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  1. When you are ok with the new stuff on the supposed "world" of people who aren't, and didn't made an account on the forum just to complain about that: Feels good man e.e But seriously, the world is rotating, and things change like you or not. The world is also not you so if you aren't happy with that go complain with your God or something. There's a few points that I too would like to change on V3 but it's minor stuff and I've been using the app without a problem when it comes to UI. Just want to finish this random comment with a bright "Thank You" to Max, that is being very patient and didn't dropped the app. Also Andre that is too being very patient with all this stuff, lol The UI is nice enough and the sound is astonishing, just deal with it.
  2. ScarletNeko

    Missing library view option

    It's a request I've done already a few time ago, but feeling like it was probably lost on the request sea, I'm doing it again. Basically, it's a list view for library like on V3 build 790. This mode for some reason only appears on that version, no other V2 or V3 has it, and I do really miss that library view mode... This is the same screenshot for that other request. As it's said, for some reason, the only version of Poweramp that it ever shows is the V3 build 790.
  3. ScarletNeko

    Poweramp Build 809

    @db7 I use some WavPack files and they work fine, since a few ones on a folder with various other file formats to folders with wavpack files only. Including WavPack files with DSD streams on them. The only ones that doesn't work is files with extra processing (the -x1~6 line). Other than this they seem to be working nicely here since the support were added a few versions ago... Did you tried some full rescans? Usually after some update the first thing I do is a full rescan without rush, it was said on the update notes that a full rescan probably would be necessary for those files to appear. The file on the screenshot is a WavPack file containing a DSD64 stream on it, it play perfectly fine since build 806 and appear on the library. LG G7, Stock LG UI ROM, no root, Poweramp V3 build 809
  4. ScarletNeko

    WavPack incompatibilities? +DSD

    Update on nov/10/2018 With the new build version, 806, WavPack files works nicely, being added to the library and played without issues, but not all of them: The main WavPack options work, such as normal, high or very high compression settings and the tags (might have a few points about the tags that I'll leave to be said on the last lines), but the player still ignores WavPack files that was encoded using the extra processing line (for example: -hh -x4) on any of the levels, that goes from 1 to 6. The player can play them if you open the file with some external file explorer (which also might take a few tries to work), but as soon as the music end, the player refreshes itself and go back to the all music screen. This happens with any WavPack file that was encoded using the extra processing line, no matter what is the audio settings (sample rate, bit depth, data stream size and et cetera). This might not be too big of an issue since those files with extra processing aren't all that common and also the extra processing can't be used with DSD streams, but is a point for a few people. The thing about tags is, I'm not sure what tag Poweramp chooses to display (there's id3v1, id3v2 and ape tags for WavPack files if I remember correctly), but seems like id3v2.3 tags, which usually is created when encoding DSD files, aren't shown, so sometimes a bit of extra work might be needed to make everything look as it should be. Again this part isn't exactly a bug report since this isn't a common tag type, just consider it as a suggestion. Making it short: most WavPack files work flawlessly now, including the ones which carries a DSD stream on them. The only thing that doesn't work (the file is not added to the library but can be played if opened with a file explorer) is WavPack files encoded with extra processing line, and the unusual id3v2.3 tag. Even tho, thanks to Max now we can enjoy most of the WavPack points with Poweramp already, which deserves a really nice and big thank you '3'
  5. I almost cried when had seen the WavPack line c': Although it's been working nice with high quality compression files (-hh) it doesn't seem to work with files that has extra processing (-x1~6) yet, which still isn't added to the library but can be opened externally with file explorers. But that was a really good step forward already! The DSD playback seem to be working flawlessly, including the WavPack files that contains a DSD stream on them ? Thanks Max '3'
  6. ScarletNeko

    WavPack incompatibilities? +DSD

    That's very nice to hear (or, well, read lol), thanks for replying '3'
  7. ScarletNeko

    WavPack incompatibilities? +DSD

    So, I've said about this here and there already but I decided to make a topic here on the bug reports. Basically, Poweramp doesn't seem to care about WavPack files (.wv) with higher sample rate than 88,2kHz. I didn't tested this on Poweramp V2 yet but, the V3 betas/alphas, since the 790, for some reason doesn't add WavPack files to the library... But Poweramp can play them. If you go to where the file is with a file explorer, and try to open it with Poweramp (sometimes it can take more than one or two tries), Poweramp play the file normally, and show all the info, like tags, the file type, the profile, data rate... But as soon as the song ends, the player just refreshes itself and go to the "all songs" tab, and the WavPack file vanishes again. Something weird I noticed is, I have one album that is on WavPack+cue, and it is 32-192. That single album, Poweramp adds to the library. After this I tried tons of different programs, configs, profiles, different ways to make WavPack files, and as soon as the sample rate go beyond 88,2kHz, the file is not added to the library. It also seems to work with embedded cue sheet files, but as was said, as soon as this file is beyond 88,2kHz, it's not added to the library anymore. Now about the DSD part, one thing is: Poweramp seems to work wonderfully with up to DSD128, beyond that, like DSD256 for example, it's not added to the library and if you try opening it with some external app, it also don't work. Not really a bug report I think, more of some compatibility issue maybe. The other thing is: since WavPack 5, it got the ability of compressing and carrying DSD files on a lossless (and even reversible) way, which seems to work normally with players that supports this feature. And, yeah, Poweramp doesn't support WavPack files which carries a DSD stream on it. This is more of a report for a, maybe future update to add support to it, not exactly a bug report. But with the very nice hi-res capabilities of Poweramp as a player, it's indeed something to consider. LG G7 ThinkQ, Stock LG UI ROM with Android 8.0.0, no root. By the time of this comment, build 805 of Poweramp is used.
  8. @40percent Just reboot your phone and it should start working again. I use a LG G7 and very rarely (really very rarely) I have this problem, but after a simple reboot it gets back to normal.
  9. ScarletNeko

