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  1. Yo, there's something happening on the last two updates that I didn't happened before concerning the album art. The album art is not showing as the lockscreen background when the track changes automatically. When I select the first track of an album, the background goes as it should. If I change the track manually by the mini player on the lock screen, it behaves as it should. But if I just let the music play, when it ends and changes to the next track, the background vanish, and even if I change manually after that, it won't come back. I have been noticing this happening for a while, but I remember it didn't happened a few releases before. Using the "Always Send Album Art" option doesn't seem to do anything. The first screenshot I selected the first track of the album manually, so it's all as it should be. The second screenshot was from before when the album was playing already for a while. Any clues? LG G7, Android 9.0.0, Stock ROM (Forced update), no root, V3 b860
  2. I can confirm that thing MotleyG said does happen, it actually always happened, but for me it was such a small thing and since it would go away right after any in app screen change I never actually reported it But yeah it always happened since V3 800+ builds on my LG G7, it happened while on Oreo and now on Pie Again, for me it always were such a small thing I never bothered with, just confirming it indeed happen...
  3. LG G7 here, Poweramp b857 and 858. Finally got the Pie version of android, but... Until two days ago when I was on Oreo, everything was working fine. Now on Pie, multiples of 44.1kHz doesn't work anymore. 88.2, 176.4, 352.8 and actually 384kHz too stopped as well, when they're selected there's just no sound. Apparently it does work with DVC off but the volume is just far too low. I'm talking about 100% volume without DVC is like 10% with it, and it just can't power my headphones. I've always heard about problems with hi-res audio and Android Pie, but I couldn't really find much about this matter concerning the G7 somehow. Is there a workaround for this or I'll be stuck with 48, 96 and 192 samplerates now? I always prefer to have the samplerate as the closest multiple of the song samplerate, so the odd multiples are actually a thing for me as someone with lots of DSDs, plus I do have some files that are native 88.2k. Don't ask, they just exist and there's who use them. Other than that things are working fine as far as audio quality and player functions/stability just as it was before. The only thing is really with the weird samplerates...
  4. Damm what a difference a color can make, that looks amazing, and this combination of colors is very easy for the eyes Thanks for considering my suggestion, this looks absolutely wonderful even so it already did before. I found it that even with all the text using the accent color looks better now Also the new alternative accent colors looks nice as well, some of them look crazy with the full dark background, you're doing a fantastic work Same, sorry for not noticing your tag before as that message was from like a week ago XD
  5. I actually had thought about that but for some reason I didn't did it at that time, lol What I was talking about could be something like #F2D1B3 for accent and #332013 for background more or less, these colors look interesting together doesn't?
  6. Spent the last 50 minutes changing and looking at the settings, there's endless combinations and they all look very nice, that is some amazing work there. I got the Luminous Dark, but I may get the White version someday as well. Using on a LG G7 on stock 8.0.0 and haven't seen any problem, bug or strange behavior so far (b853 of PA). Really nice looking and working perfectly! Forgive me just arriving and already dropping suggestions, but, an idea for some colors: a cream white, like a super light brown for accent color. Imagine placing just some drops of coffee on a small cup of milk. And for background, a matching but very dark, deep cinnamon brown. Might be an interesting addiction to the color collection (that is already amazing)!
  7. Well I don't know if the skill will really get updates anymore (I hope so), but if it does, other than that upper buttons overlapping the album art thing, there's the streaming indicator that got introduced in the build 850 or 851 of Poweramp. It actually gets kinda lost when using the skin. Maybe move it to the center of the screen? Under the audio metadata would look nice in my opinion. There's too maybe a way to do some optimizing on the seekbar when on streaming, since streaming is, well, endless...
  8. The bug with "edit tags" button is gone, working fine again, but, that cue split file problem seems to be worse now Now not just the length appear as -:-- but the music doesn't change. You can go back and select any music of the album as much times as you want, the player will just keep playing the one that was playing before (the first selected) until you press >>| or you select a file from another album, lol
  9. LG G7 on stock 8.0.0 ROM without any kind of modifications nor root. On Build 850 The two recently mentioned bugs happens here as well. Apparently it really happens just with cue split tracks Consistently happening with different formats, just a straight up crash as soon as the edit tags button is pressed
  10. That is also the reason I have the folder with the (artist name - album name) inside the dedicated artist folder, that looks kinda strange I know But I kind of keep jumping back and forth between the folder hierarchy and the "one root folder with all the album folders" all folders mode because of that... Little thing that picks on me more than it should indeed, but that sounds like a decent feature for other users as well
  11. Hi, that's a thing I didn't needed that much in the past but since I started using folder hierarchy, it's bothering me quite a bit It's basically, some kind of memory for the list view mode on the last level of said folders, the actual music ones. I like to use the list view mode as on the first picture when on folders to have a clear view of the album art, but once I pick what album I'll be listening to, I would like more to see the track names, so something like on the second picture. But seems like Poweramp uses just one list mode for all the folders in hierarchy style. When you just have folders separately named and see on the all folders options this memory kind of works and you can have one list view style for the root folder (with all the others on it showing the big nice album art) and when you get into the folder you want you can have the smaller album art but longer text style for the audio files itself. Why wouldn't this work on folder hierarchy? Different levels of folders would confuse it maybe? Once you change the style in any of the screens the whole folder hierarchy mode becomes as the selected list style (it was all like the first picture, then I got into a folder and changed, now everything looks like the second picture)
  12. Thanks for sending the screens, it actually helped me to decide and I bought it. It really does look as cool as I was expecting and I don't really use the bugged buttons (at least not a lot) so switched them off. Cool stuff @Ducktamine The dark themes are amazing with the available accent colors as well, but since I'm on an IPS screen the white is it's strong point XD
  13. I actually like this at the point I'm willing to get it even bugged, if isn't a problem could you please share a screenshot of the main player screen, how it is with the skin right now? Would be nice if it's two pictures, one with the buttons enabled and one with them off My phone has a really long screen so my main concern now is the larger gap that appears below between the seekbar and audio info...
  14. So, is this still happening on the most recent Poweramp version until now? Build 844... I kinda want to get this but that bug would make me uncomfortable all the time, lol
  15. I actually did it by clicking on max profile and going on the mail icon, my bad I didn't thought it would made much difference I'll send it properly later, lol
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