG G7 has a system default of 75 volume steps (when Quad DAC is on). When I'm not on the equalizer app UI, so like on home screen, other app, here writing this, the volume steps work fine, it goes with jumps of 1. When I am on the equalizer UI, the volume goes with jumps of 5, essentially reducing the volume to only 15 steps, with a very big volume difference from one another. Another thing I noticed is, differently from the audio player, the equalizer app does seem to be fine with DVC, actually deactivating DVC reduces the output volume considerably. That behavior is opposite to the audio player which gets sketchy when DVC is on and is amazing when DVC is off for the hi-res output. I've only been listening for a few minutes and it's not really very good material to test quality, but it is sounding nice anyway. Is the equalizer app using the hi-res audio output or just the standard open sl output? And the last thing is a question, about the reverb. Is it going to appear on the equalizer app anytime soon? Or it's not being considered at all? I do like the reverb capabilities from Poweramp, and I do think it would be good to be on the equalizer app... Also, the new UI with the color on the bars and knobs is pretty good!
  13. Quite a while since I've last been on the forums, but damm I had to come back for this one: the new customizable equalizer is amazing! The equalizer from Poweramp always was unmatched for me, but this got it to another level, allowing to yet deeper fine tuning, which I do really love, thanks a lot, Max. I am still with the LG G7 and haven't noticed problems all this while, this includes the volume thing: the volume steps on Poweramp settings is settled to "System default (16)", but on the LG G7 the default volume steps is 75 (when Quad DAC is enabled). It works flawlessly in and out of the app, and the system volume bar always show when I press the volume buttons. It uses the 75 steps from the system with no problem at all even tho the setting on Poweramp says 16. Haven't tried setting it manually to a different amount tho. Just one thing I have noticed: i have been using TAK files again and they still have a somewhat erratic behavior. They work fine if you click on play an leave it alone, but at higher resolutions if you try to skip to a certain point with the seek bar, it hangs for a quick moment, skip to the place you clicked and then shows a weird elapsed time, there is a screenshot showing it. You can still go to various moments of the song clicking on the seek bar, but the elapsed time will still be strange. This seems to happen on any TAK file with 176.4kHz or more and a few particularly heavy 96kHz ones as well. The files in question are from various sources but they are all at -p4m compression.
  14. You could try the skin "Luminous Dark" (Mixified Pixel) or the skin Minimal Poweramp V3 (Ducktamine). Unfortunately the changing colors according to the album art is not something we have, I think Poweramp itself doesn't support it, but you could get some similar results with these skins. Also you mentioned amoled, they both have totally black background options. You can get a similar effect of the background color changing messing with the album art blur, but since the labels and titles wouldn't change as well, some album arts might make the labels invisible... The first picture is 4 examples of the background changing colors according to the album art, that was achieved with the album art blur options. These are nice examples but bright arts will make the white letters invisible (although you can change the labels to a variety of colors with those skins) The second picture is a comparison between the Minimal Poweramp V3 Skin (left) and Luminous Black (right). The orange color on the left can be changed on the skin to white or a few others. Both skins are with the full black background option on this picture The third picture is how I usually have my Poweramp. My screen is not amoled so I find the brownish colors more comforting Luminous Black skin has a heck ton of options, you can change almost anything, so it might seem confusing at first but I recommend it. The Minimal Poweramp V3 Skin is pretty nice as well although has less options and is not updated anymore... I can send more screenshots of those skins if you want And it would be indeed pretty nice if the main player screen could adapt colors like the notification does on Android 8+...
  15. It is, the album art files are located on selected_aa Not sure if that can interfere but you could try cleaning your phone cache. Not sure how it works for Asus phones but should be something like "settings > memory" or "settings > system > memory". On my device, LG G7, the 4gb RAM version, the difference is absolutely there so probably RAM is not the problem
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