    Cue files not showing tag information?

    I use some .cue files and also I have a few ones that gives some problems, but most of them always worked fine. Had you tried checking the .cue file codification? I just had gotten one today that was all messed up and I needed to re-do the whole file because it had a bad ANSI encoding... I'm kinda curious too about what is happening on your case, if you don't mind uploading the file somewhere so I (and more people like djdarko up there) could check it.
  10. Man the app still work completely fine for me, except one thing... Everything but the wavpack files work Again i did more tests, encoded different files, with different sources, with different options, with different programs, got a 32-352 wavpack file down from 600 to 150mb on my tests, but Poweramp still ignores those files when I refresh the library... Even changing the tag codification and doing endless full rescans ._. I also hate to be "that guy"but... I tried a few different audio players and they seem to play those wavpack files without problem. The one that sounded the best was (expectedly) the Neutron audio player, but seriously that UI is bizarre. I really think it's not a problem with the files itself. It also seems to be kinda random, like Poweramp actually found a few test files with lower resolutions than 88khz sometimes, and them after another scan, without movinng any file, they disappeared. That's basically the onnly bug i've been getting annoyed with, and the biggest one i could find too... LG G7, Stock LG UI ROM (Android 8.0.0), No Root
  11. I have an LG G7 too and very rarely I face this problem. When it happens I just restart my phone and them it works again. At this exact moment the last reboot I did on my phone was around 500 hours ago and didn't had faced this problem again yet. As I said it's rare to happen here...
  12. ScarletNeko

    How about LG HiFi 32 bit quad DAC phones?

    +1 on this, I too have a LG G7 and I always wondered about that 24 bit... When playing a 32bit file it even says "no resampling" on the resampler line but on output it says 24bit. I also noticed that 32bit files sound slightly better on the phone stock player... Also, stock LG UI ROM on Android 8.0.0
  13. [soundsample] Rarely I have this point when playing from the hi-res output with DVC enabled makes the sound go to the speakers rather than the headphones. With me a simple phone reboot fix this. [FT907] I have a LG G7 on stock Oreo ROM, and I never had faced this problem with the DVC neither on the default or hi-res output since I got this phone (when PA was on the 790 version)... [Gungeonkeeper] as I said on the upper lines I'm on Android Oreo, but the hi-res works perfectly here... My old phone didn't had hi-res output so I can't really say much. Consider this just as a reference I tagged these 3 comments together because I thought the replies directed to one could be interesting for another '3'
  14. ScarletNeko

    This mp3 file dont work with Poweramp

    I've been facing this problem with WavePack (.wv) files. But it's not with all of them. For example I have some albums that works nicely (some on individual tracks and some that uses a .cue file), and some that Poweramp does not add to it's database. If I play it from a file manager, it works until I press the back button (the player refresh and I get back to the screen with the music that was playing before I externally open the wv file)... Sending a example picture of a file that doesn't appear on the player library but it works when I open it by the file manager. The file has all the tags correctly filled (but I also tried without any tags at all). I also tried making a .cue based file with some that is not added to the player library and also didn't worked. Tried also making it with different programs and with different compression settings, also didn't worked. This particular file was generated from a 11.2mhz DSF file. LG G7 ThinQ, Stock LG UI ROM, Android 8.0.0
  15. Yo, I have a question about 32bit audio files playback on Poweramp: do the player actually play it as 32bit or it is "converted" to 24bit? I have a few 32bit wav files, and despite Poweramp playing them very nicely, when I check the audio output info it shows 24bit. Even the resample line disappears when I set it manually to the right sample rate, and it's shown as of it was playing it at 32, but on the output info it shows 24bits. Using my phone stock player (LG G7), I can feel some very specific difference, with the stock player sounding a bit better (even without any kind of modifications), but it only sounds better with 32 bit files... The wavpack part is, Poweramp doesn't seems to find folders with wavpack files, even being capable to play it normally. But if I go on a file manager and open a .wv file from there, it works until I press the back button, them it stop, the screen blinks and it get back to the "all music" screen. Is this something with the app itself or with the files? This part is more about an experimenting I was doing to get a bit more storage since 32bit wave files can go pretty wild on its size, so don't get it as a big problem (at least for now)...