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  1. @andrewilley I have already ordered one...
  2. @MotleyG You are absolutely correct... my first priority is the USB connection between my Android phone and DAC (IFI/ FIIO)... But if I am unable to use this method due to the battery draining issue I have to move to The Bluetooth Academy... because after doing dumpsys I'm now pretty sure that the USB is the best option and also Bluetooth will work fine if I set the "Hi-Res Output for output device: Bluetooth" "Sample Rate" selected: "Defined by the device" then the PA will do the resampling for whatever the track rate is and the flinger wouldn't touch my audio...
  3. @andrewilley You got it right... They said it's not an abnormal thing. The funny thing is that their DACs are equipped with a separate power inlet! But I think that's just for the spec sheet... 😂
  4. @6b6561 The IFI team has told me that OTG with an external power supply wouldn't be supported by IFI DACs.
  5. @MotleyG My Android phone supports LDAC/ aptX HD, and for the LDAC up to 32bits/sample and 44.1/ 48.0/ 88.2/ 96.0 kHz sample rate up to 990kbps of transmission rate (selectable) over Bluetooth output. That's why I'm looking for the FiiO BTA30 Pro ... Should I purchase it?
  6. @MotleyG I've contacted the IFI Audio support and they confirmed to me that the OTG cable wouldn't be compatible with IFI DACs. It requires a direct connection. Seems like I'm running out of options... I'm now testing the Neutron and it shows more dominance on the device hardware than the PA even when using Bluetooth!
  7. @andrewilley If I use a USB connection rather than Bluetooth and set up the sample rate as per the audio file sample rate (E.g. 44.1 kHz) in Hi-Res Output for output device: USB DAC to avoid the PA Resampler, will Poweramp's hi-res output able to transport the same 44.1 kHz untouched or resample it?
  8. @andrewilley @MotleyG How to connect my Android phone + DAC + wall adapter together using this type of cable? The OTG cable has a USB type A female and a Micro USB male and a Micro USB female... • DAC's USB type A male to OTG USB type A female? • OTG Micro USB male to Android phone's Micro USB female? • OTG Micro USB female to wall adapter's USB type A female? (How is it possible?)
  9. @MotleyG Nope. I tested my IFI DAC with my friend's IPOWER X... It doesn't work... No... It will not work... My Android phone has a Micro USB instead USB C...
  10. @andrewilley I don't think it will work at all... https://www.hifivision.com/threads/using-spare-android-phone-as-audio-streamer.88169/post-991192
  11. @andrewilley Okay... this is new to me... I'll definitely check it out...
  12. My IFI Zen DAC V2 draws power from USB instead the DC 5V power input! and it's not only me there are others who have an IFI DAC facing this weird situation regardless power adapter quality. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/ifi-zen-dac-discussion-impression.917041/post-16150456
  13. @MotleyG @andrewilley The JBL 305p MKii studio monitor has -10dBV unbalanced input option beside +4dBu balanced. I'm now using the unbalanced input connected to my IFI Zen DAC V2 which doesn't have Bluetooth receiving option and yes, I can connect IFI Zen DAC V2 to my Android phone but it's not a good idea at all because it will drain the phone's battery very fast. That's why I'm looking for a Bluetooth receiver and stumbled on the FiiO BTA30 PRO Bluetooth Transceiver.
  14. Sorry, I really don't know about such guidelines. ================================= This means Max's Hi-Res bypass claim is misleading. ================================= @MotleyG @andrewilley I'm currently using the IFI Zen DAC V2 with my pair of JBL 305p MKii (studio monitor not only for the professionals) feeding from Jriver running on Windows. But it's quite annoying to me as I always have to drive my powerful pc which makes my rooms environment quite hot and noisy. So I'm looking for a Bluetooth receiver and willing to pair it with PA. But if PA isn't as good as Jriver/ Audirvana to pass the audio as clean (utilising ASIO but not "bit-perfect" because I'm using a VST and PEQ) as JMC/ Audirvana then I have to ditch PA and adopt the Neutron despite its nasty UI. I also tried to install the Ainur Narsil but failed to root my Android phone.
  15. @maxmp I'm a legal user of your Poweramp and Poweramp Equalizer apps. I really need the clarification about the resampling stage as I'm looking for a discrete DAC for my studio monitor setup...
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