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Google Assistant Voice Command Delay


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Hi all,

Using the latest version on an up-to-date Galaxy S10.

The issue I am experiencing is this: when asking Google assistant to play a song, for example by saying 'Hey Google, play x', Google appropriately responds and says it will play and then purports to show the song playing in Poweramp. However, the song itself does not then play. It may not play for 15-20 seconds, or sometimes will not play at all until, for example, the Google Assistant screen is dismissed. Alternatively, I have to tell Google again to 'play', then the song plays. It is as though the song is selected but immediately paused without playing.

Could anyone help with this/could this bug please be fixed.

Thanks as ever,


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Poweramp doesn't have any logic to delay commands this way. In fact you can review how commands are exactly seen by Poweramp by opening Last Processed Commands (Settings / Headset/Bluetooth or search for it) and using assistant.

Though I tested Poweramp few times on S10 with Assistant and one time it (or some other app - we can't know which one exactly) paused Poweramp immediately after play command due to the audio focus request for ~30 seconds. I couldn't reproduce this more but Poweramp can't ignore that pausing unless appropriate Audio Focus settings are tweaked. I will try to reproduce more and may be tweak this.

PS Also this was not the assistant on phone who intercepted "OK google" when issue happened, but Google Home speaker. Is this the case for you too?

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Thank you for the reply.

I'm experiencing the issue on the assistant on the phone itself, rather than a Google Home speaker.

I have experimented a little more today, but cannot reliably reproduce exactly when the issue happens. I had hoped, for example, to be able to say that the issue presented when Poweramp was closed and I asked Google to play a song, or that it presented when Poweramp was paused in the background and I asked Google to play another song. But I cannot seem to establish an exact way to reproduce the issue. Equally, the period of the delay is not constant. Sometimes it is just a few seconds, other times it is something like ~20 seconds. All that I can say with certainty is that, more often than not, I am presented with the issue and that the period of the delay is normally >10 seconds.

I've also checked the Last Processed Commands and Poweramp is having no issue detecting what it is asked to do or bringing up the requested song. It's just the delay in playing that is the problem.

Thanks again,

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