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  1. Poweramp and google assistant seems to be completely broken. Asking google assistant to play a song or album with "hey google play <song> with Poweramp" results in Poweramp opening but the requested song not being selected (the song shown in Poweramp is the last played) and also results in Poweramp being non-responsive to button presses. I have to close Poweramp before I can manually select a song to play. Using the same google assistant command with rocket player works perfectly. Info: Poweramp build: v3-884 Device: Pixel 4XL Android 11
  2. I have the same issue on a Pixel 4XL with android 11 and Poweramp v3-884, the media playback controls background are grey (doing Restore Defaults in Settings / Look and Feel / Notification didn't fix it) and sometimes the media controls disappear altogether even though Poweramp is still playing audio fine. Non of these issues occur with spotify
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