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  1. You could try the skin "Luminous Dark" (Mixified Pixel) or the skin Minimal Poweramp V3 (Ducktamine). Unfortunately the changing colors according to the album art is not something we have, I think Poweramp itself doesn't support it, but you could get some similar results with these skins. Also you mentioned amoled, they both have totally black background options. You can get a similar effect of the background color changing messing with the album art blur, but since the labels and titles wouldn't change as well, some album arts might make the labels invisible... The first picture is 4 examples of the background changing colors according to the album art, that was achieved with the album art blur options. These are nice examples but bright arts will make the white letters invisible (although you can change the labels to a variety of colors with those skins) The second picture is a comparison between the Minimal Poweramp V3 Skin (left) and Luminous Black (right). The orange color on the left can be changed on the skin to white or a few others. Both skins are with the full black background option on this picture The third picture is how I usually have my Poweramp. My screen is not amoled so I find the brownish colors more comforting Luminous Black skin has a heck ton of options, you can change almost anything, so it might seem confusing at first but I recommend it. The Minimal Poweramp V3 Skin is pretty nice as well although has less options and is not updated anymore... I can send more screenshots of those skins if you want And it would be indeed pretty nice if the main player screen could adapt colors like the notification does on Android 8+...
  2. It is, the album art files are located on selected_aa Not sure if that can interfere but you could try cleaning your phone cache. Not sure how it works for Asus phones but should be something like "settings > memory" or "settings > system > memory". On my device, LG G7, the 4gb RAM version, the difference is absolutely there so probably RAM is not the problem
  3. This build fixes all the problems with album art quality, now they all appear as good as they should. The thing with the cover art being kinda pixelated I pointed some days ago are all gone now! And yeah since that happened with any picture, high or low resolution, everything should look better in some devices that might had a similar behavior as mine. Try the option that was added on Settings > Album Art: Increase Resolution. You might notice a difference!
  4. @maxmp sent you a link for 3 sample files, I did by clicking on your name here on the forums and on the message icon below your profile, if I need to send it by some other way, please say so. Sorry for poking you and thanks for the attention
  5. Update on the lockscreen album art vanishing thing In my going back and forth to test some things I ended up going back to the current version and not restoring my settings, just straight up configures everything from zero again. And now apparently the problem with the album art vanishing from the lockscreen background seems to be gone. I still need to test it more, but after some quick tries, the album art seemed to be always there after track changes. I'm uploading 3 sample files with embedded, downloaded from player and "select from gallery" options. My upload rate is so bad that it will still take around 30 minutes (1h30m to upload a 250mb file, that's my life, lol)
  6. It happens with either, but in that message the picture was embedded Most of my best samples has embedded pictures but I got one that is not. This one here I got the picture and placed it on my album art folder and then placed it on the song with Poweramp "select from gallery" a long while ago It is a 3,8mb PNG with 1500x1500 of resolution and I can assure you the image itself is way sharper than it shows on the player... This also happens with lower resolution pictures Edit: second screenshot. I have 3 versions of this art. A 1594x1594 one that is crystal clear, a 1024x1024 downloaded from the player (which is the one I'm using) and a 800x800 embedded one. I'm using the 1024x one and if I open the picture from my gallery app, it looks way sharper even being only 1024x. The leg on the R and the upper part of the door are the most visible areas I'm starting to run out of space to share stuff, might need to backtrack my messages and delete some stuff to keep sending pictures, lol
  7. So, here am I again, this time with a different thing, but still concerning the album art Now this is something I've observed for a while already but kept brushing it off for some reason, until now The album art doesn't seem to show all it's quality. Even the default image for when a track doesn't has an album art looks strange, pixelated, as if it had a very low resolution or a very low pixel density. This happens with *any* album art from any track and from any format. I can confirm this as I have a lot of manually selected pictures that I keep on a folder from which I downloaded myself and they are all very high resolution, but on the player main screen it simply looks pixelated, also pictures embedded in tracks. There's also downloads I've made in the player itself This screenshot serves well as an example as it has some writings and straight lines. Can you believe this picture is a PNG with a resolution of 1417x1417? Again, it happens with any track no matter the format, size, embedded art or not and et cetera. Options > Album Art > High Resolution is ON Options > Album Art > Use 24-bit RGB is ON Options > Album Art > Send High Resolution Album Art is ON It also happens independently of the skin used LG G7, Stock Android 9.0.0 ROM, no root. Poweramp V3 build 870. I use my screen at 3120x1440 if it matters.
