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Output delay when adjusting volume

M Akmal

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I have a provlem when adjusting volume. The audio has few delay/lag while the volume changes, which is very annoying.

This bug occured in both internal speaker and wired headset/aux. I haven't tried it on bluetooth device. No matter what output plugin I use. I tried to increase its buffer, but it won't help.

I use Poweramp V3 build 841

My phone is Oppo A1k (yeah, it is a cheap mid-end phone. Maybe the problem comes from my phone but i don't know).

Android 9 Pie, Stock Color OS 6

PS: sorry for my bad English. I'm Indonesian.


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On 9/2/2019 at 4:33 PM, andrewilley said:

Try reducing the buffer sizes in the Settings . Audio > Output section, see if that helps.


Sorry, not working.

Poweramp v3-build-852-arm32-play

Redmi 6 Global

Pie/MIUI Global


Before upgraded, I used v3-build-841-*, and no lag/stutter.


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Do this affect only AudioTrack output? What about OpenSL and Hi-Res outputs?

You can also enable Float32 mode for this output, this switches DVC to different mode which may help (if it fails to work, you'll get overloaded basses, but if it works, you shouldn't get volume delays).

Unfortunately, I don't have exactly Redmi 6, but the ones xiaomis running MIUI 10 don't have behavior like this (though they are qualcomm based, not mtk).


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