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Volume Gain for DSD Playback

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Hello! I've been using Poweramp for months now and I can say I am really satisfied with it, specially with having Hi-Res support on my Samsung device.

I have a lot of Hi-Res files and some DSD files, and I have noticed that DSD is much quieter than PCM formats like wav and flac. This doesn't happen with my portable DAP (which natively supports DSD), which DSD has pretty much the same volume as PCM. I understand that Poweramp converts DSD to PCM since it can't actually play it natively, but it being lower volume is a little bit annoying.

I wish there was an option in the settings that adds Gain to DSD playback only, so it's on par with PCM.

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Poweramp doesn't apply any additional gain to dsd audio, unless there are replay gain tag.

Dsd can be contained by dsf (id3v2 tag), dff (iff tags/id3v2 tag), wavpack (APE tag), and probably more (mka, wav, mp4 and other versatile container formats), but Poweramp supports/tested with these containers for dsd audio. Poweramp supports replay gain from id3v2/APE and iff tags, though for latter there is no established format, so APE/id3v2-like format is assumed.


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