  8. Well I was testing and it still happens. With or without the "always send album art", cue split it not, sd or internal memory, it's still with the exact same behavior I might actually go back a dozen builds just to have sure, that kinda looks like a ROM thing because nothing seems to solve it
  9. I actually keep that option activated so this happens even with it on I'll see if something changes on this build 870
  10. I'm not sure since I've been using the app less than usual, but apparently something that happened before, then stopped, seems to be happening again now on the build 869 The album art background on lockscreen, it has been acting strange again When you select a track, and them lock the screen, the background will be there when you power the screen on again in the same track. If the track auto advance (I confess I only tested that with the screen off), when you power the screen again, the background vanishes. If you manually advance the track after the background had vanished, it won't come back. You need to unlock the screen and select another track manually for it to come back. Then the cycle starts again. This happens no matter if the track is on the SD Card or internal memory, also both on standalone tracks or on cue sheet split tracks I haven't noticed this on the last build, 868, but again I've been using the app less than usual since I've been more at home, so it might had happened there and I didn't noticed. LG G7, Stock Android 9.0.0 ROM, no root, Poweramp V3 build 869. Music on a 128gb UHS I Class 10 SanDisk Micro SD
  11. When I go to a place with better connection I'll try to upload some various Tak files for testing. Resolutions, embedded cues and all. But that might take a little while. About the info screen, what about the file format? One noticeable thing is, the info screen only shows the format after the file was played once. Notice on the right side of my screenshot that files don't have the format, while in the left side they do. The file format shows on the lists but only show on info page after the file has been played. Also, would it be possible to make like, a switch so we could choose between an accurate and slower tag scan, or a fast and not so accurate tag scan? Or that would be going too far? Me for example, I could trade some speed for more accurate readings, but I can see things getting harder for yet bigger libraries or slower storages... And about that request from a few messages ago, would that be possible? To show the actual bitrate of VBR files being updated once or twice a second? I really think that would be a very interesting feature. Thanks for the attention '3'
  12. Hmm things still behave a bit weird with the info page, the difference I noted is that now most tracks show stereo at least. But looks like it's some kind of pre loaded info as I tried a 6 channel track and it was showing stereo before I played it. For the things to be showed correctly I need to play the file once and it needs to be on this version as files I've played days ago also has this behavior. The pictures on the left are after I just started the track, and on the right is before I did it. There's various formats as it can be seen on the file name. Also noticed the samplerate also gets messed up on some occasions. Some info about the files: 1st TAK: Got the album in DVD Audio format. Audio was extracted with DVD Audio Extractor to uncompressed wav. Encoded to TAK with TAK 2.3.0 GUI at p4m settings. Added tags with foobar2000. 2nd ALAC: got it as an uncompressed wav file. Kept it on my PC as wavpack. Changed back to wav with wavunpack and encoded in ALAC with qaac x64 2.68. The encoder optimzed the file and I added the tags with foobar2000. 3rd FLAC: It was a rip made with EAC, I believe 1.0b. I keep the Flac+Cue on my PC. Used foobar2000 to split the image file to the separated tracks. Foobar used reference libflac 1.3.3. The tags were copied in the process. This CD is fully and completely gapless. 4th AAC: Got the file from a friend, he does some editing and messing with audio. It's a version he did with 6 channels of a music track. Don't know for sure how the file was made, but I know he exports files directly from a DAW and I think it used a very old version of qaac. All those files are located on a 128gb SD card. It's a decent UHC1 Class 10 SanDisk one. LG G7, Stock 9.0.0 ROM, no root.
  13. Yeah that would be a really hard thing to do as this happens with every file now. 98% of what I carry with me on my phone are properly encoded flac files, and a few others. There's some wavpack, alac, tak and ogg files, mostly that I encoded myself. They're all properly tagged, and before they all showed that info. I can rollback to an older version to send some screenshots as well if needed. I might try to send a few files but it would be only a small demo as my upload rate is abysmally slow.
  14. I noticed that too, files that previously were showing things like the bitrate and gapless, they aren't showing now after the update... Also, I do have a request. Is there a way to show the bitrates of VBR tracks updating when they are playing? Something like, refreshing 2 times a second maybe. It's not something urgently necessary, but I would like if that could happen, and I think some other people might enjoy it as well. And thanks for the updates ^^
  15. Yo, there's something happening on the last two updates that I didn't happened before concerning the album art. The album art is not showing as the lockscreen background when the track changes automatically. When I select the first track of an album, the background goes as it should. If I change the track manually by the mini player on the lock screen, it behaves as it should. But if I just let the music play, when it ends and changes to the next track, the background vanish, and even if I change manually after that, it won't come back. I have been noticing this happening for a while, but I remember it didn't happened a few releases before. Using the "Always Send Album Art" option doesn't seem to do anything. The first screenshot I selected the first track of the album manually, so it's all as it should be. The second screenshot was from before when the album was playing already for a while. Any clues? LG G7, Android 9.0.0, Stock ROM (Forced update), no root, V3 b860
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