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"Easy delete"

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Hey devs, good job on the V3 polishing - it's a lot better now vs what it was at the release date.

That said, here's a feature proposal:

Would it be possible to implement some kind of an "easy delete"?  Say for instance a swipe down or up would delete the current song instead of:

1-click the menu

2-select delete

3-confirm delete

Could be a feature of the PRO version to make it more interesting for you, but I'm sure that many people will find it very useful.


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4 minutes ago, blaubär said:

You mean like: live hard, die young :)

Ok, but if it is such a bother to press 3 buttons ... what with the bother to re-add the accidently deleted songs ?

Lol, I'm not that young anymore, but I do value my time and convenience always wins vs insurance against accidental disposal.   Besides - files what go on the phone are always a copy from the computer - so accidents are manageable.

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I remember the possibility of an "easy delete" being discussed multiple times already in here. Most people however agree that options like these are much more of a file manager than of a music player and for that reason, being able to accidentaly delete music would be infuriating and counter-productive for most people (and I agree to that). The comeback of the option to be able to purely hide the delete button even was very requested when it disapeared a while ago.

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Somewhat easier than hunting for the little three-dots icon, by the way, is to simply long-press anywhere on the cover artwork, then tap Delete (which is easily found at the top of the pop-up list) and then tap Confirm (which is deliberately a bit further away). That's about as easy as any non-recoverable/destructive action should be IMHO, other than perhaps allowing the more impetuous users to opt out of having that final Yes/No confirmation prompt.


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